14 Best Attic Antennas for Multiple TVs

It’s time you bid farewell to your cable bill by investing in an antenna. Popular for giving access to free over-the-air channels and networks, these antennas provide entertainment without monthly bills. Attic antennas are also called outdoor antennas, so don’t confuse the two. Finding the right TV antenna can be a challenge. You have to consider several factors before buying a model that suits your preferences.

To make things easier, we have researched and reviewed the best attic antennas on the market. Let’s get started.

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The Best Attic Antennas for Multiple TVs

Top ProductsRatingRange
1. Antop Antenna Inc. AT-402VG5.060 miles
2. TV Antenna – RCA Outdoor Yagi Satellite HD Antenna4.470 miles
3. GE 29884 Pro Outdoor/Attic Mount TV Antenna4.470 miles
4. GE 33692 Pro Attic Mount TV Antenna 4.160 miles
5. ClearStream 2V Indoor/Outdoor HDTV Antenna with Mount4.160 miles
6. Winegard FlatWave Air FL6550A4.260 miles
7. Pingbingding PBD WA-2608 Digital Amplified Attic HD TV Antenna4.4150 miles

 1. Homevision Technology Digiwave Antenna (ANT2088)

Are you looking for enormous range without a big price tag? Consider buying the Homevision Technology Digiwave Antenna. It can access local channels up to 80 miles away from the broadcast source and is compatible with any TV, DVR, or digital tuners for multiple viewing options.

Moreover, this powerful attic antenna lets you pick up UHF and HD signals. It also provides clear reception for local channels ranging from 470 to 862 MHz. Made using sturdy materials like solid aluminum and a waterproof dipole box, and this TV antenna can withstand harsh weather. Pre-assembled antenna components make it exceptionally easy to install.

2. ClearStream 2V Indoor/Outdoor HDTV Antenna with Mount

The ClearStream HDTV antenna is one of the top-rated attic antennas. It features a distinctive appearance and remarkable range because of its patented loop design, built to receive a wider range of frequencies. Additionally, this unique look gives the antenna a wider beam angle. You will rarely need to rotate this antenna for enhanced signal reception.

Moreover, this design helps prevent multipath interference. Another standout aspect of this product is its extended range – the antenna can receive TV signals from as far as 65 miles away.

3. GE Pro Attic Mount TV Antenna 33692

With the GE Pro attic antenna, you get a premium product at a pocket-friendly price. GE is one of the most-trusted electronics brands, and their TV antenna is specifically designed for attic installation. It’ll provide a fantastic reception while staying out of your sight.

Moreover, this antenna features a compact, easy to install design and promises high-performance. To further boost performance, it comes with signal-enhancing reflectors that enhance signal strength and reduce signal dropouts. The GE Pro also offers broad-spectrum reception for both UHF and VHF stations. You’ll get uncompressed 1080P signals for better reception. It comes packed with everything you need to install: a mast, mounting bracket, assembly instructions, and a lifetime warranty from the manufacturer.

4. Supersonic SC603 Durable HDTV Outdoor Antenna


Are you living in a rural area or someplace with lots of signal interference? A larger antenna designed for your attic may be your best bet. The Supersonic rotating antenna can provide better reception by picking up TV channels from a wider geographical range.

This is a feature-rich antenna at a budget-friendly price. It features a full-band DTV/VHF/UHF/FM receiver to improve your signal reception and supports various broadcast types, including 1080p, 720p, and 1080i. It also has a remarkable reception range of 120 miles, and you can use it for multiple TVs at once. Plus, it comes with remote control for extra convenience. This attic antenna includes a 50-foot coaxial cable, cable staples, and plastic safety ties for ease of installation.

5. Antop Antenna Inc .PL-402VG Pro-line Flat Panel


Why spend more than you need when you can browse free local TV channels with a flat antenna? The professional-grade Antop antenna features a patented design that generates power to provide signals to multiple televisions in your home — even when located in an attic — and it supports various broadcast types, including 1080p, HDTV, and even 4K ULTRA HD.

Discreet and easy to disguise, this TV antenna combines the best of both worlds as it features the power and range of an outdoor antenna with the style of a smaller indoor antenna. With a signal range of up to 70 miles, VHF enhancement rods for channels 2-13, and multi-directional signal reception, this antenna is one to beat.

6. Antop Antenna Inc. AT-401BV

If you have a big home or multiple TVs, you need a powerful antenna solution to ensure that each device receives local channels. Try out the Antop Antenna Inc. AT-401BV to get clear reception on all your TVs. Though it’s a little more expensive than some other models on our list, it’s still a bargain if you consider you’ll only need one antenna for every device in your home.

