The 8 Best Leather Seat Repair Kits

Making use of the best leather repair kit is a smart way to overcome wear and tear. You can effortlessly restore your couch’s former glory. From armchairs to car upholstery, leather requires lifelong restoration and care. Instead of choosing a costly professional fix, consider one of these leather repair kits. Our selections include products that will help you fix basic cracks and holes and comprehensive repair kits that can handle bigger jobs. Let’s get started.

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The 8 Best Leather Seat Repair Kits

Top ProductRatingQuantity
1. Chemical Guys Complete Leather Care Kit4.616 oz
2. MASTAPLASTA for Leather and Vinyl Repair4.41 XL patch
3. Chamberlain’s Leather Milk Healing Balm4.31.58 oz
4. Coconix Vinyl and Leather Repair Kit4.23.88 oz
5. Strongman Tools Leather Repair Professional Leather and Vinyl Repair Kit4.028 pieces
6. BlendItOn Leather Max Complete Leather Refinish4.07.8 oz.
7. Numola Leather Repair Patch Kit4.31 patch
8. Leather Hero Color Restorer Complete Repair Kit4.14 oz

1. FORTIVO Leather and Vinyl Repair Kit


Leather is quite durable and long-lasting, but it still requires regular cleaning to enhance its appearance and prevent future damage. One inexpensive way to clean leather furniture is to use a microfiber cloth and gently wipe the surface. But for scratches, stains, and holes, we recommend using the Fortivo Leather and Vinyl Repair Kit. This kit is one of the best products on the market. It has an easy five-step application process and guarantees satisfying results.

Fortivo’s kit features seven mixable colors—two brown capsules, two black, two white, one red, one green, one blue, and one yellow—and a leather patch and mixing bottle. This kit will help you find the perfect color match for your leather car seat. Fortivo’s repair kit is non-toxic and applies quickly without requiring extra heat. If you’re not happy with the repair kit, Fortivo offers a money-back guarantee and a 1-year replacement warranty.

2. Strongman Tools Leather Repair Professional Leather and Vinyl Repair Kit


This leather kit by Strongman Tools is the ultimate value pick. It features twenty-five different pieces, including leather repair paint and various accessories. Besides, the amount of paint per bottle is much greater than kits listed at similar rates online.

The kit includes seven mixable paints, one large backing fabric, two bottles of leather adhesive, one small backing fabric, three-grain papers, and one PU leather sample for practice. Strongman Tools claims the repair process could take up to an hour, depending on the leather damage. Moreover, it doesn’t require heat as the paint colors dry naturally. You can also apply the product to vinyl, fabric, PU, bonded leather, and more.

3. Furniture Clinic Leather Recoloring Balm

Leather goods can last for decades, but they’re susceptible to all kinds of damage over the years. You’ll find numerous scratches, sweat stains, and cigarette burns on your car seats. Instead of shelling out a few hundred bucks for a new leather seat, you can buy the leather recoloring balm by furniture clinic. This product will restore your car seats at a fraction of the cost.  

It’s one of the most popular and effective products available on the market. The recoloring balm deeply absorbs leather, giving it a richer texture and a sheen that’s good as new. Furniture Clinic guarantees the best results for up to three years, or you can avail a complete money-back guarantee.

Unlike alternative kits with mixable colors, the Leather Re-Coloring Balm offers a sizable product (8.5 ounces) in a single color. If you’re worried that you won’t be able to ideal match the repair kit’s color to your car seat, note that Furniture Clinic offers 21 different colors of this balm. All of these colors can create lighter or darker shades depending on the amount you use.

4. Chemical Guys Complete Leather Care Kit

If you have pets or children, leather seats can easily become scratched and damaged. Not everyone owns protective car seat covers, and it can be hard to prevent leather damage. Luckily, the Chemical Guys (a California-based brand specializing in auto detail supplies and car care) manufactures a brilliant leather repair kit to fix your car’s interior.

This two-piece kit is unique and easy to use. Start by thoroughly scrubbing the car seats with Chemical Guys’ top-grade, patented spray cleaner. After that, use a nourishing conditioner to give them a glossy shine and supple feel. Both bottles contain four fluid ounces. If you’re looking for a dynamic repair kit, you can also try some other products of the Chemical Guys, including their nine-piece kit, which comes with brushes, towels, and a leather detailer.

