The 7 Best Ironing Boards for Tall Person

Not many people enjoy ironing, but the right ironing board can make a difference. It turns a laborious chore into a bearable task, so it’s important to choose the right ironing board. A ‘tabletop’ ironing board is good for straightening up a garment or two, but a large wall-mounted ironing board is often better. If you must iron a big pile of laundry, choose the right ironing board and accessories.

In this buying guide, you will discover a wide array of ironing boards for every ironing need. From classic models to lightweight designs, we have covered the best ironing designs for tall persons.

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Best Ironing Board for Tall Person

Top ProductRating Dimensions (inches)
1. The Brabantia Ironing Board4.349 x 15 inches
2. HOMZ Steel Ironing Board Contour Grey & White Cover, Grey Lattice4.314×41
3. Duwee Ironing Board with Heat Resistant Cover4.119.41 x 37
4. Mabel Home Ironing Board4.644 x 14
5. Bartnelli Rorets Ironing Board with Cover Pad4.648 x 15
6. Homz Steel Ironing Board4.313″ x 36″
7. Minky Ergo Iron Board4.648 x 15

1. HOMZ Steel Ironing Board Contour Grey & White Cover, Grey Lattice

This popular steel ironing board is ideal for tall people. It features a perforated steel top to remove wrinkles faster and provides a solid ironing surface. You don’t have to worry about the ironing board toppling over. It has thick, countered steel feet that provide rigidity and stability when in use.

Moreover, the Homz steel ironing board can easily adjust to heights up to 38-inches. It’s convenient to set up and lightweight to carry around anywhere you go. It also has a patented leg lock that secures the legs for easy transport. . Lastly, it boasts a minimal color pallet and a modern design with no-skid feet.   

2. Duwee Ironing Board with Heat Resistant Cover

The Duwee ironing board features a champagne color powder-coating finish to last longer. Its durable coating allows it to look great for many years. It also has a heat-resistant cover with thick material padding to help you remove wrinkles effortlessly. Say goodbye to burning marks on your freshly ironed shirts.

Moreover, its unique wall and door-mounted design offer exceptional value. You can fix the ironing board at a height that feels most comfortable to you. It also has a sturdy, metal-tube leg to offer maximum stability and rigidity. Plus, the thick padding and glass fiber surface make ironing clothes a breeze.

The Duwee ironing board comes with a safety lock to prevent your ironing board from collapsing accidentally. Its silicone pads maintain optimal heat dissipation to eliminate wrist fatigue from overuse. It also has a 4-step height adjustment feature, so you can choose the height that suits you.

3. Wall Mounted Ironing Board

If you’re looking for a compact and space-friendly ironing board, consider this option by Xabitat. It features super sturdy construction to reduce bending and flexing. It’s ideal for dorm rooms and small apartments with limited space.

Moreover, you can install the Xabitat at a height suitable for tall people. It is easy to set up and convenient to use. The perforated steel tabletop allows vapor to escape faster, aiding quick wrinkle removal. The cotton ironing board cover helps reduce damage because it’s non-reactive to your expensive clothes, and the pull-out design with an easy lock mechanism will help you save space.

4. The Brabantia Ironing Board

The Brabantia ironing board is one of the best boards for tall people. It’s steadier and lighter than other expensive boards and is available at a fraction of the price. The Brabantia B opens without noise and folds compactly. It’s convenient to use and easy to store in a small apartment or laundry room.

Moreover, it comes with a wide surface and a range of safety features. It has a sturdy four leg ivory frame that remains stable on hard or carpeted floors. Plus, the non-slip caps help prevent this board from tumbling. 

The brabantia provides an optimal ironing position regardless of how tall you are. Enhance your ironing experience with four adjustable height settings. You can iron large items of clothing such as pants or large shirts in one go. It also features a metal iron rest, which is ideal for both steam and regular irons. Lastly, the 10-year industry-leading warranty makes this product a bargain!

5. Mabel Home Ironing Board

This ironing board comes with four different height settings ranging from 30-inches to 35-inches. It is incredibly user-friendly and ideal for tall people. It also has a large surface area to accommodate clothes, curtains, drapes, and upholstery.

The extra-thick board cover has smooth cotton for user comfort. Your iron will glide easily on this board to remove wrinkles from your clothes. The package comes with an extra cover, which means you get two for the price of one! The metal outboard tray has tiny heat-resistant silicone dots to hold hot irons without scratching. The board also has four legs with anti-skid plastic pads that make it sturdy and stable.

The Mink Ergo features a unique design to match the natural movement of your arm. It helps reduce wrist fatigue and shoulder strain. 

