How to Use A Progressive Can Opener?

In today’s fast-paced world, kitchen appliances go out of date like anything, and every few years, something new comes along that requires you to relearn a lot of stuff. Today, we will be looking at one such utensil: the progressive can opener.

The progressive 4-in-one is much like a regular can opener in that it has wedges you fix onto the side of a lid and a turn-knob on the other side that you turn to move the wedges. The wedges have metal teeth that cut the lid as you turn the knob. As you turn the knob, the can rotates, and the can opener will open it from all sides. You will also notice a chipped metal edge next to the wedges that can be used to pull the pull-tab, which makes the process slightly easier.

The progressive 6-in-one can opener is a multi-purpose tool that can be used to open cans as well as pull-tabs, bottle caps, and jars. You will notice a chipped edge protruding from the top of your can opener. That can be used to hold a pull-tab steady as you roll it open. Once opened, you can use the lid to reseal the can whenever you need.

If the can opener you have does not have the chipped edge, it might have a turn-knob. If that is the case, you will find wedges on the opposite side of the opener. Place the lid of your container between the wedges and turn the knob. Repeat until the container is open from all sides. For preservation, you can always replace the lid on the container and store it safely.

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What other purposes does a progressive can opener fulfill?

Apart from the can opener, the progressive tool also helps you open jars by placing the lid of the container between the inside of the handles of your can opener. The material coating those handles provides enough grip for you to easily open any container that it can fit around. Using the torque, you can open or fasten any jars lying around without help.

This can opener consists of two parts: the lower side made up of two handles and the upper side, which has a bottle opener made into it. Simply hold any bottle between it to pop it open – if you have to twist it, place the cap just below the bottle opener and use the handles to twist it open.

The progressive can opener is still not done with your kitchen, though – not yet. You may have learned how to open all your jars and bottles, but what about bags? At the bottle, between the lower tips of the handles, is a bag opener. Clamp your handle at the edge of any plastic bag and slide across to open it.

What problems would a left-handed person have while using this product?

The progressive 6-in-one can opener does not use wedges to open cans. In fact, there is no mechanism that can’t be used from more than one side. There is no finger grip that would make it harder for left-handed people to use this product, neither is there any mechanism that requires you to tilt it one way.

The bag opener may seem like something that wouldn’t work in the opposite direction, but you’d be surprised with the adaptability of the progressive can openers. This product is truly designed to be easily used by either hand, and I know that reason alone is enough for a few people to keep it around.

That is not to say that all progressive products are just as versatile. The 4-in-one can opener, for example, plays more or less by the same rules as a regular can opener. It has toothed wedges on one side, making it quite hard for left-handed people to use it. The mechanism, however, is simple enough to not be a problem for most people.

How is a Progressive can opener better than a regular can opener?

Progressive’s can openers are designed with no edges sharp enough to hurt you. There are no blades, no revealed wedges, no sharp corners or edges that could potentially cut someone. Furthermore, the material used is soft enough to not be formed into a blunt weapon. Lastly, unlike most can openers in the market, there are no toothed wedges that you might accidentally hurt yourself with.

Where can I find a progressive can opener?

Progressive products can be found on their official website, as well as Amazon and most prominent online stores. If you live in a country where Amazon isn’t available, you could order through a third-party supplier from e-bay or one of the countless delivery services that ship to countries not listed with amazon (for a premium, of course.)

How long will my can opener last?

Surprisingly, there have been quite a few studies on this, and the answer is probably not what you’d expect. Even though can openers aren’t made to be sturdy, an average can opener can last at least 3 years. Taking care of said can opener and keeping it from getting rusty can most likely increase the life span by a lot.

Unlike most can openers, the progressive opener doesn’t have iron parts that could catch rust. That, combined with the handle grip that covers most of the appliance’s surface, helps increase the life span of this product by a lot.

An average person opens under a dozen cans in a weak, and most can openers are designed to withstand thousands of repetitions. Even after their lifespan is over, there are countless services in every city that will help you repair your can opener to peak condition. In any case, if you get yourself a progressive can opener now, you should be good until the next leap year at the very least.

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