The 12 Best Storm Doors

Storm doors protect your house against bad weather and provide a source of ventilation. They have interchangeable panes that switch from protective glass to a screen that allows air to flow while bugs from entering your home. Most manufacturers sell pre-hung and pre-drilled storm doors, making installation a breeze.
To help you find a storm door, we have gathered a list of the best options on the market. Let’s explore!

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The Best Storm Doors – Top 5 Picks

Top ProductsRatingDimensions (inches)
1. Leslie Locke 52136X80 Prosperity 36-Inch-by-80-Inch Security Storm Door4.136×80
2. Larson Pet-view Full View Aluminum Storm Door3.832×81
3. CROFT METALS 161-32REV 32 inch Rever Uh Storm Door3.634×84
4. Titan Meshtec Ultimate Security Storm Door 3.736×80
5. Larson Bismarck White Mid-View Storm Door3.832×81

1. Larson Pet-view Full View Aluminum Storm Door

If you’re looking for a storm door that stands up to whatever comes its way, then the Larson Tradewinds is the one. This storm door is constructed with an aluminum frame and provides ease of maintenance and long-term durability. This storm door also boasts a double closer system for safety.

One of the best features of this door is smooth transitioning between a breezy screen and a full pane of glass. The Larson Tradewinds has a simple push-button mechanism that makes it easy to open a window screen that provides ample ventilation but keeps bugs out. Lastly, it also features a self-storing window that doesn’t get easily broken or cracked.

2. CROFT METALS 161-32REV 32 inch Rever Uh Storm Door

Let the light in but keep bugs out by choosing a full-view storm door from Croft Metals. This top tier door is available at a budget-friendly price. You’ll appreciate the double closers for stability, large pane of tempered safety glass, and the 1.5-inch aluminum frame.

If you want to show off the main door, or enjoy maximum light inside your home, choose a full view storm door. Croft metals make several full-view storm doors, but this one has serious advantages over other models. It features an easy mechanism for replacing the glass with insect screens as the seasons change. Other storm doors have plastic tabs that can be difficult to use, but this model only requires you to turn the door handle to a set position to release the screen.

3. Larson Mid-View Storm Door

A mid-view storm door offers additional venting compared to the basic models. The Larson Mid-View storm door is a popular choice that is recommended by many of customers. It is also an excellent option for a storm door if you have pets.  

The Larson Mid-View storm door is designed to withstand heavy traffic and features a DuraTech surface covering a wooden core. DuraTech is more durable than typical vinyl coatings and won’t scratch as quickly as aluminum finishes. The window screen’s generous size on this ¾ storm door means that you can let ample light and fresh air inside.

The retractable screen from the top and the bottom. Reviewers with children appreciate this storm door as it keeps them inside. Fortunately, this ¾ view storm door features Larson’s WearTuff screen and is three times stronger than regular storm door screens.

4. Leslie Locke 52136X80 Prosperity 36-Inch-by-80-Inch Security Storm Door

This storm door featuring a retractable screen is a popular thanks to its ease of operation. The Leslie Locke storm door can effortlessly transition between glass and retractable screen for enhanced ventilation. If you want to avoid the hassle of removing and storing the top glass panel, this storm door with a retractable screen is the best solution. On nice days, you can slide the window panel into the storm door where it’s easily stored and enjoy fresh air through the screen.

While Leslie Locke makes several storm doors with a retractable screen, this model offers an outstanding combination of features for the money. Made using aluminum, this storm door is 1.5-inches thick and boasts an additional weather seal along with the vertical opening of the door. The biggest advantage that users appreciate is an easier installation. You won’t need to hire professional help as this storm door comes pre-hung and pre-dilled.

Moreover, you can customize this storm door’s look by choosing from several different exterior finishes and hardware options. You can also select a Low-E glass to enhance energy efficiency.

5. Leslie Locke 50732X80 Laguna Security Storm Door

A storm door with blinds makes it easy to adjust the amount of light that comes in. The Leslie Locke 50732 is a full-view storm door featuring blinds tucked between two panels of glass. You can easily raise, lower, or tilt these blinds.

There are many advantages of built-in blinds for the storm door. You won’t need to dust the blinds, and the cordless design reduced the choking hazard to children and pets.  

This storm door has a lightweight and sturdy aluminum body. A bottom closure assists in closing the door smoothly as you come in or go out. What users appreciate most about this storm door is having the main door open and having a clear view of the outside. It enhances privacy without having to shut the door.  

6. Larson Bismarck White Pet-View Storm Door

A budget storm door offers an easy way to protect your expensive front door from excessive weather damage. You don’t have to spend thousands of dollars for a storm door; this mid-view storm door from Larson costs about $100.

