The 8 Best Meat Grinders for Bones

High-end meat grinders for bones are a must-have for pet owners. It’s important to include healthy, ground bones to prepare a healthy meal for your pets. If you don’t have a meat grinder, keep reading this guide for the best options.

Grinding bones and meat may be an easy job for butchers, but it is a dreary and tiresome job for many of us. Heavy-duty meat grinders can crush and ground bones perfectly. So, how can you find the best meat grinder to prepare healthy bone meals? You need to look at the grinder’s motor power, construction, blades, performance, and durability.

We have researched and listed the best meat grinders for bones on the market to make things easier. Let’s get started!

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The Best Meat Grinders for Bones

Top PicksRatingPower Consumption
1. STX INTERNATIONAL STX-3000-TF Turboforce4.6800 watts and 1200 watts
2. STX INTERNATIONAL STX-3000-MF Megaforce4.5800 watts and 1200 watts
3. Gourmia GMG525 Meat Grinder4.5500 watts and 1000 watts
4. LEM4.8550 watts
5. Kitchener #12 Heavy-Duty Electric 2/3 HP Meat Grinder4.5 500 watts
6. KitchenAid Mixer – Meat Grinder Attachment4.6N/A
7. Sunmile SM-G50 ETL Electric Meat Grinder4.51000 watts
8. Gourmia GMG525 Meat Grinder4.5500 and 1000 watts


If you are looking for a meat grinder for bones, the STX International STX-3000-MF Megaforce meat grinder will fit most people’s needs. It has a powerful, air-cooled motor. The air cooling feature sets this electric meat grinder apart and adds many years of life to your grinder.

The STX meat grinder is a standard size 12 unit and has a food-grade, cast aluminum body. Its superior quality build and grinding blades are ideal for regular use. It can help you prepare a healthy bone meal for your pet. It also features 304 grade grinding plates to speed up the grinding process.


The STX INTERNATIONAL STX 3000-TF Turboforce is a powerful stainless steel meat grinder. It is ideal for processing large quantities of meat and bone for home use. It is perfect for hunters or those who want to grind large amounts of pet food.

The STX turbo force has a size 12 grinding head to grind larger pieces more quickly, so you can make large quantities of hamburgers and then freeze them if you have a large family. The grinder head has 100% polished food-grade aluminum.

This electric meat grinder has three grinding plates and three cutting plates. The grinding plates are hardened steel, and the cutting blades are stainless steel. These plates come in three sizes; coarse, fine, and medium. You can also match them with a similar size cutting blade for a precise grind.

3. STX 1800 MG

This STX Magnum 1800 MG Series Gen2 Electric Meat Grinder is a multi-purpose grinder for meat, bones, vegetables, fruits, and nuts. It’s an excellent grinder for those who prefer versatility and fast grinding ability. It’s also a favorite with pet owners who like to make pet food at home.

This powerful grinder can easily grind chicken bones and features a large meat pan to facilitate fast grinding. Another great feature is the air cooling system, which keeps the motor from overheating. The durable meat grinder has long-lasting peak performance. It has a 3000-watt motor and also has three-speed options: high, low, and reverse. If you want to grind meat and bones into a refined form, this meat grinder is ideal.

4. Anbull Meat Grinder Electric

The Anbull grinder is a compact commercial meat grinder. It’s a solid unit that is ideal for processing bones, venison, and other meats. It also doubles as a sausage stuffer. It can easily grind and process large quantities of chicken bones and other soft bones for your pet’s meal and comes powered by a 1000w motor to ensure fast and efficient processing of large amounts of wild and domestic meat.  

The addition of the sausage stuffing funnels makes the Anbull meat grinder a great value for the money. It also features an air-cooling system to ensure long-term, safe use.

5. Sunmile SM-G50 ETL Electric Meat Grinder

If you are looking for a reliable brand in meat grinders, you can’t afford to look past the Sunmile meat grinder. It’s a budget-friendly grinder with reliable, long-term performance. It’s ideal for people who grind soft bones to prepare pet food daily.

