List of All Foods That Start With D

Are you having trouble remembering foods that start with “D”? This list includes everything from our favorites such as doughnuts and Durian, as well as ones we didn’t know of such as Dhokla and Dolma. If you want to learn more about these “D” foods, keep on reading.

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The tropical fruits of the Date palm tree that grow in bundles are called dates. They are common in the Middle East, enjoyed widely for their chewiness and sweetness. Dried dates are common in Europe but fresh dares are also available. Dates play an important role in many cuisines such as Arab, Moroccan, and Egyptian.


Doughnuts or donuts are a popular sweet snack around the world. They are basically deep-fried dough rings topped with a glaze of chocolate, caramel, and other ingredients. The two main types or doughnuts are filled and ring doughnuts. Filled doughnuts include sweet fillings like flavored sauce, cream, and jams.


Durian is a tropical fruit native to Malaysia and Indonesia. It is a large, round fruit with a yellow-green exterior covered in sharp thorn. The Durian fruit is notorious for its odor as well as its delicious flesh. Once you get the past the smell, the fruit tastes delicious with notes of caramel and vanilla.


Dumpling is a broad name for a variety of dishes that either consist simply of dough or dough wrapped around a filling. There are many recipes for dumplings in cuisines around the world. Dumplings can be either sweet or savory.

Dandelion Greens

Dandelion greens are the leaves of the Dandelion plant. The leaves are either red or green and have a distinct tangy and slightly bitter flavor. You can enjoy them raw but it is better to cook them since they can be very bitter. Blanching the leaves can get rid of the bitterness.

Daikon Radish

Daikon radish, also called winter radish, white winter radish, Oriental radish, is an Asian white radish. Compared to red radishes, it has a mild, subtly sweet flavor. You can enjoy them in a variety of ways. Simply shred Daikon to include in a salad or cook it with other vegetables in stir-fry.

Deviled Eggs

Deviled eggs are a popular Italian dish eaten as an appetizer. The preparation includes boiling the eggs and removing the yolks. The boiled yolks mixed with ingredients such as mustard, mayonnaise, and vinegar are used as filling. There are many variations of the basic recipe that include scallions, caviar, and sour cream.

Dragon Fruit

Dragon Fruit, also called Pitaya or strawberry pear, is a tropical fruit that has an appealing appearance and soft, sweet flesh. The fruit is native to Mexico and Central America where it is commonly enjoyed fresh out of hand.

Duck à l’orange

Duck à l’orange is a French classic that consists of a whole roasted duck with a sweet-sour sauce called bigarade sauce. The duck has crispy skin and subtly sweet flesh that goes well with the aromatic sauce. The sauce uses Seville oranges which results in a good balance of both sour and sweet flavors that cut right through the fattiness of the duck.

Dahi Vada

Dahi Vada is a popular North Indian recipe that consists of yoghurt and deep-fried lentil fritters. The fritters are soaked in water after deep-frying and then added to whipped yoghurt. The dish is topped with mint and tamarind chutneys, pomegranate seeds, and chaat masala.


Dill is a relative of Celery that yields herbs and spice. The leaves, called Dill weed, are a herb while the seeds play the role of a spice in cooking. The leaves have a warm, buttery flavor that complements various meats, while the seeds have a peppery, bittersweet flavor that is great for soups and stews.

Dark Chocolate

Dark chocolate is a form of chocolate that only contains cocoa solids without the addition of milk and butter. Much healthier than milk chocolate, it also offers a variety of health benefits. Dark chocolate is a heart-healthy treat plus it is rich in antioxidants which support healthy immune function.

Deep Dish Pizza

Deep dish pizza, also known as Chicago-style pizza, is a hearty, generous pizza. Unlike New York-style pizza, this pizza resembles a cake or pie. The crust is pushed up against the sides of a deep pan and filled with pizza toppings such as cheese, marinara sauce, vegetables, and meat.


