12 Best Online Stationery Shops

Not everybody understands the joy of getting your hands on a beautiful, good quality, and unique piece of stationery. 

And even fewer people are fortunate enough to experience the excitement of finishing one notebook just so you can move on to the next! 

Then, the care with which you handle your new notebook, journal or planner, for the next few days to avoid any dog ears or creases might even make you seem crazy to others who don’t share your enthusiasm. 

But the truth is, collecting stationery is an art. Besides serving a functional purpose, using good quality and luxurious stationery offers an experience that digital apps can’t replace.

With that in mind, here is a list of 10 online stationery shops that would be a treat for any stationery-hoarder! 

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1. Rifle Paper Co. 

Rifle Paper Co. is set apart from other stationery shops due to its artistic and multi-colored floral patterns, which serve as a signature for the brand. The variety that this website provides in stationery is unparalleled. Whether its pens, pencils, notebooks, planners, or any other stationery good, this shop is the single solution you need to do all your stationery shopping.

The intricate and delicate floral patterns on their notebooks give off a fancy and stylish look. Hence it is not only useful for the boring purpose of taking notes during classes but can also make an interesting gift for a fellow stationery-hoarding friend. 

Apart from the variety in stationery supplies, Rifle Paper Co. also sells accessories like headbands, phone covers, and face masks. Not only this, the brand has outdone all other brands because they recently introduced home décor items. Now along with journaling your thoughts in a notebook bought from Rifle Paper Co., you could also light one of their scented candles to make your experience even more enjoyable. 

2. Papersource

Papersource has taken the art of stationery-making and collecting to another level! If you love to collect stationery, just visiting their website would be a sight for sore eyes. With their diverse collection and huge variety, the shop will have you buying things you didn’t even know you needed before!

And they’re not just an average stationery shop at the corner of your block because Papersource also offers customized stationery. You can buy or gift someone holiday cards, stamps, and personalized notebooks with your signature on it. Also, you can select and send them a picture or a design that you want to get printed on your favorite notebooks.

Furthermore, the shop sells artificial flowers, bouquets, and garlands made of crepe paper. If you were not a fan of origami before, this would certainly spike your interest. The shop also provides DIY arts and crafts kits, as well as arts and crafts workshop subscriptions.

3. Minted 

If you like your stationery with classic and vintage elements to it, then Minted is the way to go! The website not only offers personalized stationery that you can customize with names, signatures, or addresses, but the designs they offer are highly attractive too!

And we don’t mean the generic, run-of-the-mill designs, but personally made ones crafted by local artists. Supporting local and budding artists has made Minted a fan-favorite online stationery shop in the stationary scene. Their website frequently holds competitions to select the best designs to print on notebooks and planners. Along with this, the brand also has artists making handmade showpieces like statues and pottery for them. 

Another unique feature of Minted is that it sells kids’ stationery separately. From kids’ daily planners and wall hangings, to murals and more, the website has everything an artsy kid would need as a Christmas or back-to-school present!

4. Muji

Established in 1980, Muji is a Japanese stationery company started with a vision of selling premium-quality and simplistic stationery. 

Their website does not sell overly complicated or embellished notebooks and planners. Instead, it focuses on reviving the classic beige and solid-colored diaries and notebooks. Visiting their site would make you reminisce of your childhood when you marveled over the classic beige color rustic notebooks you saw elders using and couldn’t wait to get your hands on!

Because Muji does not focus on elaborate designing and décor of its stationery, their prices are lower than some of the other sites on this list. Nevertheless, their quality has never given customers a chance to complain!

5. McNally Jackson 

Two things stand out about the McNally Jackson stationery shop. Firstly, their website is super user-friendly. And secondly, it has hands-down the cutest stationery supplies amongst all shops.

The store also caters to stationery lovers of all age groups. While the website sells diaries, journals, and spiral notebooks, it also prints a range of learning books. They currently make these learning books for pre-K, lower grade, middle grade, higher grade, and parents.

The genres of their books range from fiction, non-fiction, sci-fi, fantasy, sports, and much more! To check out their variety, go to their website and see for yourself.

6. Scriptura 

The classy, minimalistic, and elegant stationery of Scriptura is a class apart from the rest. Believing that a person’s stationery represents their personality, Scriptura is very particular about the colors and shades it uses. Not only this, it greatly emphasizes on the importance of a well-maintained stationery supply. For that, their website has a passage dedicated to the idea explaining how ‘Before a person even opens your letter, they form a first impression of you just by looking at the envelope.’

The store also sells invitations cards for weddings and rehearsal dinners. Thus, if you are as enthusiastic about stationery as Scriptura is, and your thoughts align with its vision, be sure to check out their gorgeous invitation cards to impress your guests before your special day.