Moreover, this model uses a patented design that includes a smart-pass amplifier, VHF enhancer rods, and 4G LTE filters. The VHF enhancer can cover channels in the 2-13 range so that you get fewer blind spots, and the smart-pass amp helps the TV antenna deliver the perfect balance of short- and long-range reception, even when located in your attic. It also features an amplified multi-directional reception range that lets you access channel signals from 70 miles away. Lastly, it’s compatible with various digital converter boxes.

7. Philips HD Wing Passive White TV Antenna


Some attics are unwelcoming and dark places used for extra storage. But you can decorate them with a smartly-designed antenna. If you’ve taken the time to insulate and lay flooring, you may want to place the Philips HD Wing Passive antenna in your attic.

It features a sleek, compact design with a futuristic look that will enhance the look of your attic space. But beyond style, the antenna boasts a versatile mount with multiple types of installation. It’ll ensure you get the best quality reception. The Philips HD Wing picks up both VHF and UHF frequencies to maximize the channels you may receive.

8. GE 29884 Pro Outdoor/Attic Mount TV Antenna

Since GE is the number one electronics brand in the U.S., it’s no surprise that they make some of the most versatile models on the market. This high-definition GE Pro antenna optimizes free digital channels in full 1080P HD. Compatible with most television brands, the antenna is 4K Ultra HD capable and has a 70 miles range from the broadcast source. While compact, this antenna boasts a powerful punch with its broad-spectrum reception and can pick up both VHF and UHF stations.

Moreover, it’s rugged enough to stand up to harsh outdoor conditions but easy to mount in the attic if you want to keep it out of sight. It also comes with a weather-resistant mounting bracket, a J-mount, and a mast clamp that allows you to place the antenna at various angles. Lastly, it comes with a worry-free lifetime warranty from the manufacturer.

9. GE 20431 Outdoor / Indoor / Attic Futura TV Antenna

The GE 20431 TV antenna is one of the best-looking options available on the market. It’s a long way from the odd designs you might picturing when you think of antennas. This sleek, futuristic antenna can easily blend with your furniture. It features a discreet and flexible antenna mount so you can rotate it to provide maximum reception.

Moreover, a built-in 20dB amplifier offers a power boost too, and the TC antenna receives uncompressed 1080p signals.  

10. RCA Compact Outdoor Yagi HDTV Antenna

Are you looking for the best antenna for your attic? Look no further than the RCA Yagi HDTV antenna. It’s a great choice for those who want to browse their favorite local TV and network channels in full 1080 HD quality. Plus, the RCA antenna boasts superior reception technology.

This antenna comes pre-assembled and includes the mounting hardware and a mast. These parts provide a great variety of placement options.  

11. Vilso TV Antenna Outdoor Amplified – The Best Long Range Attic Antenna

Are you tired of getting poor digital TV signals? Living away from broadcasting towers can disrupt signals. You can improve reception performance using the best-amplified antenna like the Vilso TV Antenna. This product boasts a built-in amplifier for an extended 150-mile range —one of the longest range antennasonthe market today.

For better reception, the antenna comes with a built-in motor rotator, which allows you to rotate your antenna up to 360 degrees to get the best reception possible. With this antenna, you can receive 1080p HDTV signals, high-gain reception from a range of 750 miles.

12. Winegard FlatWave Air FL6550A Amplified Digital Outdoor – The Best Aerial Receiver for HDTV

Reduce your reliance on local TV and save money every. Unlike cable TV that requires a subscription, the WinegardFlatWave Air antenna will give you access to top-rated shows for free. This product lets you watch live sports, weather, news, and your favorite shows in HD for free.

Moreover, the antenna can receive both UHF and VHF channels, which provides you with all the content available in your area. For enhanced reception quality, the manufacturer uses ‘Clear Circuit’ technology.

13. 1byone HDTV External Antenna

The top-notch external antenna by 1byone gives you exceptional control and ease of use. You can easily switch between your favorite channels without fretting about signal problems. This attic antenna model features an amplifier for excellent signal transmission.

Moreover, the antenna is optimized to provide clear VHF and UHF signals so you can run high-definition content. Furthermore, it has a range of up to 150 miles.

14. Pingbingding Wireless Antenna

This wireless model is one of the most versatile on our list. Its upright position provides superb reception up to 150 miles away.

