The 7 Best Attic Fan Covers

No matter how well-insulated your attic may be, direct sun on your roof can result in excessive heat radiating into it. This prolonged exposure to heat may affect your shingles and sheathing from the inside out. Combined with humidity and a lack of airflow, it can also promote moisture buildup and mold growth.

Ventilation helps maintain a healthy attic environment—both for your house and for your family. The good news is that attic fan covers prevent energy waste. Using an attic cover helps insulate your attic fan and prevents air leakage. But buying a good attic cover can be confusing as there are several options on the market. 

In this buyer’s guide, we’ve reviewed the best attic fan covers to help you decide. Let’s get started. 

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The Best Attic Fan Covers

Top ProductRatingsSize (inches)
1Battic Door Attic Ceiling Fan Shutter Cover3.936 x 48
2Shuttercover Trim to Fit Attic Fan Cover4.136 x 48
3M-D Building Products 43251 Attic Armor Fan Cover4.048 x 48
4Elima-Draft Insulated Magnetic HVAC Vent Cover3.913 x 13
5US Energy Products Attic Ceiling Fan Shutter Seal Cover3.736 x 48
6MWS Residential Fan Shutter Cover3.848 x 48
7AES residential attic vent cover3.648 x 48

1. Shuttercover Trim to Fit Attic Fan Cover

People strongly believe that home-made attic fan covers are ideal because they are easy to make and cheap. But this isn’t true as DIY attic fan covers are prone to air leakage. Fortunately, this environment-friendly shutter cover comes at an affordable price. This insulating seal conserves energy and prevents air from escaping. It also means you’ll reduce heating and cooling costs because of less air leakage.

Moreover, the package includes a Velcro and a white foam pad that blends perfectly into the ceiling. You can remove and re-install the attic cover anytime you need it. If it doesn’t fit your attic fan size, all you have to do is trim it. Know that the market includes several low-quality attic fan covers that you may mistake for good ones. Always look for good reviews when buying online.

2. Battic Door Attic Ceiling Fan Shutter Cover

This cover can easily fit up to 36 X 48 attic fans. It can effectively insulate your attic fan and reduce energy bills. You won’t need to access your attic to install it, and all you need is a Velcro.

Apart from reducing your heating and cooling costs, this attic fan cover minimizes draft and provides a comfortable interior atmosphere. This 33 x48 attic fan cover uses non-toxic foam – a tested and trusted material that offers superior thermal performance. By effectively sealing the shutters, you can avoid air leaks. Lastly, this attic fan cover is available at a bargain price for all those interested.

3. M-D Building Products 43251 Attic Armor Fan Cover

If you’re looking for a versatile and reliable attic fan cover, look no further than the M-D Building armor fan cover. Besides sealing your attic fans, you can also use it to cover the attic entrance, registers, and electrical appliances. It comes in two different sizes to fit various attic fans. If it doesn’t fit your shutter, you can easily trim it to size.

The material is half white vinyl and half reflective, so it doesn’t sacrifice aesthetics for functionality. If you’re searching for a simple yet functional cover, consider buying the M-D building attic fan cover. It not only looks great but also helps conserve energy bills!

4. AES Industries Attic Ceiling Fan Shutter Cover

Here’s another attic fan cover that helps enhance the comfort of your interior space and conserves energy. Attic fans cost less than ACs, and you need to seal the attic fans to prevent air leakage. This 48” x48” AES Industries attic fan cover is easy to install. You don’t need to have attic access to install it, and you can remove it easily. You can trim this cover to fit the dimensions of your shutter.  

It uses about ¼” foam core to insulate the attic fan. One side of this attic cover is white, and the other side uses foil. It’s reliable and works like a storm window for your attic fan.

5. US Energy Products Attic Ceiling Fan Shutter Seal Cover

Several attic fan covers on the market today use low-quality foam. Unlike these products, the US Energy attic fan cover is durable and has an elegant style. It’s easy to install and one of the top-rated products in its class. You won’t need to access the attic to install or fix it.

