Complete List of Blue Foods

The blue color is scarce in natural foods, and that’s why we hardly see blue foods on our plates. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t find foods in your favorite color.

Whether you’re throwing a baby shower or simply want to enjoy some delicious blue food, there are many options that you can try!

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Blue Velvet Cookies

You’ll be obsessed with this delicious and colorful cookie filled with blue velvet cake mix, cream cheese, butter, powdered sugar, creamy frosting, and sprinkles. These blue velvet cookies will stir up all kinds of cravings and leave everyone’s mouth watering!

 Blue velvet cookies are easy to prepare, making them a perfect food for festivities. Here’s our favorite recipe for blue velvet cookies.


Lingcod is a bright-colored fish. It’s not related to the cod family and has turquoise-blue flesh. If your local fish market doesn’t have this fish, lingcod is easily available for online sale. 

The mild-tasting meat of lingcod is tender with large, soft, moist flakes. It provides around 20 grams of protein and only 1 gram of fat per 4-ounce serving, making lingcod a great source of lean protein. Lingcod cooks well on the grill, and large lingcod can be stuffed with veggies and baked. You’ll also find lingcod at many upscale fish and chips restaurants.  


Blueberries are delicious and packed with nutrients. They’re low in calories, high in fiber, and loaded with essential nutrients, such as manganese and vitamins C and K.

These delicious berries are also high in potent antioxidants that help defend your cells against damage. Additionally, research indicates that diets high in blue foods like blueberries may help prevent chronic illnesses, such as heart disease, diabetes, cancer, and brain conditions like dementia. 

Concord Grapes

Concord grapes are a healthy, blue food that can be eaten fresh or used to make juices, jams, and wine.

These grapes have beneficial plant compounds that function as antioxidants. Studies suggest that Concord grapes are higher in antioxidants than purple, green, or red grapes. They also help boost your immune system and improve skin texture. 

If you want to add Concord grapes into your diet, try this tasty and nutritious jam recipe.  

Blue tomatoes

Blue tomatoes, also known as Indigo Rose tomatoes, have high antioxidant levels. They get their blue color from the high levels of anthocyanin found in their skin. Not only are blue tomatoes delicious, but their blue skin provides added health benefits. Many studies suggest that diets high in anthocyanin-rich foods may reduce inflammation, prevent heart disease, and promote eye and brain health.

Blue Macaroons – Baby Yoda Cookies

Add a splash of blue to your dessert table with Baby Yoda macaroons. Macaroons are meringue-based, delicate French cookies. This food will give you that sweet and delicious taste profile with a fine flavor of blue-tinted macaroons made with condensed milk and almond extract. 

If you want to impress your family of guests, add a box of this gorgeous dessert to the table. 

Blue Indigo Milk Cap Mushrooms

Indigo Milk Cap mushrooms are bright blue and edible. Their flavor varies depending on the soil and other aspects of their growing environment.

These mushrooms will lose some of the blue color when cooked and turn grayish-blue. When fried, they taste amazing served straight or with a tomato-based bbq sauce. 

Blue Moon Ice Cream

If you’re feeling blue, devouring this sweet, blue ice cream will make you happy! Ice cream is indeed the best comfort food we reach for when we’re feeling down. And this blue moon ice cream can help lift your mood. 

This ice cream has a unique recipe. It has a marshmallow-like flavor with a tropical twist to remind you of your favorite summer vacation.

You can check the recipe here. 

Cookie Monster Cheesecake

Packed with blue cookies, chocolate chip cookie crush, blue cream cheesecake filling, and topped with a creamy ganache, this drool-worthy cheesecake has a light, fluffy texture with a rich chocolate taste!

The hidden pop of blue color of this cheesecake will surprise your family members and guests.

Here’s the recipe for cookie monster cheesecake. 


Cornflowers, or bachelor’s buttons, are bright blue. The flowers are edible and can be added fresh to salads or as food confetti to enhance flavors. Dried cornflowers can also be added as a garnish. The flavor is very mild and grassy. Also, some loose leaf tea blends contain cornflowers. 

When you’re buying cornflowers, make sure you choose organic flowers treated with food-safe chemicals. 

Blue Moon Lime Tart

Blue Moon Lime Tart is a simple dessert with a light and delicate texture and a sweet taste. The blueberries and lime toppings give a tropical flavor to every bite.

It doesn’t require baking and is the perfect food recipe to prepare when you don’t feel like standing in the kitchen. 

Check out the recipe here.

Blue-Berry Pancakes

A perfect treat for adults and kids, these delicious vegan blueberry pancakes are a staple of a healthy breakfast.

You can check the recipe here.

Blue Corn

This blue food is a staple crop in Mexico. Blue corn varieties have existed for thousands of years, but they were unknown outside the farming communities that cultivated them. Today, blue corn is popular due to its striking color and health benefits. 

Step into supermarkets or restaurants in Mexico, and you might see products made from blue corn. Some of Mexico’s traditional dishes are taking on a new hue with blue tortillas, blue corn chips, blue tortillas, or blue enchiladas.

 Here’s our favorite blue corn recipe. 

 Blue Marshmallow Peep Chicks

 Blue Marshmallow Peep Chicks may be heavily processed, but they are an easter-tradition. You can’t really imagine an Easter basket without Blue Marshmallow Peeps Chicks. These bright blue chicks will brighten any Easter celebration. Because they are so sweet and chewy, you may not want to wait until Easter to enjoy them.

Two-Toned Potato Salad

This two-toned potato salad recipe is not your average salad. It is very tasty and the perfect option to add a blue side to your meat or seafood dishes. You can also serve it on its own. It makes a great vegan option if you want to add some blue to the table. The blue hue comes from pickled onions.

Remember that the salad is two-toned, so don’t expect it to be completely blue. 

Honeyed Yogurt and Berry Tart with Graham-Cracker Crust

This creamy and sweet tart is the perfect blue dessert that will leave you wanting more. The graham-cracker crust is layered with blueberries and spiced with ginger to add a tangy flavor to this incredible dessert.

You can prepare this blueberry tart in less than an hour and surprise everyone with the perfect blue hues on the table. 

Check out our favorite recipe for this dessert here. 

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