Simple, delicious, and easy to prepare, nothing beats chicken drumsticks for a quick dinner. They are probably one of the most versatile parts of the chicken. You can toss them in a marinade and fry them, grill them with a glaze, or even deep-fry them with batter for a crispy snack.

Danish Pastry

Danish Pastry, often just called a Danish, is a type of puff pastry prepared in a manner similar to a croissant. The only difference between the two is that the dough for Danish Pastry also includes eggs. You can roll Danish Pastry in various shapes and use any fillings like cream cheese or jam.

Deviled Ham

Deviled Ham is simply ground ham with various spices. It is available in cans but you can also prepare it at home. The spices include turmeric, hot sauce, chili peppers, mustard, and cayenne pepper which give the ham an extra kick. You can enjoy it on crackers or toast.


Doritos are a brand of flavored tortilla chips that are popular across the world. They come in many flavors such as Nacho Cheese and Cool Ranch to name a few. You can use them to make nachos or simply enjoy them with some salsa and guacamole.

Duck Confit

Duck Confit is the common name for a classic French recipe “Confit de Canard”. The recipe involves slow cooking duck legs in duck fat until super tender. After the meat is tender and super flavorful, the duck legs get some time in the oven for the skin to crisp up. The result is delicious, tender meat with a crunch from the crispy skin.


Dukkah, also called duqqa, do’a, du’ah, is an Egyptian condiment that is popular around the Middle East. It is a mixture of herbs, spices, and nuts. The recipe varies by family and vendor but all usually include cumin, hazelnuts, sesame, salt, and black pepper.

The preparation involves dry roasting and pounding the ingredients. In Egypt, Dukkah serves as a dip for bread or fresh vegetables.

Duck Rice

Duck Rice is a Southeast Asian dish common in Maritime Southeast Asia. The components are white rice, braised or roasted duck, and a dark sauce. There are many variations of this recipe such as Teochew Duck Rice and Khao na ped. The dish consists of thinly sliced duck on a bed of rice with a delicious sauce that seeps into the meat and rice.

Dijon Mustard

Dijon mustard is a traditional French mustard prepared in the town of Dijon in Burgundy, France. Unlike American-style mustard, Dijon mustard has a pale yellow color and is slightly spicier. It is common in vinaigrettes, sauces, dips, and sandwiches.


Douhua is a Chinese tofu pudding made with very tender tofu. The tofu used is even softer than silken tofu. The recipes for the pudding vary and may be either sweet or savory. When sweet, the pudding includes a watery caramel sauce and sweet toppings. Savory Douhua, also called tofu brains, includes soy sauce, chopped meat, mushrooms, and seafood.

Devil’s Food Cake

Devil’s Food Cake is a lighter version of the dense, rich chocolate cake. It is a moist layer cake, often considered the chocolate version of the Angel Food Cake. The cake is dark in color but lighter in chocolate flavor than a regular chocolate cake.


Dosa is a South Indian recipe for a crepe made with fermented batter that consists of lentils and rice. It is similar in texture and flavor to a crepe but savory rather than sweet. The fillings for Dosa include cheese, vegetables, and meat. The common accompaniments are coconut chutney, pickles, and sambar which is a tamarind-flavored broth with lentils and vegetables.


Dondurma is a Turkish ice cream known for its chewy texture. The ingredients for the ice cream include mastic and orchid flour which give the ice cream a stretchy, chewy consistency. While one might think the chewiness takes away from the ice cream, it just enhances its creaminess.


Dolma is a broad name for a variety of stuffed dishes that are part of Ottoman cuisine. There are two main types of Dolmas: ones that include stuffed fruit, vegetables, and seafood, while others include of a cabbage or grape leave wrapped around a filling. Dolma dishes are common in many parts of the Middle East and Central Asia.


Dewberries are a type of berries closely related to blackberries. They are common throughout North America and Northern Europe. Their flavor is similar to blackberries, sweet and tart at the same time. You can use them to make jam, pies, tarts, and cobblers.