Itcan effectively insulate your attic and help conserve energy. Nobody wants to pay extra bills due to air leakages. The US Energy shutter seal cover reduces draft, enhances comfort, and saves utility bills all-year-round! It is 36” x48” in size, and you can easily trim it to size. All you need is a sharp knife or razor.

The cover is durable and uses high-quality foam, and you may need to buy additional tape to attach it under your shutters. It does have a 16 ft. double-sided tape, but you’ll notice that it doesn’t stick well.

6. Elima-Draft Insulated Magnetic HVAC Vent Cover

This attic fan cover is designed for HVAC vents, but you can also use it for small attic fans. One of the standout features of this attic cover is its magnetic capabilities. It’s durable and provides insulation throughout the year.

Insulation in your attic provides resistance to heat flow and lowers your utility bills. If energy conservation is your main goal, then this attic cover is perfect for you. The magnets hold the shutter cover in place, and you don’t need fancy tools to install it. At a pocket-friendly price, you get a brilliant solution to prevent air leakages.

7. MWS Residential Fan Shutter Cover

The MWS residential attic fan cover is one of the best options on the market. The beauty of shutter covers is that you can repeatedly fix and replace them until they wear out. This MWS attic fan cover is durable and provides resistance against air leakages.

It features low-E white foil and solid reflective foam core insulation. Unlike the low-quality bubble foam, this product lasts longer and enhances comfort. It also uses 16 ft. military-grade double-sided tape so that you can use it multiple times. You can rely on MWS residential attic cover and avoid buying a new attic cover every month.

This attic cover is mold and mildew resistant. If you live in high-humidity areas and experience seasonal humidity, this attic cover is all you need. The solid reflective foam core will insulate your attic fan and conserve energy. It is strongly-built and puncture-resistant, so there are fewer chances of for air leakage with this attic fan cover.  

8. Insulation-Therm Attic Access Scuddle Fan Cover

Our next top-pick is the Insulation-Therm attic cover featuring a ¼ foam core to keep the attic insulated. Its foam core is between a layer of white material and a reflective barrier foil that helps protect the attic against harsh weather conditions.

This attic fan cover comes with a 16 ft. double-sided tape that scores high on reusability. You can use it multiple times to keep the fan shutter in place all year round. Besides, the Insulation-Therm fan cover uses premium-quality materials. It features a thick white foam core, unlike cheap bubble foam used in alternatives.

The new and improved adhesive tape is durable and strong. You can easily install the fan cover without needing professional assistance. You won’t require special tools as it comes with an adhesive tape. It’ll also prevent the attic fan cover from falling off.

9. Insulation-Therm Attic Fan Cover

Here’s another top-rated Insulation-Therm attic fan cover that can be adjusted to suit your needs. You can trim this 48” X 36” fan cover using a razor or knife to fit the attic fan opening. Like other products on this list, it used ¼ foam core between a reflective barrier foil and a white polyester layer.

Another great feature of this product is the 3mm double-sided tape. It keeps the fan cover in place and offers multiple uses throughout the year. Besides, this fan cover provides good resistance to hot and humid temperatures. It uses high-quality materials so it won’t get damaged by birds or insects. If you want to reduce your energy bills by preventing air from getting out of the attic, consider investing in the Insulation-Therm attic fan cover.

10. AES residential attic vent cover

Our final recommendation is the AES residential attic fan cover that helps maintain optimal temperature. It uses high-quality insulation material and double-sided adhesive tape to hold the cover in place. You won’t need to buy additional tape as you reuse the one provided.

Moreover, this attic fan cover is highly durable and remains damage-free all year round. As a result, your attic space remains protected from excessive humidity and heat. Installing the AES attic fan cover also helps cut energy bills by half. It prevents air drafts and reduced the need for an air conditioner. The AES attic fan cover is a versatile product and can be used anywhere in the house. You can also use it to create a protective shield over any window or vent. Besides, you can easily install it without needing tools or assistance. Just make sure to firmly secure to the attic fan and insulate it.


