List of All Foods That End With Y

Can’t think of many foods that end with ‘Y’? This list includes 17 foods that end with ‘Y’ so keep reading to find out.

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Bok Choy

Bok Choy is a Chinese variety of cabbage that has many names including pak choi, pok choi, pichay, and petsay. The two main varieties are traditional Bok Choy and Shanghai Bok Choy. Both the stems and the stalks are edible and rich in fiber, beta-carotene, and vitamins A, C, and K.


Parsley is a herb native to the central and eastern Mediterranean region. It is one of the most popular herbs, used as seasoning in a variety of dishes across the world. Parsley has a light earthy taste that goes well in pizza, pasta, stews, and a variety of dishes.


Rosemary is an aromatic and pungent herb with needle-like leaves. Its flavor is like an earthy lemon and pairs well with a variety of meats. It is a common seasoning in a variety of dishes including soups, casseroles, and stews. The best pairings with Rosemary are oily fish such as Salmon, mushrooms, and roasted lamb.


Chicory is a woody plant, cultivated for its leaves and root. The leaves are eaten raw in salads, much like celery. While the roots and leaf buds are boiled for eating. Chicory is also an additive in coffee mixes for added richness. Chicory also plays the role of a cooking spice to flavor foods and beverages.


Celery is an antioxidant-rich vegetable related to carrots and parsley. Although mainly cultivated for its fibrous stalks, the leaves of some varieties are also edible. The stalks are crunchy and make a great addition to salads, stir-fry, and soups. You can also use celery to make a healthy smoothie.


Anchovy is a small saltwater fish prized for its salty, umami flavor. The common way most people eat anchovies is out of the can on toasts or in salads. However, fresh anchovies are also delicious with a milder flavor. Anchovy fillets also taste great in pasta.


These blue and purple berries are one of the most popular ones in the world. Both fresh and frozen blueberries are equally delicious and used in pies, jams, and muffins. You can also add them to cereal and oats for a subtle crunch and mild sweetness.


Raspberries are a popular fruit with a striking color and rich flavor. Frozen an fresh raspberries are both commercially available and taste great in frozen yoghurt, cereal, and oatmeal. Their sweet and tart flavor also complements meats such as shrimp and chicken. Versatile and delicious, they also offer a multitude of health benefits since they are rich in antioxidants.


Gooseberries are a type of berries closely related to currants. They vary in color and may be either green, purple, red, yellow, black, or white. The two main varieties of gooseberries are American and European. Their flavor varies from super sour to sweet depending on the variety and the level of ripeness.


Cherries are popular summertime fruits known for their delicious sweet flavor. The two main varieties of cherries are sour and sweet cherries. Cherries have a striking color and succulent flesh that makes them a great snack. You can also use them in pies, tarts, cobblers, and jam.


Chutney is a popular condiment in Indian cuisine. There are many kinds of chutney that are either spicy, sweet, or sour. Chutneys can be made fresh with ground ingredients and spices or the paste can also be sautéed in oil to enhance its flavor. Chutneys are distinct from jams and relishes due to their texture and flavor.


Honey is a natural sweetener abundant in health benefits. It is a viscous fluid with a rich, sweet flavor and floral notes. Honey is an important ingredient in many cuisines, used in both sweet and savory dishes.


Nothing completes a meal like a bowl of warm gravy with just the right consistency. Delicious and deeply savory, gravy is packed with flavor. Whether it’s steak, Thanksgiving dinner, or simply mashed potatoes, gravies can add flavor to any meal. A good gravy has a deep, complex flavor with hints of meat, vegetables, and aromatics.


A patty is a small flattened disc-like food made with ground ingredients. Patties can include ground meat, grains, legumes, vegetables, or meat alternatives. There are various preparation methods for patties such as grilling, frying, and deep-frying. A well-prepared patty tastes delicious in burgers with some iceberg lettuce and sauces.


Stir-fry refers to both the Chinese cooking technique and stir-fry dishes. It is easy to prepare since the ingredients are tossed in hot oil with a few spices. You can prepare stir-fry with various meats, vegetables, noodles, and beans.


Who doesn’t love chocolate covered strawberries? Strawberries are popular all over the world, known and loved for their bright color, juicy flesh, and sweet flavor. Fresh strawberries taste great in cereal, oatmeal, muffins, and even with whipped cream.

They make a great flavor pairing with rhubarb and are a common ingredient in Rhubarb pie. There are many ways to enjoy strawberries such as in ice cream, milkshakes, and frozen yoghurt.


Curry is like an Indian gravy that uses meat, vegetables, spices, and aromatics. Often spicy and rich in flavor, it is popular across the world with many variations. The spices usually include cumin, turmeric, ginger, garlic, and red chili pepper. Common side dishes with curry include Basmati rice and roti.

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