5. MASTAPLASTA for Leather and Vinyl Repair

Leather patches are an excellent and easy way to repair damaged car seats. MastaPlasta is the originator of this idea and is now widely known for its leather-repair products. They manufacture leather patches in plenty of sizes and colors, but we chose this 11 x 8-inch patch because it’s big enough to cover scratches. It’s also available in classic leather colors like dark brown and tan and more unique colors like ivory, green, and navy.

Simply peel off its backing paper, stick MastaPlasta to your leather car seat. You can also trim the patches to perfectly fit the stain or worn spot you’re trying to fix. MastaPlasta is sun-resistant, mold-resistant, and eco-friendly. However, these patches are not suitable for machine-washing.

6. Chamberlain’s Leather Milk Healing Balm

We love our pets, but sometimes they’ll chew apart a sandal, use the pricey carpet as a litter box, or scratch up a leather car seat. Luckily, Chamberlain’s Leather Milk is a remarkable product for repairing and restoring leather. It’s ideal for scratches made by kitty claws.

The 4-ounce pack of healing balm contains natural oils and waxes perfect for touch-ups and detail work. After working the balm into your leather seat with a soft towel or sponge, it will absorb damaged areas and bring a glossy shine. Moreover, this product is non-toxic, making it safe around animals.

7. Leather Furniture Refinish and Repair Leather Max MEGA Kit

Available in twelve colors, the Furniture Leather Max MEGA Kit features top-of-the-line products. It targets and heals problem areas on your car seat leather. The kit includes one bottle of restoration and refinishing serum, one bottle of reliable top-coat sealant, and one bottle of nourishing leather conditioner.

This kit comes with backing materials, two bottles of the black-and-white color changer, and a filler compound. It’ll help you lighten or darken the surface of your car seat. Furniture Leather Max ensures that this repair kit is waterproof and non-toxic. Lastly, it won’t rub off on your clothing.

8. BlendItOn Leather Max Complete Leather Refinish


The Leather Max repair kit delivers on its name by giving you everything you need to restore your aging leather car seat. The kit features a cleaner and conditioner, a sponge applicator, black and white color restorer filler for rips and tears, cotton swabs for testing, and color refinisher and restorer in several shades.

Choose the color closest to the original material and use the white and black coloring to lighten or darken the paint until it matches. You can also use this leather repair kit on vinyl furniture and accessories. The kit includes an instruction manual and links to tutorials for repair, application, and color mixing.

9. Coconix Vinyl and Leather Repair Kit

Aging leather seats can lose flexibility and elasticity, causing the surface to crack. But the Professional Leather Repair Kit features custom colors and a quick-dry formula to repair your cracked leather. The kit includes backing fabric, a spatula and brush for filler application, a mixing jar, and ten different dyes for customization. You can use this leather repair kit on old or new car seats. It works flawlessly on leatherette, synthetic, faux, PU, and premium automotive upholstery.

This kit is great for repairing scratches, cracks, holes, burns, and discoloration. It also comes with an instructional video and a personalized repair tutorial on the manufacturer’s website.

10. Numola Leather Repair Patch Kit

Numola Self-Adhesive leather repair patch is an affordable and effective solution to quickly repair leather car seats. Simply clean the leather seats, peel the protective film from the Numola patch, and cover the damaged area. You can also follow the included instruction manual for a quick fix.

You don’t need tools, and the repair only takes seconds. The self-adhesive fabric patch has a smooth texture and is synthesized by professional craftsmen. You can use this repair patch on different upholstery types, such as car seats, sofas, recliners, bags, and leather jackets.

11. RepairPlus1

The RepairPlus1 can easily repair cigarette burns, tears, and holes. It comes with seven bright colorants, a mixing cup, backing fabric, a plastic spatula, and some filler matter. The containers are tiny, and the colors are bright. You can mix these colors using a mixing chart with typical automotive upholstery shades such as beige or brown.

This repair kit is affordable, versatile, and efficient. It’s ideal for repairing burns and scratches. If you’re finding a high-quality repair kit, RepairPlus1 is your best choice!

12. 123 Repair Leather Repair Kit

If you want to repair your car seat to look as good as new, try out the 123 Leather Repair Kit. You don’t need to hire a leatherworking professional that makes high-end automotive upholstery because you can quickly fix small-area damages and scratches with this DIY repair kit. 