The Sunmile electric meat grinder has a powerful motor and noise-less grinding function. In addition to grinding bones, it can power through 195 pounds of meat per hour. It also has a large capacity meat tray to match the high-speed grinding capacity.

This meat grinder has an ETL certification and is safe for regular use. It has three stainless steel plates to offer coarse, medium, and fine grinding variations.

6. Gourmia GMG525 Meat Grinder

The Gourmia GMG525 Meat Grinder is a high-quality home grinder for big families with multiple pets to feed that combines functionality, quality, and a powerful motor to help you grind meat and bones. It features stainless steel gears, a removable grinder head, and three different-sized cutting blades. Operational features include a reverse switch and a time delay switch to act as safety features. The unit is ETL certified.

These smart features ensure that it is easy to make mince, sausage, and bone meal. Assembly is fast, and the grinding process is quick and efficient. You can create delicious, nutritious meat and bone meals for your family and your pets!

7. Aobosi Electric Meat Grinder

The Aobosi Electric Meat Grinder is an affordable, top-rated appliance. This grinder will let you mince meat and grind bones for your family and pets. If you’re looking to grind large quantities of soft bones and meat, this grinder has you covered.  

It has sturdy construction with metal gears, and it provides years of service. The Aobosi grinder also features different accessories, including three stainless steel cutting blades, three different sizes of sausage tubes, a ‘Kubbeh’ attachment, and a food pusher. It also has a reverse switch to clear clogs and a circuit breaker to prevent motor burn-out.

8. LEM

The LEM Products .75HP Stainless Steel meat grinder offers good value for money. It features a robust design and fast-grinding action. If you want to make healthy bone meals at home, look no further than the LEM meat grinder.

While it has a high-power motor, it is less expensive than other meat grinders in the same range. The competitive price point, high-quality construction, and faster grind time give this grinder a higher rating overall. So, if you need a grinder that can handle large quantities of meat and bones, the LEM’s ‘big bite’ meat grinder is the one for you. It comes with sleek stainless steel housing and includes safety features like a circuit breaker.

9. Kitchener #12 Heavy-Duty Electric 2/3 HP Meat Grinder

The Kitchener heavy-duty electric meat grinder is a great bone grinder with antimicrobial properties to provide fine and smooth grinding for your minced bone meal. It is a premium-grade meat grinder with infinite perks for home-based cooking.

This all-in-one grinder efficiently grinds meat, bones, and vegetables and can also make sausages at home for a natural taste. The manufacturers added three-speed options for users to enhance the grinding experience. It also has a powerful motor that helps to grind bones without any delay.

10. KitchenAid Mixer – Meat Grinder Attachment

The KitchenAid Meat Grinder Attachment helps increase the versatility of a KitchenAid mixer. If you do not want the extra expense of a dedicated meat grinder and need something suitable for bones, this attachment is ideal. It not just a meat grinder; you can utilize the coarse grinding plate for soft bones, dried fruits, and firm vegetables.

If you want to increase the versatility of your stand mixer, this meat grinder attachment is ideal. It’s an affordable option that is both durable and flexible. The meat grinder attachment has food-grade material that provides fresh and healthy meals.

11. Panasonic MK-G20NR Meat Grinder Review

The Panasonic MK-G20NR is perfect for regular use, and many customers use it to prepare pet food. Some also use it during hunting season to mince large quantities of venison.  

It features a 180-watt motor, which is powerful enough to ensure a fast grinding speed. It has a built-in circuit breaker to prevent premature motor burn-out. Plus, this meat grinder uses Japanese technology to meet every pet owner’s needs. It has a durable and long-lasting metal construction. You can easily grind leftover chicken bones for your pet with the Panasonic meat grinder.

12. Cuisinart MG-100 Electric Meat Grinder

The Cuisinart MG-100 Electric Meat Grinder is a budget-friendly meat grinder that will meet all your needs. Its main function is to grind large quantities of meat, but it can easily grind soft bones to prepare pet food. It is ideal for pet owners who enjoy making homemade bone meals for their pets.

