Complete List of Pink Foods

The other day, a friend asked me how many pink foods I could name. Surprisingly, I could only think of a few so I decided to do my research. I had no idea pink chocolate existed! Keep on reading to learn more about these delicious pink foods.

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Pineberries are a variety of strawberries that range in color from pink to white and are covered with red seeds. They are native to Chile, available from spring till the middle of summer. Unlike red strawberries, pineberries are very aromatic and have notes of pineapple. However, their texture is juicy and firm like red strawberries.

Pink Cotton Candy

Cotton candy was one of my favorite snacks as a child, specially pink cotton candy. Blue cotton candy is usually raspberry-flavored, while the pink one is vanilla-flavored. Surprisingly, cotton candy uses only sugar and air. The sugar is melted at a high temperature to break down into threads. Many describe its consistency as cloud-like since it melts in your mouth instantly.

Fun fact: Cotton candy was first made by a dentist as a low-sugar substitute for carnival treats.


Raspberries are one of the most popular berries in the world, eaten and cultivated widely. They are known for their bumpy and bubbly appearance. There are many varieties of raspberries that vary in color but the pinkish red ones are the most popular. Their bright, tangy, and sweet flavor has earned them a place in many popular recipes.


Salmon is a popular freshwater fish, eaten widely across the world. It is known for its delectable flavor and texture as well as its powerful health benefits. Salmon is a delicate and delicious fish that shines even when prepared simply by just pan-frying. However, you can enhance its natural flavor with lemon, garlic, rosemary, and butter. Salmon is rich in protein and Omega-3 Fatty Acids.


Watermelon is one of the most popular fruits during the summer months. Its rind is a bright green but the flesh on the inside is pink to red with various black seeds. Crisp, juicy, and sweet, many prefer to eat watermelon simply cut in cubes. However, you can also juice it for a refreshing drink to beat the heat.


Pomelo, believed to be the ancestor of grapefruit, is the largest citrus fruit. Its thick skin is yellow and the pulpy inside can be various shades of pink. Unlike regular grapefruit, the Pomelo is never bitter and has a sweet, acidic flavor.

You can prepare this fruit by removing the rind and separating the segments. The Pomelo’s flavor pairs well with seafood, coconut, and peanuts. You can also make candy from its skin.

Strawberry Ice-cream

Strawberry ice-cream is one of the most popular ice-cream flavors in the world. There are many varieties of strawberry ice-cream such as strawberry cheesecake ice-cream. However, since it is so popular, not every strawberry ice-cream is the best. The best ones are creamy, rich, and tart-sweet just like strawberry.

Dragon Fruit

Dragon Fruit, also known as Pitaya, is a tropical fruit native to Mexico and Central America. The fruit is brightly-colored with a dark pink to magenta exterior. The flesh on the inside can either be white or dark pink with black seeds.

The Dragon fruit is very popular, often eaten fresh, juiced, or included in alcoholic beverages. Its flavor is sweet, like a cross between a kiwi and pear. Refreshingly sweet, this attractive fruit is now available at many supermarkets across the world.


Although the use of Rhubarb is mainly for sweet dishes, it is actually a vegetable. Rhubarb refers to the edible stalk of the rhubarb plant. The stalks are long and range in color from pink to a ruby red. Since Rhubarb is very astringent when raw, it is usually cooked with sugar to make jams, chutneys, and pie filling. Rhubarb pie is a very popular dessert.


Who doesn’t love smoked ham on a cheeseboard? Ham refers to pork from a leg cut preserved using a variety of methods. It is a light pink meat that has a salty, umami flavor. The most popular way to prepare ham is by smoking, but salt and brine are also used.

You can use ham in sandwiches, burgers, pasta, and cheeseboards. Prosciutto ham from Italy is one of the most well-known types of cured ham.

Ruby Chocolate

Ruby chocolate is a new variety of chocolate made from Ruby Cacao Beans found in Eucador, Brazil. First made in 2017 by the Belgian chocolate manufacturer Barry Callebaut Group, it has a distinct pale pink color.

Compared to the flavors of white, dark, and milk chocolate, Ruby chocolate has a light, fruity flavor like a combination of white chocolate and raspberries. If you love berries and white chocolate, why not try some Ruby chocolate?


People of various cultures treat the tentacles of the Octopus as a food item. They are pink in color and prepared in a variety of ways. In Japanese cuisine, they use Octopus as an ingredient in sushi or tempura. Additionally, there are many recipes in Korean, Greek, Spanish, Portuguese, and Turkish cuisine that make use of Octopus.

Pink Flamingo Oyster Mushrooms

Pink Flamingo Oyster mushrooms are a variety of the better-known grey oyster mushrooms. They have many names including salmon oyster, Flamingo oyster, and strawberry oyster. These mushrooms are native to Indonesia but used in many cuisines such as Japanese and Mexican for their bright hue.

They have a meaty texture and a pungent aroma like freshly caught fish. They go well with bold flavors in recipes since they acquire a mild, earthy flavor when cooked.

Himalayan Salt

Himalayan salt is a rock salt obtained through mines in the Punjab region of Pakistan. The salt has a pink color due to trace minerals and is promoted for its various health benefits. When it comes to nutrition, Himalayan salt lacks iodine unlike iodized table salt.

Pink Chicory

Pink chicory, also known as pink radicchio, pink lettuce, and rosa radicchio, is a rare variety of chicory. It is a beautiful rose-like hue and has a delicate texture. Compared to other varieties of chicory, the pink one has a sweet, floral flavor that is less bitter.

Pink Pearl Apple

The Pink Pearl Apple is a variety of apples developed by Albert Etter, a northern California breeder. It has a translucent pale yellow skin, while the flesh on the inside is a bright eye-catching shade of pink. This apple tastes as great as it looks since it is crisp and juicy. The best way to use it in cooking is in open-topped dishes where its pink color can shine.

Pink Peppercorns

Pink peppercorns are the dried berries of the Peruvian peppertree plant. Although they are not related to black peppercorns, they have the name due to similarities in appearance. Pink peppercorns have a richer flavor than commercial peppercorns, fruity and peppery at once. When ground, they add a chili-like heat to any dish.

Ruby Roman Grapes

Ruby Roman grapes are a Japanese variety of grapes known for their sweet taste. They are one of the most expensive varieties of grapes in the world and are about as big as a ping-pong ball. These grapes are super juicy with very low acidity, making them a great sweet treat. One Ruby Roman grapes weighs at least twenty grams!

Highland Burgundy Potatoes

Highland Burgundy potatoes are a variety of potatoes with a deep pink flesh. They are not commercially available since their yield is low. These potatoes grow in some parts of the United Kingdom, favored for their unique color and flavor. When cooked, Highland Burgundy potatoes have a fluffy texture with a sweet, earthy flavor.

Since this potato is high in starch, it tastes great when used to make roasted chips and mashed potatoes. Highland Burgundy potatoes are rich in nutrients with immunity-boosting and anti-inflammatory properties.

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