The Larson Bismarck has a maintenance-free exterior coating and a solid core made of wood. While aluminum doors are the best option for robust and weather-resistant storm doors, a solid body like this model will save you money. It provides excellent protection for your exterior door.

7. LARSON MFG CO RSC 029831U Storm-Doors

The LARSON MFG CO RSC 029831U Storm-Door is a reversible handing door. The door construction features a 1-inch-thick wood core. The wood of the storm door boasts a vinyl-coated surface for maintenance-free protection. The vinyl ensures the main door does not absorb rainwater.

The storm door also has a built-in screen and a self-storing window for ventilation during calm weather times. The door comes with a durable weather-strip around the outer edge, which protects the door against moisture and drafts. It also has a push-button handle made with solid materials for longevity and safety.

Moreover, the Larson storm door is white and features an expander section for a tight fit. The door has a standard height of 80-inches to 81-inches with weather stripping. It weighs around 60-pounds, which is a crucial thing to consider when installing.

8. CROFT METALS 163-36REV-WH WHT Storm Door

The CROFT METALS 163-36REV-WH Storm Door is one of the best storm doors on the market. It is 85-inches tall and 1.5-inch thick and comes with universal hinges for easy installation. The door fits snuggly into the frame and boasts quality construction.

This storm door is an excellent choice for offices and professional buildings because of the durable construction and blue-gray colors. It is lightweight at only 38 pounds and made with aluminum , ensuring the rainwater and the harsh weather stay outside the home or office.

The Croft Metals storm door has a small latch, which draws the attention away from the rest of the door. The storm door comes with its glass, which is a teal-blue color that adds vibrance to your home and offsets the rest of the door’s gray color.

9. LARSON 83001042 83001 BRN Storm Door

The LARSON 83001042 83001 36″BRN Storm Door is a heavy-duty, solid storm door that weighs 70-pounds. The Larson storm door comes with hardware for hanging the door, including a tool to help you drill holes. The door uses solid materials, including a screen installed at the top panel of the door. It also has a window, which slides up and down.

The window provides you with fresh airflow from outside. The door features a thin seal around its exterior, ensuring that the weather stays outside the home. Moreover, the door is polished with a Duracell finish to help protect it from wear and tear. It also has a multi-vent screen and window combination. The color is a pale gray that matches most homes easily. Lastly, the door is reversible for left or right mounts based on your needs.

10. Titan Meshtec Ultimate Security Storm Door

The Titan Meshtec Ultimate Security Storm Door features a 3-point locking system for security. The storm door offers complete weather protection. It allows for airflow and provides an uninterrupted view.

The Titan storm door features stainless steel mesh cover in the middle of the door. The door also has tempered glass paneling behind it. The mesh is Meshtec and helps prevent common forced entry and break-in scenarios. The storm door comes with a recessed mount frame that fits snuggly against different framing types or molding.

The frame of the door is made of heavy-duty aluminum, which is weather-resistant. The door also features a protective powder coating that adds to the longevity. It hangs on four hinges, evenly spaced around the storm door for stability.

The door weighs 90-Pounds with a solid door-knob drilled into the door frame. It also has pet protection and works as a durable barrier against pet escapes.

11. 200 Series Bronze Universal Triple-Track Aluminum Storm Door

The 200 Series Bronze Universal Aluminum Storm Door is part of the EMCO series of doors. The storm door has a solid aluminum and bronze construction. It also has a protective layer of white finish and triple-track construction for durability.

The door has glass paneling that helps bring in the fresh air. You’ll also notice a single weather-strip around the frame of the door to keep the wind and rain outside your house. Besides, you’ll get reversible right or left hanging options to make the best use of space.

The 200 Series bronze storm door is convenient to install and takes less than 2-hours. The door comes pre-drilled and ready to install. The solid aluminum construction ensures the door is weather-resistant and guaranteed not to rust.

The window frames use high-grade aluminum to match the door and prevent rust or leaking. The door latches are plastic and make the window easy to control.

12. 400 Series 3/4 View Self-Storing Aluminum Storm Door

Our final pick is the popular 400 Series self-storing storm door. It’s one of the best-rated Aluminum storm doors available on the market. It comes with two windows, and the top window opens easily with a one-hand retractable screen. You can roll up the windows when you need to.

The finish includes almond, white, sandstone, forest green, black, and bronze. The door also has a single layer rim of weather-stripping that helps prevent winds and temperature changes.