The Cuisinart meat grinder features brushed stainless steel housing. Its sleek construction can enhance the décor of any kitchen. It also has a die-cast metal hopper and a powerful motor.

The Cuisinart meat grinder also has two sausage attachments and two cutting blades for your convenience. The medium and coarse blades offer a range of options for your ground bones, depending on your pet’s requirements. It’s easy to use and features a ‘reverse’ option for safety.

Buyer’s Guide – Why buy a meat grinder for bones?

You need a quality meat grinder that can process bones and prepare meals for your furry friends! The “Bones and Raw Food” diet is one of the top nutrition plans for dogs. They have access to raw and nutrient-dense foods in the wild. So, you should provide a similar diet to your dogs by grinding bones in a meat grinder. If you want an easy and cost-effective option to prepare healthy meals for your pet, a meat grinder is an ideal choice. Another reason to buy a meat grinder is to make bone meals and use them as fertilizer or as nutritional supplements for some animals.

Features to consider when buying a meat grinder for bones

Here are some features to consider:

Electric or manual

Electric meat grinders can process meat and bones much faster and have a faster setup process. However, electric models are more expensive than manual models. The manual meat grinders are smaller, which makes them excellent for regular use. If you have less storage space, you may consider a manual meat grinder for bones. They are also suitable for those who need to process a smaller quantity of meat or bones. Keep in mind that manual models require maximum user effort to operate.

The Motor

When choosing an electric meat grinder, it is important to consider its motor power. The motor in the meat grinder will determine how powerful your grinder is. Most grinders have a power input that is equal to 110 volts. Some other models in the market may have higher power inputs. Larger machines have larger motor power ratings because they need more power to process the larger amount of bones. If you have a smaller amount of bones to process, a machine with a smaller motor power rating is perfect. So, make sure you have checked this critical feature before you choose a meat grinder for bones.


Electric meat grinders are usually larger than manual models. You’ll find numbers on the product label to denote the size. The number on your meat grinder denotes the grinder plate’s diameter. The plate sizes range from 2 ⅛ inches to 5 ⅛ inches. This wide size range offers a suitable size option to every buyer!

Grinding capacity

The capacity of a meat grinder depends on the personal preferences of the buyer. If you want to process a large amount of meat and bones, then a grinder with a large capacity is best suited for you!


Weight is another important feature that depends on the buyer’s personal preferences. If the buyer is looking for a meat grinder that processes a small amount of meat and bones, a smaller and lighter machine is an excellent option.


It’s important to check the durability of a meat grinder. Choose a machine that can withstand rough, regular use. Stainless steel is extremely durable, so choose a meat grinder that has stainless steel.

Reverse function

A reverse function is another feature to look for when purchasing a meat grinder. A reverse function is useful for both electric and manual models. This feature helps prevent any permanent clogging.

Safety features

It’s important to consider safety features when using a meat grinder. Safety features are very beneficial to every user. Some popular safety features for a meat grinder include the suction base, a reverse function, and on and off switch accessories.


Some popular meat grinder accessories include foot pedal control, additional trays and pans, and attachments that assist the bone grinding process.

Helpful Tips to Grind Bones in a Meat Grinder

Select soft, uncooked bones

If you are preparing a meal for your pet, think of what they normally eat in the wild. Poultry wingtips, necks, rib cages, and backs are good choices for grinding. Bones from other small animals like rabbits, fish, and rodents also work. Select bones that are no longer or thicker than your thumb to ensure they break down properly.

Cooked bones will splinter, so they are harmful to pets to consume. They also have less nutritional value than raw bones.

Avoid using bones from larger animals such as pigs, cows, and even lambs. Unless you have the kind of industrial bone grinder butchers use, these bones will be too hard to break down in a meat grinder.

Add small sections of bones into the meat grinder

Get your sharpest, strongest knife, such as a chef’s knife or a meat cleaver. A strong pair of kitchen scissors will also help you divide the bones into smaller sections to feed into the grinder. Divide the bones as needed so they fit in your meat grinder. For instance, you can take the wings off a whole chicken by cutting through its joints.

