10 Best Under-Cabinet Can Openers

No home-kitchen is complete without an under cabinet can opener. There are plenty of different can openers available on the market, but if you want something unique that saves you space, this guide will help you. We’ll go over the top recommendations for cabinet openers, and you can choose the most suitable option. Let’s explore!

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The Best Under-Cabinet Can Openers

Top PicksProductsRating
Best Overall1. Hamilton Beach (76606ZA) Smooth Touch Electric Can Opener4.7
Runner Up2. KitchenAid Can Opener, Black4.5
Best Value3. Black &Decker Space-maker Under Cabinet Can Opener (EC60G)5.0
Premium Pick4. Black & Decker CO100 Space-maker Traditional Can Opener3.9
Budget Pick5. Adoric Can Opener, 3-in-1 Manual Can

1. Best Overall: Hamilton Beach (76606ZA) Smooth Touch Electric Can Opener

Hamilton Beach is one of the simplest under-cabinet can openers. You do not need to apply extra power to use it. The side-cut system ensures a smooth edge when opening the cans. The advanced side cut mechanism prevents the blade from coming into contact with the contents and prevents leakage.

2. Runner Up: KitchenAid Can Opener, Black

This KitchenAid boasts a stainless steel structure and offers a smooth cutting process,which allows you to open cans without worrying about any sharp edges along the lid. Additionally, the large handle makes it easier to use.

Furthermore, it’s incredibly easy to clean and maintain. You can hand wash this manual can opener using warm water and a mild detergent. Lastly, the manufacturers provide a hassle-free replacement and lifetime warranty.  

3. Best Value: Black &Decker Space-maker Under Cabinet Can Opener (EC60G)

If you’re on a tight budget, we recommend this affordable model from the Black & Decker Space-maker line. It’s a superb candidate and is one of the lowest-priced under cabinet can openers available on the market. You can easily find excellent bargains on Amazon. It gives you the superior performance you’d expect from Black & Decker. It comes with the power pierce cutters that make can-opening a breeze.

Furthermore, you can benefit from the sleek and space-saving design as it’s one of the most compact devices you’d find. The can opener operates as a convenient multi-tool. It cuts bags, opens tall bottles, and sharpens knives – all in addition to its central purpose as a can opener.

4. Premium Pick: Black & Decker CO100 Space-maker Traditional Can Opener

Finally, we have a Black & Decker model that comes in the color white, under the model number of CO100. It’s one of the top-rated under cabinet can openers manufactured by Black & Decker and is one of the more expensive options in this guide.

It features powerful piece cutters that this brand is well-known for using, so it’s highly-efficient to open a broad range of big and small cans without any trouble. It also has a swing-open door for your convenience, and it’s much easier to install under a cabinet.

Overall, it’s a versatile tool that can open bottles, sharpen knives, and lets you cut shopper bags without any issue – and the space-saving compact design means you can install it in confined spaces. The user reviews on Amazon are very positive, with most people considering it to be one of the best models in the space-maker lineup.

5. Budget Pick: Adoric Can Opener, 3-in-1 Manual Can Opener

This can opener features long handles that provide a firm grip to avoid slippage. It is big enough for a better grip and comes with comfortable handles that are easy on the hands. It is made from sturdy stainless steel, which is highly effective, safe, and easy to clean. It features an ergonomic design and anti-slip handles that protect you from hurting your fingers.

If you’re searching for a multi-functional kitchen tool, consider buying the Adoric can opener. It’s ideal for a wide range of cans, including beer, canned meat, canned fish, condensed milk cans, and canned pet food.  

6. Black & Decker CO85BM Space-maker Can Opener

Our next recommendation is this excellent can opener by Black & Decker that’s a part of their ‘Space-maker’ product line. It features simple, hands-free operation and can fit comfortably under most cabinets without needing much space. A key advantage of using this design is the compact and sleek build. Additionally, it includes power pierce cutters that can handle any size can, big or small, making it very useful for home bars.

However, it may take a little practice to get used to it. But once you’re past the learning phase, it is a handy gadget to have around the kitchen, and the vast majority of users have found this device to be worth the initial investment.

7. Black & Decker Space Saver Under-Cabinet Electric Can Opener (EC59D)

This model from Black & Decker’s Space-maker lineup is closely similar to those previously listed, although the main difference is the color! The model is regularly available for purchase on Amazon, so you shouldn’t face too much trouble finding it online.