Additionally, the store sells couture and invites for baby showers, Mardi Gras, and Debutante Ball, among other events.

7. Appointed 

Appointed has perhaps the most long-lasting and best quality stationery you can find. From notebooks covered in waterproof book cloth to planners bound with brass, this brand has shown that nothing matters more than durability.

It sells basic stationery items such as pens and pencils, along with classic monochrome planners and notebooks. The colors range from light pastels to bright and vibrant shades, so you can choose whichever color you think expresses your personality best. Along with this, calendars with simplistic yet elegant designs are also available on their website.

And that’s not all, because Appointed caters to kids too! Among other things, they sell sets of crayons, pencil colors, and sketchpads for kids to brush up their arts and crafts.

8. Mrs. John L Strong 

The stationery at Mrs. John L is elegant, classy, and looks high-end — but without the absurd price tags as premium stores!

There is a huge variety of stationery sold at their site, but what stands out the most is their collection of holiday cards. In a world that is quickly losing the art of letter writing, the beautiful and charming cards sold on Mrs. John L Strong remind us of the joy of sending and receiving handwritten cards on holidays. 

Not only that, but they are also replicating the entire process of taking family pictures and choosing one for your family’s holiday card to make your experience much more pleasurable. The cards also come in various motifs, ranging from animals to small family pictures, all of which are highly aesthetic!

9. JetPens 

The collection of pens put forward by JetPens is truly impressive! Whether its fountain pens, ballpoints, brush pens, gel pens, calligraphy pens, or comic and manga pens — you name it, and they have it! Their extensive collection is a treat for those who like journaling, sketching, and making academic notes. 

The website also sells bags and a range of pencil cases and pouches to store their pens and pencils. Not to forget, it also offers monochrome and solid-colored notebooks, journals, and planners. Additionally, there also store office supplies like clipboards, desk organizers, desk toys, and showpieces.

10. Greer Chicago 

Greer Chicago is another brand that has built a niche based on its eccentric designs. Their bright, bold, and funky prints have become a signature for the brand and have set its stationery apart from the rest of the online shops. 

They are also making efforts to revive the art of letter writing by providing a range of letter sheets and pages. And not only that, but they also sell sealing wax to give customers a holistic experience when writing letters!

Additionally, the website sells many beautiful greeting and holiday cards. These are usually available in both flat and folded variations. Stationary collectors can also purchase notebooks with patterns like grids, non-grids, and linear lines.

They also store various office supplies, such as markers, jotters, planners, paper clips, staplers, and sticky notes. While the products look high-end, their price range is highly affordable. Check out their website to see for yourself!

11. Quill

For people that prefer to purchase all of their stationery goods from one store, Quill is the place to go. You can find almost every single kinds of stationery on their website — including pens, pencils, office supplies, art and crafts, different inks, toners, and even a collection of power tools and furniture. 

We also recommend Quill for merchandisers at schools and offices as you can get amazing discounts on buying stationery in bulk from their shop. Moreover, they charge zero dollars for delivery and guarantee that you’ll get your order within 2 days. 

Returns are also free of cost, including the shipping cost involved in sending the goods back to Quill’s warehouse. Another reason why Quill is so popular among stationery-hoarders is because of their top-notch customer support, which has won several awards throughout the years.

12. Yoobi

Yoobi is a stationery-heaven for kids of all age groups. The sheer variety of designs in their notebook, pens, and crafts category guarantees that no child will be left unhappy. The brand has officially collaborated with Marvel to create a range of superhero stationery, which includes kids’ favorites like spiderman, the avengers, hulk, and many more.

But that’s not all. You can also find basic, although really cute, in-house designs with glitter, printed characters, and even a tie-and-dye collection for your little ones. Yoobi is also an excellent place to buy gifts for teachers and children alike, or simply a gift card that lets them purchase stationery of their own.

If these reasons aren’t enough to purchase from their store, know that Yoobi is also participating in an incredible welfare program, called The Give. Basically, the brand will donate a stationery item to a child in need in the USA for every single item you purchase. In collaboration with Kids in Need Foundation, the company has equipped thousands of children with essential stationery items, and can continue to do so with your help and contribution.

How To Gift Someone Stationery

It is nearly impossible to go wrong when it comes to gifting someone a stationery item. But if you truly want to stand out, a personalized stationery item makes the best gift. 

For that, first decide which stationary item you want to get personalized, such as a pen or notebook. Then, decide what kind of personalization that person will like. This depends on their personality, the occasion, and the item you’ve chosen. Most stationary shops offer engravings and custom printed covers as a starter. 

For example, take a friend who is an entrepreneur and is just starting a new business. A thoughtful and supportive gesture would be to gift them a hundred personalized business cards. 

