Complete List of 4 Letter Foods

Have you ever wondered how many foods you can spell with just four letters? We’ve compiled a comprehensive list of these and included some fun facts about them.

From fruits to vegetables and even cooked meals, here are all the foods you can spell with only four letters.

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Beans are a staple of many diets worldwide. They’re a small dry seed humans have eaten since prehistoric times. An excellent source of complex carbohydrates, protein, and fiber, they contain several vitamins and minerals. They are available in many types, colors, and flavors.

Fun Fact: The Greek philosopher and mathematician Pythagoras refused to eat beans or walk across a bean field. Legends say Pythagoras met his demise when the mob chased him to the edge of a fava bean field that he refused to cross.


There’s a reason beef is a household name. It’s a culinary staple that has been around for a long time. Beef is part of many cultures, and it is one of the most versatile cooking ingredients. Burgers and steaks are the most popular cuts of beef, and ground beef is a primary ingredient in many dishes.

Fun Fact: Americans love beef! Not only are Americans the biggest producers of beef and buffalo meat, but they are the world’s largest consumer as well. You can’t properly celebrate the 4th of July without a barbeque, can you?


Cake is a classic dessert that comes in all shapes and sizes, and there’s nothing quite like the savory taste of a freshly baked one. A delicious confection with a rich history, cake contains flour, sugar, and other ingredients.

Fun Fact: Blowing out candles on a cake has been a tradition for a long time. The cake’s round shape represented the moon, and the candles were symbols of its bright light. People believed that once a candle is blown out, the smoke carries their wishes to heaven.


Corn is a tall cereal grass grown for its seeds. Apart from consuming it, people make corn into useful chemicals and even use it as an energy source. Corn is an abundant source of essential nutrients and fiber. This yellow cereal is the most cultivated crop in America.

Fun Fact: Ethanol is an alternative fuel made from corn, and many modern fuels are a mixture of ethanol and gasoline. When Henry Ford released his Model T, he designed it to run on corn ethanol.


Crabs are one of the most iconic kinds of seafood. They’re delicious and full of protein, vitamins, and minerals. This delicacy contains high amounts of omega-3 fatty acids. However, not all crab species are edible or tasty. Some can carry lethal doses of toxins.

Fun Fact: Crabs live everywhere around the world. From smoking volcanic vents to icy waters in Antarctica, these crustaceans are versatile and can adapt to any living condition.


The Date Palm has been around for millions of years and produces the most healthy and delicious tropical fruits. Besides being super sweet, these small fruits have everything going for them. Dates are a substantial source of fiber and antioxidants.

Fun Fact: On the date farms of Oman, whenever a son is born, the family plants a seed. They believe the date palm grows with the boy, providing nourishment and prosperity throughout his life.


Dill is a fresh and fragrant herb with a distinctive taste. People use the leaves, seeds, and even stems of dill to prepare their food. Since this potent aromatic herb is antioxidant and anti-inflammatory, people use it as an alternative form of medicine worldwide.

Fun Fact: In the Middle Ages, people believed dill protected them against witches. They hung the herb above the front door to repel negative energies.


Duck offers succulent, tender meat that distinguishes itself from other poultry meats. It makes an excellent choice for any dinner table. Duck is one of the most popular types of poultry in the world. It is a stronger flavored meat alternative to chicken.

Fun Fact: Duck farming is popular in many parts of the world, where they are bred for their eggs or meat. However, nothing goes to waste. Their soft and durable feathers make a great stuffing for bedding and pillows.


Leafy and delicious, this curled vegetable is a member of the cabbage family. Kale can help prevent various health problems by offering nutrients, antioxidants, and a wide range of vitamins. You might think that kale is only green, but it also comes in purple.

Fun Fact: A superfood with a super history, kale dates back to Roman times; it was re-popularized in the UK during the Middle Ages and is now a staple in restaurants across the US.


The fuzzy, delicious kiwifruit originated in China and is a much-loved fruit throughout the world. They contain vitamins, dietary fiber, antioxidants, and mild flavor with rich, tangy small black seeds.

Fun Fact: Its original name was “Yang Tao.” When people brought the fruit to the island of New Zealand, it received the name “kiwi” after the small bird that is native to the island. The resemblance is astonishing.


Lamb is a cut of meat from a sheep, usually under 1-year-old. There is little to no fat cover, and the meat is very tender, not to mention delicious. The flavor differs depending on the method of preparation.

Fun Fact: Lamb is an excellent source of protein for dogs. Lamb contains nutrients, which are very good for your dog’s health as it helps build and maintain body tissue.


Mint is a lush herb with a slight menthol aroma. Originally cultivated for its medicinal properties, this versatile, aromatic herb is primarily a flavor additive now. Mint is the perfect ingredient for many hot and cold drinks, desserts, cocktails, sauces, and body products.

Fun Fact: Mint got its name from the Greek mythological figure Minthe. The goddess Persephone transformed the river nymph into a fragrant plant.


Pears are juicy fruits with a soft grainy texture. They make a great snack and are an excellent source of essential nutrients, rich in fiber and B vitamins. They are easy to grow, and people like to eat them fresh, canned, or baked into various dessert recipes.

Fun Fact: According to legends, the Greek goddess Hera loved pears. This lovely fruit was also sacred to Aphrodite, the goddess of love, making it the quintessential fruit for weddings in ancient Athens.


The plum is a juicy stone fruit that comes in various colors, including yellow and purple. People cultivate and use plums around the world in many varieties. This sweet fruit packs a flavor punch.

Fun Fact: Plums grow all around the world, making appearances on every continent except Antarctica. Plum season is different across the globe. For example, in the UK, plum trees blossom in early April, while the trees are in full bloom in China during winter.


Famous and incredibly tasty, pork is the most popular meat in the world. There are many different cuts of pork, and its long history has imbued it with cultural significance, especially in European and Asian cultures.

Fun Fact: Before the days of refrigeration, salt pork was one of the meatiest, most flavorful, and inexpensive staples available in many Colonial American pantries. This type of cured pork product has served as an essential part of military diets for centuries.


Rice is a starchy cereal grain and a healthy ingredient for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Cooked rice is a staple food for one-half of the world’s population, including East and Southeast Asia.

Fun Fact: The mortar used to build the Great Wall of China used rice and calcium carbonate.


Traditional to Mexican culture, tacos are delicious meals for any occasion. A taco is a small, meat-filled dish that is amazingly tasty and satisfying. With a myriad of colorful fillings, there is no right or wrong when eating tacos.

Fun Fact: Queretaro, Mexico, citizens hold the Guinness World Record for the biggest taco that measures 102 meters long. It was the largest taco ever made, weighing 1200 kg of tortillas and 1507 kg of seasoned pork meat. Thousands of people witnessed the spectacle and enjoyed the delicious results.


Tuna is one of the most impressive creatures in the ocean. They can grow to nearly 10 feet long, weighing over 2000 pounds. Lean, healthy, and versatile, tuna is a great way to ensure you’re getting your share of the much-hyped cold-water fish nutrients.

Fun Fact: You probably know tuna is expensive, but have you heard of the 593-pound bluefin sold in Japan for $736,000? No wonder this is a 7.2 billion dollar industry!

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