The 400 series door-knob is brass or nickel finished and comes with a deadbolt for enhanced security. The storm door has universal reversible door handling with right or left installation. The storm door also features a convenient embossed kick panel to prevent day-to-day wear and tear.

Moreover, it comes ready to install with a template to help you drill holes for the door-knob. The door also has a 10-year limited warranty for structural damage. It also covers component damage, including paint, frame, hinges, and adhesions.

Buyer’s Guide: Choosing the Best Storm Door

Storm Door vs. Screen Door

While some people use the terms interchangeably, there’s a big difference between a storm door and a screen door. Screen doors serve a single purpose of letting in air and light while keeping bugs away. Storm doors, as the name suggests, are a bit sturdier. They often have a screen as a removable panel or a retractable screen. But they also add a layer of protection against wind, snow, and rain.

Factors to consider

Check out some of the crucial factors before choosing a storm door:

Material Matters

Most storm doors have lightweight aluminum and a rigid foam core. But you can also find steel- and vinyl-clad storm doors on the market. Expect to pay $100 for an aluminum-clad basic vinyl- or aluminum-clad storm door and up to $1,000 or more for a high-quality storm door with beveled glass panels or brass hardware.

Vinyl-clad storm doors are inexpensive and stand up to snow, wind, and rain. But their baked-in color can fade over time if they’re exposed to the sunny side of the house. If you want to buy a vinyl-clad door, go for a fade-resistant 2018 color such as white or almond.

Steel-clad storm doors are rugged and long-lasting, strong enough to hold up to the bumps and slams of an active family without denting and come in various colors.

Aluminum is just as durable as steel, but it’s lighter in weight, making it the most popular storm door material in today’s market. Aluminum-clad storm doors come in a variety of colors.

Door Styles

Storm doors have many options to let in light and keep pets at bay. Here are the different types of design options available:

Full-view storm doors have a narrow frame around their perimeter and a full-length solid glass panel. Some full-view doors come with a single glass panel, and most feature two panes—one at the top and one at the bottom. If you want to open the window, you can slide down the panes and pull down the retractable screen to cover the opening. This function is called “self-storage,” and it’s a popular feature on many modern storm doors.

Half-view storm doors are solid on the bottom but feature glass panes on the top that operate in a self-storage manner like a full-view storm door.

A High-view storm door offers a glass panel at the top with a solid bottom for more privacy. The door may have the self-storage feature, or you can fix the window in place.

Other Design Details

All modern storm doors feature tempered glass, which means it will shatter into tiny pieces rather than dangerous sharp shards. Some storm doors boast double or even triple panes and may have low-emissivity (Low-E) glass to block heat transfer and save energy.

Homeowners can opt for plain glass panels or frosted etched, stained glass with functional mini blinds between the panes.

The two most popular storm door colors are almond and white, but many brands fill custom orders in a wide array of colors, including evergreen, brown, brick, and sandstone.

Some storm doors have a handle set, but many require buying the handle set separately.

You can also find storm doors with built-in pet doors – perfect for animal lovers who want to let their furry members roam free as they please.

Sizing Specs

Storm doors come in different sizes to fit entry doors. To find the right size, measure the height and width of your main entry door. Standard exterior doors are up to 80 inches high, but the width may vary. Most entry doors are 35 inches wide, and most side doors are 32 inches wide.

Opening Options

Many storm doors are reversible, meaning you can install them to open on the right or left sides. Most homeowners prefer the storm door to open on the same side as their main door. If you find a storm door labeled as “right-opening,” that means the doorknob is on the right side.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s inside the Box?

Unlike exterior doors, storm doors do not come pre-hung. Instead, they come in boxed packages that include the door, a top (frame), a strike jamb (the side with a latch), and hinges. Storm doors also have a closer (the pneumatic bar that lets the door close slowly). Some storm doors also come with a handle set, and installation instructions are in the box.

Why do I need a storm door?

The purpose of installing a storm door is to allow extra flexibility and protection for entry doors. Storm doors let additional light and ventilation into your home while creating a barrier from bugs entering your household.

Do storm doors add value?

Installing a new storm door can increase the value of your house. It’s similar to how a new set of windows would add value. A storm won’t require a massive investment on your part.

Should a front door open right or left?

You can install the front door to open on either side based on whatever feels most natural to you. Keep in mind that you don’t want the door to damage walls or fresh paintwork.

What is the ideal material for a storm door?

Aluminum is the most common material for storm doors because of its outstanding weather-resistance and easy installation. It is available in varying levels of thickness – the thicker the storm door, the more durable it is. Other storm doors may have a wood core, but they aren’t as durable as aluminum-clad units.

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