Why is this a great gift? Because it not only shows your support and appreciation for their hard work, but you would also be contributing to their venture by saving them the cost of ordering business cards. 

Similarly, if you know someone who loves journaling, you could gift them a customized journal. As journaling is a very personal and cathartic process for some people, helping to improve that experience would make them remember you in good thoughts and memories! 

On the other hand, if you are close to someone who is a successful business person or a corporate office worker, giving them a pen engraved with their name is perfect. They would cherish the personalized gift, and every time they sign a successful business deal, it would feel like you are with them for the support! 

That’s why it is extremely difficult to go wrong with a great stationery item, whether the person on the receiving end collects stationary or not. Many people go around carrying these items in their daily routine and greatly appreciate it when they want to quickly jot down a phone number where there’s no pen or write some notes.

Reasons For Buying Good Stationery

The majority of us are guilty of pulling back our budget when buying stationery. But we’re here to tell you that purchasing good quality stationery is an investment that is guaranteed to bring returns in the long run. 

When it comes to stationery, quality is the most crucial factor because it affects the durability and lifespan of your items. After all, the last thing you want is to break your pen’s nib at an important meeting or accidentally stain your journal by tipping over your coffee. 

Besides serving a protective purpose, investing in good quality stationery also makes your user experience more pleasurable. Just feeling the weight of an expensive pen in hand and seeing its nib glide across the page will trigger a feeling of money-well-spent in any person.

Many people like journaling their thoughts and keeping them safe for years to come, so they can read through and reminisce about old times. It is an essential part of the journaling process and helps one assess and analyze their growth as an individual. Thus, buying durable journals that are long-lasting is also crucial, even if they’re a little over your budget.

Similarly, if you are in school and taking notes, you need to ensure that your notebook is sturdy enough to last vigorous handlings throughout the year. Trust us; you do not want to be running around catching loose pages of your notebook and assembling them the night before an important exam!

Why You Should Buy Stationery Online

Going to your nearest shop is a relatively safer option; you can assess the stationery item’s build quality, material, and durability instead of trusting a couple of pictures. However, purchasing stationery online also has its perks. Some things are best executed by online stationery shops alone, for example, making personalized stationery.

This is especially true for renowned brand names across the world, many of which we have included in our list. The intricacy and neatness of such online shops cannot stand parallel to local stationery stores in our localities.

Other than this, shopping online is also more user-friendly and as it allows you to browse and see multiple varieties and products for hours on end. And let’s be honest, many of us would start getting anxious if we are physically present in a shop for as long as we scroll an online website, especially if the shop is crowded all the time!


What if I receive the wrong order from the website?

All the websites mentioned on our list are reliable and trustworthy. However, if you receive an incorrect order, you can contact their customer support. Thoroughly explain the situation, and provide details regarding your order number, date, and items ordered. Leave them with at least one contact number of yours that would always be reachable. 

What happens if I do not like the product I received?

Although it is highly unlikely that you would be dissatisfied with the items from most of these stationery shops, there’s still an exchange and refund policy on every website for those who could be. Some stores do not accept returns at all but will cater to customers that received goods that were damaged or unlike what the pictures presented. To contact customer support for exchanges and refunds, use the steps mentioned above.

How many days does it take for stationery to be delivered?

Most stationary stores on our list ship internationally and have a different estimated time for delivery. Customers in the same city or country will probably receive their goods within less than a week, while those ordering from overseas might have to wait at least two weeks for their parcels. In case your package does not arrive within the listed time on the website, contact the store and inquire about it. It could be possible that your order was never dispatched and forgotten instead.

Can I return the items? 

The majority of stationery stores accept returns if they shipped the wrong item or a damaged one. Despite that, it is crucial to check the return policy on their website. Make sure to read through what makes a product eligible for a return and whether the store would replace the product with a new one, offer store credit, or provide cashback. 

How can I be sure of the quality of the product?

One of the ways of assessing the quality of stationery is to ask other stationery-enthusiast friends and family whether they have brought anything from that particular online stationery shop. You could also check the rating and reviews of that particular store on their social media pages and website.  

Additionally, read the product description carefully before ordering anything. This will help you anticipate what material you will receive. And to be on the safe side, avoid impulse buying and only purchase a couple of items to test the quality of the stationary first.

What is the best online stationery shop on this list?

No stationery shop is the best for everyone as each shop has its own unique selling point. Rifle Paper Co. follow a floral theme with stationery that signifies bold and intricate pattern. Similarly, Minted stationery has a very artsy soul with a vast variation in designs. If you’re going for a minimalist look or want to buy decent-looking stationery for professional office work, choose Scriptura. Explore each site personally, and you’ll find one that connects with your sense of creativity and art the best.

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