6. Bartnelli Rorets Ironing Board with Cover Pad

For those who frequently iron large fabrics, such as curtains or quilts, the Bartnelli T-Leg Extra Wide Ironing Board can handle the job effectively. If you have wide fabrics to iron, you’ll love the 51-inches by 19-inches ironing space on the Bartnelli multi-layered ironing Board. Finding storage space for this is quite easy when it’s folded down.

Moreover, you’ll be amazed at how much faster you can finish your ironing tasks. Its height is adjustable and ranges between 30 –38-inches. It remains sturdy and features a child safety look that prevents the unit from collapsing.

The Bartnelli ironing board boasts skid-free feet to prevent scratching. It also has a wire holder to keep your cord out of the way. Plus, the sturdy, durable, non-skid metal legs provide stability and rigidity when in use. The four-layer board is heat-resistant and offers the best ironing experience. Your clothes will drape smoothly over the surface without sticking.

7. Homz Steel Ironing Board

This Homz ironing board boasts a perforated steel top that reflects heat to your clothes, which helps speed up the ironing process. The iron board’s surface features firm polyurethane foam padding with an extra soft cotton cover. It has curved stainless steel feet that offer stability when in use. You can also adjust the height up to 37.5-inches, which is perfect for a tall person.

The leg lock keeps the ironing board from collapsing and prevents accidents. This ironing board has a generous size to accommodate all types of fabrics and upholstery. It is also lightweight and easy to carry around. 

8. Minky Ergo Iron Board

If you think every ironing board is the same, the Minky Ergo Iron Board’s unique design will make you think again.

The Minky Ergo boasts a wide array of features that are different from regular boards, all designed to make your ironing experience enjoyable.

Moreover, the design of the Minky ironing board lets you stand in a comfortable position when ironing. You can place this board on a tabletop and use it folded down, or you can extend it as high as 37 inches. The board also features an iron rest that is built for use by left- or right-handed people.

The cover on the board has heat reflective properties, which speed up the process of ironing. Additionally, the board boasts a mesh design, so steam escapes through effectively.

9. Hafela America Wall-Mounted Board

The Hafele America Iron Board is a sturdy hanging board that takes up little space. Most iron boards fold down to a compact size, but the most effective storage option is a hanging board that mounts to a wall. 

This board can rotate 90-degrees right or left, depending on your preference when ironing. It is smaller than standard ironing boards and measures 12-inches by 37.5-inches. Its small size means this model is a great space saver. It is incredibly sturdy and easy to install. This board’s construction materials are impressive, as it has a stainless steel body with a white epoxy coating.

The Hafela America board won’t fall or warp over time, thanks to the high-quality materials it uses. One Amazon reviewer appreciated that you could easily adjust the mounted board to match your height.

10. SAROSORA Retractable Ironing Retractable Ironing Board

Our final pick is the top-rated ironing board by Sarosora. It features a 100% cotton cover and thick padding with scorch-resistant coating. If you’re a space-conscious person, this retractable ironing board offers a simple storage solution. You can focus on reducing clutter and saving up space with this pull-out ironing board.

Moreover, you can install this ironing board at any height you prefer. It offers fantastic value for money and lasts for many years. Its fabric is a premium heat-resistant canvas, which is ideal for ironing. You can rotate the ironing board at any angle by using the adjustment nut. It’s foldable and can be easily tucked back into the wardrobe.

Buyer’s Guide – How to choose the best iron board for a tall person

Whether you enjoy ironing or do it only when you must, it’s essential to have an ergonomic ironing board. Consider your ironing habits, height requirements, and space available to find the best selection for you. You may be surprised to find that there are numerous creative ways to use an ironing board.

Types of Ironing Boards

Portable vs. Built-In

Portable ironing boards come in two sizes, stand-alone and tabletop. The advantage of a portable ironing board is that you can easily move it around the house.

Professionals can install built-in ironing boards in a wall cabinet or a drawer. You also have the option of installing it in the laundry room or in your bedroom closet. Homeowners can find DIY kits to mount ironing boards on a closet door or a separate panel. Built-in boards are fastened at the top, anchored on only one end. Its retractable design allows it to drop down from the door and be pushed back when not in use. These boards are space-saving and feature foldable designs. 


If you have a built-in ironing board, you should set it at hip level for the person who does regular ironing. The hip level is ideal if you iron standing up.

For those who change between standing and sitting when ironing, a portable board is best because it is easier to adjust up or down.


Ironing boards come in different sizes to accommodate different types of clothes. If you iron men’s slacks, an extended board may be desirable over a small one. Depending on what you iron, the size of the board will be an element to consider before buy.

For stand-alone ironing boards, some models can be as thin as 13-inches while others can go up to 20-inches. The more extensive the board, the easier it is to press clothes.