It’s a hands-free model that’s fully capable of opening big cans that prove difficult for other can openers. It also comes with a bottle opener and has knife sharpening capabilities.

Overall, the reviewers have left positive notes on Amazon. It’s easy to install, but you must ensure that your cabinetry is compatible with this type of can opener. 

8. Black & Decker Space-maker Under-the-Counter Can Opener (EC600)

Our next top pick is a slightly older model from Black & Decker. Their Space-maker stands out as the best solution for anyone looking for an under-cabinet can opener. It’s also available at several online several, including some excellent bargains at Amazon.

It can fit easily under most cabinets, uses familiar power pierce cutter (like most Black & Decker devices), and can open big, small, and tall cans without any trouble. It checks out on all the features you’ll seek in an under-counter can opener.  

Like other models, it’s essential to check all the specifications and dimensions before making the purchase. Overall, this can opener is a quality model from a top-rated manufacturer and will serve you well. You can check out some amazing deals on Amazon.

9. Black & Decker Spacemaker Under-Counter Can Opener (EC75)

Another premium-quality, under-cabinet can opener from the Black & Decker Spacemaker product line. It’s the most compact option and comes highly recommended if you live in a confined space. It will conveniently mount underneath a cabinet, and it is a powerful pierce cutter that will comfortably open any can you bring to it. Whether they’re big, tall, or small, this can opener is one-size-fits-all.

Furthermore, it includes a built-in knife sharpener and bottle opener for enhancing versatility. The user reviews are quite positive on Amazon, with many people leaving a 5-star rating for this product. Most buyers agree that it’s built purposely and gives excellent performance.

10. W-Dragon Under Cabinet Can Openers

With this compact electric can opener, you can open a wide range of cans quickly and safely. The sleek and lightweight design ensures that it is easy to use for everyone, including the elderly. It works in the automated hands-free mode and does all the work for you. Because of the advanced cutting system, the box lid does not have sharp edges or corners to hurt you.

Moreover, you can effortlessly open different cans by pressing the gray button. The innovative side-cutting system creates a reseal-able smooth edge on the lids.

11. OHSAY USA World’s Best Can Opener

Ohsay is a traditional type of can opener. It earns the title of being the best can opener because it has been popular for over 80 years. It is one of the first to provide an easy-to-open, compact design. The can opener is easy to use without much effort.

Buyer’s Guide – Factors to look for in an Under-Cabinet Can Opener

A can opener is a basic kitchen tool, but there several factors to be aware of, and you should never pick the first one see. Let’s go over some things you might want to consider when buying a can opener.

Where to Place It

Some electric can openers can sit on the counter just like a coffee maker, while others need installation. If counter space is your concern, you can find a spot underneath and opt for an under the counter model.

Top Cut or Side Cut Opener

The majority of can openers are the top cut variety. You pierce the can, and it cuts the lid on the top while a magnet holds the can lid in place. Side-cut openers will cut into the side of the can right at the top where the top lid attaches the can. Side cuts give you a softer edge, and the blades never in contact with your food, making it much easier to avoid contamination.

Easy to Clean

If you want to avoid food contamination, you have to clean and maintain the can opener. You can minimize the amount of cleaning you’ll have to do by choosing a side-cut opener. You will have to lift the unit apart from time to time and make sure it is thoroughly clean.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are electric can openers so expensive?

Yes, they are expensive compared with a handheld can opener, but not as costly as some other kitchen appliances. You have to remember that an under-cabinet electric can opener is an appliance just like a coffee maker, and the cost reflects the convenience that it provides you.

Using an electric can opener makes opening different cans a breeze. You won’t strain yourself trying to twist handheld can openers, and you also get the bonus of sharpening your knives with it.

Can I open cans of different sizes or just the standard-sized cans?

Most electric can openers have multiple functions, so you can check those out and choose all the additional features that best fit your requirements. Some extra features include the ability to open jars or sharpen knives.

Why are under-cabinet can openers expensive?

Under-cabinet can openers are pricey because they are very convenient and hazard-free. Most of the under-counter can openers also have a built-in knife sharpener. Moreover, they can cut around 9 inches wide bottle or can.

Are there any can openers that don’t rust?

Best Choice: Rösle Stainless Steel Can Opener with Pliers Grip. If the price isn’t an issue, this stainless steel can opener is the best splurge money can get. The high-quality stainless steel doesn’t rust, tarnish, or fall apart over the years, and it looks elegant in any kitchen setting.

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