Fruits That Start With E – Complete List

There are many types of fruits and different fruit varieties that start with E. Some of the fruits are familiar, while some are less common and exotic. All these types of fruits are grown worldwide—different regions offer different fruit types.

Take a look at some of the main categories of fruits, starting with E.

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1. Elephant Apple

The Elephant apple, also known as the Indian Catmon, is commonly grown in India. The apple is rich in health benefits.

Do not let the name “apple” in the “elephant apple” fool you. The external appearance ends the similarity.

A fresh elephant apple adds a sour taste to many Indian dishes. It also has strong acidic content and a flavor similar to vinegar. Also, it is a natural laxative, which helps increase stool motility and frequency.

The fruit might also help alleviate cancer symptoms. Elephant apple fruits are also high in antioxidants and tannin that help relieve stomach issues.

2. Emblica

Emblica is also known as Indian Gooseberry and is a fibrous fruit rich in vitamin C. In addition, Emblica fruit is eaten for its holistic anti-inflammatory properties.

The taste of Emblica ranges from bitter to sour. Therefore, it is hard to harvest these berries, and they become ripe when they fall.

Emblica berries grow only on the topmost branches of the tree. Emblica fruits are medicinal. For example, they are anti-inflammatory.

3. Emu Apple

Emu apples, also known as muntries, originate from Australia. The Aboriginal people have consumed this fruit for centuries.

The Emu apple has a distinctive appearance, which is round and pale pink. It also has dark spots all over its skin. You can eat Emu apples while fresh or dried. They are slightly sweet and with a taste similar to apricots.

The Emu apple has medicinal properties when dried and is commonly considered a superfood. The powder from the Emu apple is good for skin conditions. Also, it contains vitamins and antioxidants, as with most superfoods.

In addition, an Emu apple is four times heavier than a blueberry. Emu apples can easily be stored and can be used in making wines and in fruit preservation.

Alternatively, it is used as a substitute for sultanas. Emu apple fruits are rich in essential vitamins.

4. Elderberry

As the name suggests, elderberries come from elder trees. Elderberries are made up of over 80 percent of water. The berries are commonly found in Europe during autumn.

During the early stages of life, the berries are very small and green. After which, they mature into a deep purple color.

Elderberries contain lectin and cyanide, which is dangerous. Therefore, you should not eat them raw. In addition, they can cause nausea even if you eat small amounts.

Before eating elderberries, you should cook them at high temperatures. Did you know that you can consume elderberries in the form of syrup, wine, or pie?

Some of the health benefits of this fruit include reducing inflammation, improving heart health, and improving the immune system. The fruits are also rich in antioxidants.

5. Emu Berry Fruit

The Emu berry is a different fruit from the Emu apple, but it also originates in Australia.

The Emu berry grows to a size similar to a plum. During the early stages, it starts off green before ripening on the branch.

Once the berries are ripe, they will turn from dark red to almost purple color. The emu berries are edible when raw, and they have an acidic sweetness similar to an apple.

But since the production rates are low, the bushes are mainly used for home decoration.

In cooking applications, you can use them like plum jams and fruit spreads. In addition, the whole emu berry tree is useful for medicinal purposes.

Emu berry fruits are also rich in vitamins, fiber, and iron.

6. Etrog Fruit

The etrog is a Hebrew name for citron. This fruit appears in many Jewish ceremonies. Also, the fruits are candied, juiced, used to make marmalade, and added to meals as garnishes and desserts.

Etrog fruits look like large lumpy, bumpy lemons. The fruits are thick and waxy when touched and have an intense citrus smell. In addition, the fruits have a white pith, which is a white substance found between the flesh and peel of most citrus fruits.

The oil from the etrog has anti-inflammatory properties. You can also mix etrog with vinegar to enhance digestion in people with tummy issues.

7. Eggplant Fruit

Surprisingly, eggplants are technically classified as fruits. They are round and have glossy purple skin covering soft yellow flesh when they are ripe. The name comes from its color, texture, and taste, similar to a boiled egg yolk.

The fruit is commonly used in preparing vegetarian dishes because it is high in fiber, making it a replacement for meat.

The fruit has a neutral flavor. Therefore, it takes on the taste of the meal you prepare with it. For example, try eggplant when fried with garlic and parmesan.

It is also great to eat the fruit when raw and fresh from the tree. The fruits have the feel and flavor of tropical egg custard.

Eggplants provide essential nutrients to the human body because they contain anthocyanin, which is an antioxidant. They are also rich in minerals, vitamins, and fiber.

8. Entawak

Entawak is a rare fruit commonly found in Malaysia, Borneo, and Sumatra. The fruits have a yellowish-brown shell that is naturally equipped with spikes for defense. These spikes enable the seeds to grow to maturity.

Some Entawak fruits feature a fibrous layer wrapped around the juicy seed pods. You can roast the seeds and salt them or suck the juice out of the pods. The taste of the juice is said to be similar to that of the pumpkin.

Entawak fruits are rich in antioxidants, vitamins, and fiber, which are essential for the body. They also can help to detoxify the body.

9. Evergreen Huckleberry

Evergreen Huckleberry is a tree that has berries and leaves that are edible. Its look is similar to elderberry fruit.

This type of fruit originates from the Northwest United States, and Native American tribes consumed them. The color of the berries is deep blue or purple. They are very good, and many people frequently travel from far to get them.

The berries contain high content of antioxidants, which have medicinal purposes and can help in blood circulation. In addition, evergreen huckleberry leaves contain quinic acid, which can inhibit the formation of uric acid.

10. Enterprise Apple

The Enterprise apple is very beautiful with a bright red color. It belongs to the crisp honey apple family but comes with a stronger flavor.

The Enterprise apple is famous among hobby gardeners because it is disease-resistant.

These apples have a longer shelf than many other fruits. You can store them for up to a whole month. Certain people believe that fruits taste better with time.

Enterprise fruits are essential to the body because they are high in antioxidants and aid the digestion process.

11. European Pear

The European pear is the most popular pear, besides the Bartlett pear.

European pears are very sweet and slightly gritty. When the European pears are ripe, they are light green and can be eaten raw or baked.

European pears have anti-inflammatory and anti-cancerogenic properties.

12. Eastern Hawthorn Fruit

Eastern hawthorn fruit has a taste similar to apples. However, it has a milder flavor than the ancient apple. But still, they are sweet.

However, some people despise the eastern hawthorns because they are very tiny and take a lot of time and effort to eat them.

13. Eggfruit

Eggfruits are yellow and resemble a human heart in shape (when cut in half) and size. The fruits grow in the warm soils in Latin America. However, some egg fruit varieties are grown in the southern USA.

Egg fruits are very sweet, and the name comes from their texture. This fruit has a taste similar to that of a hard-boiled egg. There is little juice in the fruit, and you can eat them raw.

Egg fruits help in vision and the immune system. Additionally, the fruits can help strengthen bone structure.

14. Early Gold Mango

The Earlygold mango, or simply known as Early Gold, is a mango that matures early in the season.

The fruit originates from Pine Island, Florida.

That means that if you buy a mango in May-June, higher chances are that it is an Earlygold mango.

Early Golds may be lighter in color than a regular mango, but they are the same flavor.

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