Leaving the meat on smaller pieces of chicken bones is fine. For instance, most grinders can handle whole wings, which is perfect for making pet food. If you only want the chicken bones, cut the meat off of them first.

If you want to mix vegetables with meat and bones, chop them into smaller chunks that will fit in the grinder.

Set out a bowl to catch the ground bones

Set the meat grinder on a stable surface like your kitchen’s countertop. Make sure you have enough space to position a bowl underneath the meat grinder. You can use a clean mixing bowl or a plastic bin to catch large batches of bones.

Some meat grinders are prone to leaking moisture. You can prevent the mess by positioning the grinder on paper towels or a vinyl tablecloth.

Feed the bones one at a time into a meat grinder

Turn on the grinder, and then drop the first bone into the opening on top of it. Keep your hands away from the blades as you push the bone completely into the grinder. Wait for the bone to grind completely before putting the next bone inside.

Feeding bones quickly will cause the meat grinder to clog or break. Always wait for the last bone to grind before adding another one.

Keep ground bones in the refrigerator for up to 6 days

Store the ground bones in a sealed container to stop them from spoiling. Raw bones have blood and marrow in them and will smell rancid after a while. Throw the ground bone mixture away when its texture, consistency, or odor changes.

Freeze the ground bone mixture in freezer-safe containers for long-term storage. Ground bones last indefinitely in the freezer but may lose quality after 6 to 12 months.

If you usually ground meat or vegetables with the bones, store this mixture in the refrigerator the same way. Make sure it’s fresh before you feed it to your pet.

Take the meat grinder apart and wash it with soap and hot water

Unplug the meat grinder if it uses electricity. Then, twist the plates off of the meat grinder’s openings by turning them counterclockwise. Pull the hopper and feed tube out of the top part of the grinder. Clear the grinder of all debris, and then dry it off before storing it.

Pro tip:

Before you take the meat grinder apart, you can try feeding bread through it. Bread absorbs oil and moisture in the grinder. It also removes any ground-up fragments stuck inside.


What are the best blades that come with meat grinders?

High-quality meat grinders have stainless steel blades. These durable blades are stronger and long-lasting. They effectively grind large chunks of bones and meat into a mixture that you can feed your pet.

How many types of meat grinders are there?

There are two main types of meat grinders, the manual and the standalone. Manual meat grinders are operated by hand, while the standalone units use electricity.

What should I consider when choosing the best meat grinder?

The best model should have high-quality materials to enhance performance and durability. An electric model should feature a powerful motor for fast and effective grinding.

Can you get a grinder that is dishwasher safe?

Yes, you can get a grinder that has detachable parts that you can load in your dishwasher. However, ensure that the grinder is labeled dishwasher safe.

Does the size of the chute matter?

There are different chute sizes available on the market. You should also look at the container that holds the meat and bones. If the grinder has a bigger container, it will be easier to use.

Can you replace the blades?

If the blades become damaged, you can purchase new ones from the manufacturer. You can also find the grinder blades online.

Are the grinders complicated to use?

No. Most manual grinders are easy to use, while the electric models have a systematic guide explaining how to operate them.

What are the common problems associated with using meat grinders?

Some meat grinders clog easily, so you need to unclog them.

How can I determine the meat grinder performance?

Look at the Motor strength in terms of general construction and Horsepower to determine the meat grinder performance.

Can I use a grinder to grind hard vegetables such as carrots and beets?

The ability to grind vegetables depends on the model you choose. If you want to grind vegetables, ensure you select a high-end product. You can also ask the manufacturer about the grinder’s ability before purchasing.

How do I clean the inside of my meat grinder?

Most grinders have cleaning brushes, which makes it easy to clean the inner parts.

Do all meat grinders come fully assembled?

No, some grinders are only partially assembled to make packaging them easier. Assembly is easy, and you’ll get all the tools and parts with your purchase.

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