Moreover, some models have a shorter ironing surface at 48-inches, and others can be up to 55- inches. If you have space for a full-size ironing board, choose the widest board you can find for easier and effective ironing. A full-size ironing board is usually 4-ft long and 12 to 18-inches wide.

A small tabletop model is ideal for craft projects and quick touch-ups but not suitable for full-sized garments or linens.


Older ironing boards used wood. They were sturdy but very heavy and not ideal for effective ironing. Look for an iron board with a metal mesh top that lets steam to pass through and evaporate.

A lightweight metal board is convenient to set up and fold down for storage. It also allows you to move from one place to another with less trouble.


A few boards feature padding and a cover, and some want you to buy the padding and cover independently. Choose thicker padding for the best results. Ironing board covers come in a wide array of textures. You can choose between cotton, metallic, or covered.

Some boards use silicone to keep clothes from sticking and to reflect the heat of the iron. An ironing board cover with thick padding is essential for great outcomes. Most boards have a cover included in the purchase, but you may want to redesign it to suit your preferences.


A high-quality ironing board cover is essential for good results. Most boards come with a cover, but you may wish to upgrade.

You can find ironing board covers in a wide assortment of colors and designs. Most people buy one to match their home décor or hobby. These boards have a drawstring, but you can also find them with elastic edging. Besides, you can also buy clips to hold the cover in place.

Choose a cover that has a non-stick or intelligent surface. The non-stick qualities keep different fabrics from sticking to the board. Intelligent surfaces reflect the warmth back to the clothes, which speeds up the ironing process. The cover should be smooth, so the iron glides smoothly. Teflon-covered cotton covers won’t stick to your clothes and make ironing effortless. The best cover is one lined with substantial felt. It will hold its shape better than any foam-lined cushion.

Level of Sturdiness

Consider buying a lightweight ironing board with a sturdy frame that will not collapse or tip over. A stable board makes ironing quicker and can prevent accidents like the boards falling on children.

Other Design Features

If you are ironing clothes regularly, you may want to look for these extra features to make your job easier.

Sleeve attachment: A small board—about 2-ft long and 6 to 8 inches wide—is attached to the mainboard for ironing sleeves and small clothing articles.

Iron rest: A built-in feature on the board to rest the iron and prevent it from falling off the board.

Hanging rack: This rack is for hanging newly ironed clothes.

Storage hook/organizer: These keep all the ironing tools together.

Factors to consider before buying an iron board

Here are some tips to help you with the right decision:

Longer is better

Some people might not like longboards because they take up storage space. But it is easier to iron clothes on a longer board.

Synthetic materials damage clothes

Not all synthetic fabrics melt when exposed to high heat, but a lot of them do. It is crucial to check the board’s fabric to avoid getting one that melts and sticks to clothes. The safest option is to go for a model with natural fabrics such as cotton.

Thick padding makes it easier to iron

It’s a popular belief the ironing surfaces need to be straight and hard to get proper results. If the board has thicker padding, it’ll be easier to press clothes and remove wrinkles in the fabrics. It’s important for iron boards without a cover to have thicker padding.

Drawstring fastening and Bungee fastening 

Drawstring fastening is better than bungee because it keeps the cover in one place. Bungee fastening uses elastic strings, which often cause the cover to move around. Users end up spending more time putting it back together than ironing their clothes. Most iron boards come with covers, so always choose one with drawstring fastening.

Bulky is better

A well-built iron board can sustain quite a bit of weight. This means that the extendable legs have to be sturdy and bulky.


How long should my ironing board last?

A good ironing board can last decades or even a lifetime. However, you will need to replace a cover every couple of years. You can also choose to upgrade the included cover to improve the quality and efficiency of your ironing work.

Is ironing better than steaming?

Steaming is a smart way to remove wrinkles out of all kinds’ fabric. Steamers also require less space and take less time and effort than ironing.

Can I use a flat surface to iron clothes?

A firm, flat surface is essential to successful ironing. You can use a wooden or tile floor, a kitchen or bathroom counter.

How much does an average ironing board cost?

Prices for good quality ironing boards can vary a lot. While you can buy one for less than $10, other high-spec ironing boards cost more than $200. You’ll get what you pay for, and size and quality will determine the cost. On average, a good basic ironing board should cost around $30, but this figure will rise with more advanced specs and accessories. A heat-resistant iron rest, a child-lock, multiple adjustable heights, and non-slip feet will add to the price. When it comes to buying an iron, you don’t need to pay beyond ordinary.

Should I get a light or bulky ironing board?

Try to check the weight of the ironing board before buying. The lighter it is, the easier it is to fold up and store away. However, heavier boards are more stable. Some heavy-duty ironing boards have wheels to make them easier to transport. If you have a steam iron, you might require a heavy-duty board to hold the weight of the iron and keep 

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