This versatile and comprehensive kit includes seven bottles with colored compounds. It also comes with a spatula, a mixing bottle, lining fabric, and grain paper. The colors are mixable, which means you can match the exact tint. You can refurbish all kinds and grains of leather with this repair tool. You can even repair cigarette burns using the lining fabric. Plus, this leather renovation set is easy to use and affordable. So, it’s highly recommended for DIY projects or to recolor spots and marks.

13. Leather Hero Color Restorer Complete Repair Kit

The Leather Hero repair kit offers everything you need to cover stains, restore original coloring, and bring a glossy shine back to the material. The kit features a color restorer, black and white coloring for customization, leather sealant, foam brushes, leather cleaner and conditioner, a microfiber cloth, and a user manual.

You can use this kit to repair leather, vinyl, automotive upholstery, footwear, furniture, accessories, and more. You can also use the included cleaner and conditioner to keep your leather looking good and prevent future damage.

14. Superior Leather and Vinyl Restoration Kit

If your leather car seat requires restoration, the Superior Leather restoration kit offers an affordable solution. It can transform your worn-out car seat leather and give it a long-lasting vibrant look.

This popular leather restoration kit is convenient to use and includes an instruction manual. Get ready to bring some fun into your repair projects with a flawless color-matching DIY kit that boasts value for your money. It features a variety of color compounds for the perfect match to your upholstery.

You can repair leather surfaces with scratches and achieve great results. Additionally, this multipurpose leather restoration kit lets you fix shoes, jackets, couches, RV, and luggage. It’s ideal for any big or small restoration projects.

15. EASESEC 25 PCS Leather Repair Kit

EASESEC Leather Repair Kit is a fantastic product that includes twenty-five pieces. It is one of the best kits available on the market. All of the items are crafted by professionals to ensure ultimate customer satisfaction. The kit includes seven bottles of heat repair compounds, one brush, two cotton swabs, two 15gm bottle repair adhesives, three-grain papers, an instruction manual, a backing fabric, masking tape, a pair of gloves, a mixing cup, and a heat transfer tool.

The EASESEC leather repair kit is easy to use and dries fast. We all know that leather is durable, but it won’t last forever. To make repairs easier for you, EASESEC provides a pocket-friendly solution. They’re a reputable brand that manufactures comprehensive leather repair kits.

Buyer’s Guide: Features to Look for in Leather Repair Kits

Before buying a leather repair kit for your furniture, take some time to educate yourself about the product. Here are some of the factors to consider:


The leather repair kit you choose must match the color of the original seat material. Leather restoration kits come in different color styles:

Single color leather repair kits feature one color, which you must match to the original material. Most of these kits are self-adhesive leather patches that can be quickly stuck on clean leather for fast and effective repair.

Single dominant color leather restoration kits feature a dominant color that you can match to your existing upholstery. These kits also include additional shades for custom color mixing.

Multiple color leather repair kits are perfect for repairs on different materials because you can customize colors. These kits include dyes, mixing tools, and instructions. However, color mixing can be challenging. Always follow tutorials for custom mixing.


You can fix all kinds of furniture mishaps with leather repair kits. Some kits are ideal for every type of leather damage, including cuts, rips, burns, scratches, discoloration, and stains. However, most leather repair kits have specific purposes. You can buy different kits intended for tears, abrasions, cracking, and color renewal.

Kits for cuts and tears will include accessories like patches, adhesives, and colors best for fixing penetrating damage.

Abrasions and scratch kits may also contain patches and dye, but they cover holes from the top.

Cracking leather repair kits have compounds that let you fill in the cracks to increase the leather’s flexibility and elasticity.

Burn repair kits are best for removing excess burned material, filling in the holes caused by burning, and covering the damage with a patch that blends with the original material.

Color renewal repair kits focus on dyeing the leather and ensuring that the treatment doesn’t rub off. These kits won’t fix the physical damage, but they help revive colors and repair stains.


A repair kit’s versatility depends on the variety of materials it can fix. Specialized repair kits are ideal for one type of material, like leather shoes or car seats. On the other hand, versatile kits can help you repair car upholstery, furniture, clothing, accessories, and footwear.

Additionally, some leather repair kits are for specific leather products, such as Italian leather, genuine leather, bonded leather, PU leather, bi-cast leather, pleather, and vinyl. So double-check the leather repair kit you select to make sure that it is perfect for your material.

