Fruits That Start With G – Complete List

Are you looking for a list of all fruits that start with G? Here is a guide containing 21 fruits that begin with G.

How many of these fruits have you tried before?

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1. Grapes

Grapes are popular fruits in many households. They belong in the berry category since the only way they grow is in clusters on vines. They also exist in many sizes, colors, and flavors.

You can eat grapes as they are or turn them into beverages like juice or wine. Also, some people dry them into raisins commonly used in baked goods. Go for large deep purple-colored ones if you’re looking for sweetness and tiny green ones for sourness.

2. Gamboge

Commonly known as mangosteen, this fruit is a bright yellow and round fruit. You’ll discover that it starts with a bitter taste but gets sweeter as you get closer to the golden center pulp.

It’s better eaten raw but goes even better when blended with other fruits. In some parts of the world, people use it to season meats. Also worth noting is that it is rich in Vitamin C, which has plenty of health benefits.

3. Guarana

Guarana fruits are black, red-colored fruits that belong in the berry family. Inside the fruit are large seeds that occupy more space than flesh. The seeds are the edible parts of the fruits.

Their preparation requires drying and grinding to make drinks. The fruits are rich in vitamins and caffeine. This property is the primary reason why people use it to make beverages of different sorts.

4. Genip Fruit

This juicy fruit grows in South and Central America. You can eat it raw, and all you have to do is peel off the green peel. Its skin is tough and covers its golden pulp.

Whole Genip fruit can fit in your mouth. It has a bittersweet taste. It’s an ingredient used in making desserts.

5. Governors Plum

The scientific name for the governor’s plum is Flacourtia Indica. It’s green when unripe and transforms into a deep purple red color when it rips. The mature fruit is about an inch in diameter.

It has the texture of a regular plum but is a bit more bitter. Governor’s plum has greenish, pinkish flesh. You can eat the fruits fresh off the tree or wait until converted into jam or jelly.

6. Guanabana

Despite the name Guanabana, this fruit is also a custard apple in some parts of the world. It thrives in tropical regions. You can detect strawberry and apple properties from its taste and also smells like a pineapple.

The Guanabana fruit has a ripe banana or custard texture in the mouth. Eating it requires you first to break it in half and use a spoon to scoop it out. It contains seed as well. People like to use this fruit in smoothies and desserts since it has rich flavors.

7. Goumi

This fruit is round in shape and has a dominant sweet taste. Goumi is generally delicate since they have thin skin.

This fruit is not only edible but also used for ornamental purposes. Besides eating it alone, you can pair it with sour accompaniments to sweeten them.

8. Grapple Fruit

Grapples are fruits made by soaking Gala and Fiji apples in a grape fluid. This occurrence is unlike the name, which suggests that it’s a hybrid of grapes and apples.

To make Grapple, you have to apply the grape-flavored fluid externally and not inject it. This process mixes the taste of a regular apple with that of grapes without interfering with the apples’ nutritional value or chemical composition.

9. Gac Fruit

Gac fruit has a similar shape and appearance to jack fruits. You might come across mention of it as baby jackfruit. It transitions from green when young to yellow-orange and then deep orange-red when ripe.

The fruit has a gelatinous pulp around the seeds, which is the edible part. If you want to enjoy this fruit, it’s better to mix it with other fruit juices and smoothies. Doing this covers up its mild taste.

Nutritionists would recommend you have this fruit since it’s rich in lycopene and beta-carotene. It may not have prominent flavors, but it has won a position in the list of superfoods.

10. Giant Granadilla

The scientific name for Giant Granadilla is Passiflora quadrangularis. The fruit is somewhat aromatic and has an elliptical interior. It features thin greenish-white skin.

The inside is pink or white flesh. It goes well with other fruits like papaya. You can choose to have it raw or cooked.

11. Greengage Fruit

As the name suggests, greengage is green in color but is sweet instead of bitter regardless of its appearance. This fruit is oval or round. It almost looks like a plum.

Its sweetness compares to that of candy. A Greengage fruit has juicy sweet flesh with a pit or seed in the model. It’s best eaten straight from picking or in jelly or jam.

12. Grapefruit

Think of a grapefruit as a giant orange. The only difference from a regular orange is that it has a thick peel and spongy white pith. Grapefruits are a product of a hybrid between an orange and a pomelo. Therefore, they exist in different varieties.

You can tell the sourness of these fruits by looking at the flesh. The lighter it is, the sourer the fruit. Red flesh means that the fruit is sweet. You can take the succulent as a snack, choosing to add sugar to it to make it sweet when it’s bitter.

Besides using grapefruit to make juices, brewers also use it to make alcoholic drinks.

13. Gold Nugget Mango

Mango nuggets grow in Florida. They turn yellow-orange, the color of gold once they mature. It’s grown on a small scale for home use and not for sale.

The flesh of this mango is yellow without fibers and is mildly sweet. Gold nugget manage has an oval shape weighing under a pound.

14. Ground Plum

Ground plums belong in the legume family. It comes from a flowering plant. This fruit is edible, but the rest of the plant is poisonous.

Unlike most fruit, this fruit gets harder the more it ripes instead of softening. That’s why the best time to eat it is before it hardens too much.

15. Galia Melon

The first thing you notice about a Galia melon, besides that it looks like cantaloupe, is its light green inner flesh. It has a melon flavor with a golden yellow exterior.

 Also, it has a round shape. Finally, Galia melon has a cluster of seeds inside it, so you’ll need a spoon to scoop them out. To enjoy it fully, eat Galia melon uncooked.

16. Golden Apple

A golden apple gets its name from the fact that it has yellow skin when ripe. It has a firm texture and is bitter before ripening- it’s a popular fruit in the United States.

It’s susceptible to blemishes, so it requires delicate storage. Besides being an edible snack on its own, it’s also great for making juice. You can also include it in the list of ingredients for your meals.

17. Guava

Guava is a tropical fruit with an oval shape. It is known to have many health benefits. Different guava species contain different levels of sweetness depending on the species. You can use it to make jams and juices.

It has a fruity and somewhat floral taste, like a berry or pear. They have a light green or yellow appearance with plenty of edible seeds.

18. Grumichama

A Grumichama fruit is a small round berry that’s almost extinct. It is greening in its unripe estate and transforms into deep color when ripe.

The inside of this pulp is a sweet white pulp that tastes like plum mixed with sweet cherries. Also, it has a large seed that is somewhat disproportional to the size of the fruit. Grumichama fruits make delicious desserts and are also pretty great when eaten fresh.

19. Guavaberry

A guava berry is the size of a blueberry. They are best when fully ripe when they are orange or purple-black. The inside of a Guavaberry houses translucent pulp and a seed.

Its bittersweet tangy flavor is evident when a Guavaberry is raw. Liquor makers use this fruit to make liquor and rum.

20. Goji Berry

Goji berry looks like a ripe tomato, and it’s small, elongated, and red. Pharmacists in Asia often use it in making medicine. The fruit contains potent antioxidants, and that’s why people prefer it for this purpose.

Besides its medicinal importance, this fruit is also edible and used in powder form in supplements and juice blends.

21. Ground Cherry

A ground cherry fruit has a tropical taste that features sweet accents. The fruit tastes like a pineapple mixed with strawberry and green grapes. It belongs to the tomato and grape families.

Ground cherry is orange in color. Its name is from the fact that it falls to the ground when it ripens.

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