Buyer’s Guide – Choosing the Best Attic Fan Cover

Types of Attic Fans

You can use several different fan styles to help control the temperature and humidity of attic space. They have many different features, and depending on their layout, your attic may be better suited to one of the following types:

Whole-House Fans

Whole-house fans are installed directly into the ceiling of the highest point in the attic space or an upstairs hallway. When running, they pull moisture and hear from inside the house and channel it into the attic space.

Attic Venting Fans

Attic fans serve a unique function by removing moist air from the attic and leaving the areas below the attic floor alone. These fans help circulate air within the attic, pulling fresh air from the attic vents and forcing hot air outside.

Moreover, attic fans serve a year-round function. In the summer, you can reduce the attic temperature and extend the life of roofing shingles and sheathing. In colder months, attic fans help prevent the damage caused by ice dams. The fans cool the attic space and equalize the temperature in the house.  

When installing an attic fan, it’s crucial to consider how far your attic is from the rest of the house. You will need to seal it properly. If your attic door or hatch is drafty, then the fan will merely pull air-conditioned air through the gaps. You don’t want to increase energy bills, so it’s best to use an attic fan cover.

What to Look for When Buying an Attic Fan Cover

The problem with a whole-house fan is that the hot air needs an outside passage. If your attic isn’t ventilated properly, you can expect humid, moist air to build up and cause mold to grow. Therefore, whole-house fans are ideal for open, well-vented attics.

Here are some helpful tips to note when choosing an attic fan cover. You may want to understand the different capabilities and functions of covers and their construction material. And most importantly, you have to keep some safety considerations in mind before installing a new attic fan cover.


Your attic fan should be constructed from sturdy materials to survive the excessive heat and humidity. Cheaper attic fan covers with low-quality foam often get damaged over time under harsh weather conditions.

Choose a fan cover with high-quality foam and reflective material. The polyester material is an added benefit. These materials are more stable in fluctuating temperatures and hold up steady against moisture. They also provide excellent insulation and prevent air leakages.

Ease of Use

If you find it hard to install a fan cover, attic ventilation is of no use. Many whole-house models now come with self-adhesive tapes, which allow you to stick the vent cover and customize its size using a sharp razor or knife. You can also find attic fan covers with magnetic capabilities that don’t require professional installation.


One very important factor to consider when deciding if an attic fan cover is right for you is safety—particularly around furnaces installed in your attic. Avoid a fire hazard by installing a high-quality attic fan cover that reduces draft and prevents air leakages.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you aren’t entirely sure how an attic fan cover or whole-house fan cover works, here are some answers that might help.

Do attic fans or whole-house fans help?

Attic ventilation fans can help cool your attic by removing heat from inside the attic and bringing in cool air from outside, preventing hot, humid air from seeping into your home. Avoid putting excessive load on your air conditioner by installing an attic fan and cover.

Should I cover the attic fan in the winter?

You should leave your roof vents open in colder months – do not cover them! During the winter, roof ventilation works to equalize temperatures. Closing your vents makes the attic too warm and dry – ideal conditions for mold as well as insects.

How can I insulate an attic fan?

You can build an open-faced box from rigid foam insulation and place it on top of the attic fan. Cut out the foam pieces with a sharp knife and attach the pieces with foam insulation adhesive tape. Alternatively, you can buy attic fan covers reviewed in this article.

Are attic fans bad?

In worst-case scenarios, attic fans can create more problems than they solve if there are not enough gable or ridge vents. A powerful attic exhaust fan can force the air from your house through the ceiling if not sealed properly.

Do attic fans prevent mildew?

You can’t go wrong with attic ventilation. Air constantly moving through your attic will help prevent mold. Old homes never had mold because they were so drafty. Water vapor was transported outdoors or evaporated before mold could grow

Final Verdict

You don’t need to buy an attic fan cover, but it’s a reasonable thing to do. You can save up on your utility bills by installing an attic fan cover. It also makes your interior space more cozy and comfortable. Whenever you are ready to buy an attic fan cover, pick one that suits your requirements from the top-rated options reviewed in this article.

We’ve listed some of the best attic fan covers on the market. You may need to change your attic fan cover after some time. No matter how durable a fan cover is, it can’t last forever.

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