Dirty Rice

Dirty Rice is a flavorful Creole recipe that uses rice, chicken liver and gizzard, garlic, onions, and Cajun spice mix. The rice gets its name from the color it acquires when cooked. This is a delicious and flavorful side dish that will go well with anything prepared with Cajun spices.

Dulce de Leche

Dulce de Leche, also known as caramelized milk and milk jam, is a Latin American confection. The recipes combines sugar and milk which are slow cooked over the course of a few hours. The result is a caramel with sauce-like consistency that is great as a topping or filling for cakes, waffles, and churros.


Dhokla is a vegetarian recipe from the Gujarat region of India. It is basically a savory steamed cake that is bright yellow in color with a spongy texture . The cake uses a fermented batter made with legumes such as Pigeon pea, Urad daal, rice, and chickpeas. In India, Dhokla is either a breakfast food item, a side dish, snack, or main course.

Dal Makhani

Dal Makhani is a dish from New Delhi, India which is a modern take on the classic preparation for black lentils called Urad dal. The recipe uses red beans and black lentils mixed with spices, lots of butter, and tomato puree. Dal Makhani has a unique smoky flavor acquired by cooking overnight in a tandoor.

Dandan Noodles

Dandan noodles or dandanmian is a noodle dish that is part of Chinese Sichuan cuisine. The sauce is on the spicier side and contains various preserved mustard stems, Sichuan peppers, and chili oil. The toppings for Dandan noodles include minced pork, scallions, spring onion, and peanuts. In the American-Chinese version of the dish, peanut butter or sesame paste replace the spicy sauce.

Dried Apricots

Dried Apricots are Apricots dried using sulfur dioxide or other methods. They have a chewy texture with concentrated Apricot flavor. Compared to other dried fruits, Apricots contain the highest amount of Vitamin A. Additionally, they also include a great deal of fiber, iron, potassium, and vitamin C.

Damson Plum

Damson Plums are small blue to reddish purple plums that are the size of a large cherry. These plums are very tart and sour with subtle sweet notes. These plums are too sour to enjoy raw so they are more suitable for cooked applications. When cooked, Damson Plums develop a unique spicy, fruity flavor.

Deep-Fried Ice Cream

Deep-fried Ice Cream is a dessert with mysterious origins but commonly associated with Japanese, Chinese, and Polynesian cuisines. It is basically a scoop of ice cream frozen hard, battered, and deep fried. In Mexican cuisine, they uses tortillas for coating the ice cream, whereas the Chinese use tempura batter.

Dyrlægens Natmad

Dyrlægens natmad, which translates to “Veterinarian’s midnight snack”, is the Danish name for an open face sandwich. The most basic version of the sandwich consists of dark rye bread, butter, liver pate, sliced corned beef, aspic, and red onion rings.

Dilkush Bread

Dilkush Bread or Dilpasand bread is a popular Indian teatime snack that consists of bread with a sweet filling. The name of this delicious dessert literally means something that makes your heart happy .It is a common item at South Indian bakeries. The bread is spongy and soft with brightly colored filling. The filling commonly uses sugar, coconut, cardamom, and dried or candied fruit.


Dasheen. also called taro, kalo, madhumbe, and marope, is a starchy root vegetable popular among Pacific Islanders. The leaves are also edible, commonly eaten in Hawaiian cuisine. Taro tastes similar to sweet potatoes when cooked. You can prepare Taro root in a manner similar to potatoes.

Dolichos Bean

Dolichos Bean, also called hyacinth bean, lablab-bean, Egyptian kidney bean, and bataw, is a species of beans native to Africa. These beans are a common ingredient in Indian and Southeast Asian cuisine in soups and curries. In Kenya, they boil and mash the beans with semi-ripe and/or ripe bananas.

Delicata Squash

Delicata Squash, also called Bohemian squash, peanut squash, and sweet potato squash, is a variety of winter squash. The squash is cream-colored with orange and green stripes. It is a popular favorite due to its delicate rind that acquires a rich, caramel flavor when roasted. The squash is small with thin, edible skin so it is super easy to prepare.

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