Leather Repair Kit Accessories

Leather repair kits usually feature several accessories, including any tools and materials needed for the repair. A high-quality leather kit can tackle all kinds of leather damage. You should choose a leather kit with multiple accessories that cover broad spectrum damage.

Versatile repair kits include sandpaper and grain paper for preparation, alcohol wipes to clean the leather, backing fabrics, and leather samples for patching.

Some kits also have leather adhesive and application swabs, paints, mixing tools, bowls, brushes, sponges, and instruction manuals.

These items come in different styles and varying quantities. Some kits may include glue guns and glue guns, and others may consist of liquid glue. Leather adhesives range from sticky patches to tubes of glue. Moreover, leather samples and backing fabrics vary in color. Make sure to choose a repair kit that matches your original leather. It should feature paints, dyes, and mixing tools to achieve the desired results.

If you are new to DIY leather repair, consider buying a kit with instructional videos and extra applicator tools.

The Advantages of a Leather Repair Kit

When car seats get worn, torn, or scratched, it can make your car look old and neglected. But changing the entire seat because of a few scratches is not a wise investment. If the damage is beyond your control, it is best to call in a professional upholsterer. However, for light to moderate leather repairs, a repair kit is all you need.

Aside from the money you save by fixing damaged leather yourself, having a multipurpose repair kit lets you regularly maintain your furniture. You can customize the leather dye in your kit to suit your preference. You’ll know the color outcome before the repair is complete, instead of waiting for the big reveal from a professional.

Moreover, having a good leather repair kit is cost-effective. You can quickly restore old furniture and damaged car upholstery to their former glory.

What’s Superior: A Heat or No-Heat Leather Repair Kit?

There are two types of leather repair kits, including heat and air-dry kits. Many people prefer air-dry leather repair kits because they are less likely to damage new leather. However, both kits create long-lasting, resilient patches.

What’s more, heat cure repair kits let you create a textured surface. If you’re repairing grainy leather, then heat cure kits ensure that your repair blends seamlessly with the existing leather. Considering all this, we believe heat cure kits are better.

Final Verdict

You must choose a leather repair kit that is ideal for your damaged leather. Most heat cure leather repair kits feature colored compounds and grain patches. These add-ons allow users to create a patch that matches their damaged leather. Since leather can be hard and soft, you should select a repair kit that comes with an optional hardener. If you’re working with textured leather, grain paper can also help your patch blend perfectly.

Always opt for a high-quality, versatile repair kit. Take your time to read the instructions and perform the repair after watching tutorials. With a little practice, you can make repairs that blend seamlessly with the original leather.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to use a leather repair kit?

First, you have to prep the damaged area. Use an alcohol swab to remove any stuck-on dirt and grease. Then, trim away the loose threads.

Apply a repair patch to the backside of the leather. Then, use the adhesive to attach the backing patch permanently. When the glue is dry, mix good quality filler compounds until they match the original leather color.

After that:

  1. Select a grain paper that matches the damaged leather.
  2. Apply the color-matched filler compound in thin layers.
  3. Place the grain paper on the surface of the wet filler. You can also use the heat transfer tool on the filler and make a textured imprint.
  4. If you have an air-dry leather repair kit, clean up the damaged leather and apply a liquid binder.
  5. Allow the binder to dry overnight.

Can leather seats be repaired?

If you have a hole or cracks on your leather, do not look for a new car seat. It’s possible to repair leather seat damages with a high-quality repair kit. You can use a patch to fix the scratches and refurbish the seats with leather liquid.

How can I fix a hole in a leather seat?

​It’s easy to repair worn out holes in a leather seat with a leather repair kit. The kit must include waterproof glue, a clean and dry cloth, a scrap patch of good leather with similar pigment, and emery paper. Clean and dry the seat using sandpaper around the holes. Cover the scratches and holes with a leather patch and glue. 

Can I get scratches out of leather?

It’s easy to remove scratches from your leather by applying a little elbow grease. It helps you erase light scratches entirely. You can also apply the leather balm and leather conditioning oil using a soft and dry cloth. Always make sure you follow the instructions appropriately.

How long do leather repair results last?

A leather repair can last as long as the original leather. If the repair isn’t proper, the area will wear quickly because of increased friction and poor adhesion.

Are the ingredients in leather repair kits toxic?

Some kits may contain toxic ingredients in the leather sealer and dye, but others use non-toxic natural ingredients. If you aren’t sure, check the product description or manufacturer’s website for more information.

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