This TV antenna comes pre-assembled for user convenience, so you’ll just need to place it in the attic. Apart from that, the Snap-on feature makes it easier to install and receive signals with less noise interference.

Buyer’s Guide – Choosing the best antenna

When you begin looking for an antenna, you shouldconsider the design and layout of your property. Eventhe best attic antenna is of no use if it doesn’t fit in your home.

Below, we’ll discuss the critical aspects to consider before purchasing an attic antenna for your home. Read these sections in-depth to guide your purchasing process.

Type of Roof

Some attic antennas require that the signal transmitter passes through the wood to function correctly. Other materials include masonry, tile, and brick. If your attic is wood, then you can install an antenna in your attic without any problems.

Many modern homes have a 2-3 ft. wide metal stripping located on top of the roof shingles. We recommended that you install your antenna on top of this roof for optimal reception and service.

Attic Insulators

Most attics have insulating materials such as radiant barrier, foil, or metal siding. These materials effectively block antenna signals, and you want to avoid these attic insulators at all costs.

If your attic does have insulators lining its interior, you’ll want to place your transmitter away from the signal blocking material. An important factor when installing an antenna is to make sure signals aren’t interrupted.

Signal Strength & Reception

Signal strength and reception are crucial when deciding the best antenna for you. Apart from insulating materials, height and elevation affect the signal strength. You can mount the attic antenna on elevated ground or on your roof’s exterior lining to enhance the reception.

If you install your attic antenna at the wrong height, it’ll hinder its reach and ability to catch clear signals. You also want to make sure that any building in your neighborhood doesn’t obstruct your TV antenna.

These factors are important to consider when purchasing an attic antenna. If you ignore these factors, you won’t achieve optimal operating range and frequency.

Choosing a signal amplifier or a rotator

If you’re can’t receive distant TV stations and channels due to low signal levels, you should consider buying a signal amplifier.  

If a large antenna doesn’t pull in stations without distortion, a signal amplifier should solve the problem. A rotator will move the TV antenna in any direction with the click of a wireless remote. They’re useful if you want to receive weaker TV stations from different locations.

Directional or Multi-Directional Antenna

Not all attic antennas are equal, and some of them only have one-directional capabilities. Directional antennas can rotate up to 50-60 degrees, whereas multi-directional antennas can rotate about 100-200 degrees.

Both types of attic antennas offer unique benefits in terms of signal strength and reception. There are several ways to determine which antenna type is ideal for your home. You can conduct signal strength tests, performing height tests, and a lot more. You can even go online and search for your location to determine the signal strength and receptivity.

Outdoor Antenna Frequency Types: Which one is suitable for you?

All antennas operate on one of two frequencies: VHF frequencies or UHF frequencies. The frequency that your antenna is tuned to plays a major role in the channels you can receive. Therefore, it’s essential to research before making a final decision.

VHF Frequencies

VHF stands for (Very High Frequencies) and is the most powerful broadcast frequency bands. VHF works for different forms of broadcast media, including television. VHF frequencies are popular for news channels and network broadcasts because of their stable picture quality and reliable connection rate.

UHF Frequencies

UHF stands for (Ultra High Frequencies), and they’re more powerful than VHF signals. These frequencies let broadcasts penetrate signal blocking materials and barriers such as houses.

If you’re trying to get your favorite channels, you’ll need a powerful UHF attic antenna to pick up the broadcast in your area.

You can also go online to determine which signal type is perfect for your home.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are indoor antennas any good?

Indoor antennas are ideal for areas with strong signals, and the attic/outdoor antennas can work in medium signal strength areas.

Can one antenna be used for multiple TVs?

Once you have your TV antenna installed, the next thing you have to do is connect a coaxial splitter. It’s an inexpensive device designed to split an antenna signal to multiple TVs. It allows you to use one antenna for multiple TVs to watch local channels on every television in the house.

Can I use my old satellite dish as an antenna?

To convert an old satellite dish to an HDTV antenna, you’ll need to buy a specific type of antenna. This type of TV antenna receives free, over-the-air broadcasts in high-def. However, the number of OTA channels you receive depends on your area. But using a dish to catch more signals can enhance the antenna’s range.

Can I put an HD antenna in my attic?

The most critical factor for attic antenna placement is height. For outdoor antennas, the best locations are on the roof or garage. If your attic is accessible, and you don’t have insulated lining or radiant heat barriers, you can install an outdoor TV antenna in your attic.

Do TV antennas attract lightning?

A TV antenna isn’t going to attract lightning like any other stuff found in the attic, including AC ducts, electrical wiring, phone, and CATV.

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