13 Best 3rd Party Joy-Cons for Nintendo Switch

Joy-Cons are unique controllers for Nintendo Switch, but you don’t have to buy them from Nintendo. An official pair of Joy-Cons costs a whopping $80. Luckily, there are plenty of Joy-Con options to enhance your gaming experience. You can save up cash with these third-party Joy-Cons for your gaming console.

Check out our reviews of the best 3rd party Joy-Cons for Nintendo Switch and choose your favorite option. Let’s explore!

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The Best 3rd Party Joy-Cons for Nintendo Switch

Top ProductsRating Best Features
1. BestFire Nintendo Switch Joy-Con Controller4.2Mini Switch Controller Joy-Con (L/R), Wireless Pro Game Controller, Compatible with Nintendo Switch
2. JALVDE Wireless Joypad Controller4.6JoyPad Controller for Nintendo Switch, Replacement Joy-Con with Ergonomic Hand Grip, Comfortable Handheld Joycon
3. Hori Split Pad Pro4.6Nintendo Switch Split Pad Pro (Daemon X Machina Edition) Ergonomic Controller for Handheld Mode – Officially Licensed By Nintendo
4. Nyko Dualies4.0USB Type-C Charging Cable, Joy-Con for Nintendo Switch, Multi-functional motion control,
Rumble feedback
5. Kinvoca Joy Pad Controller4.4Replacement for Switch Joycon, Wired/Wireless Controller, Programmable Macros, Turbo, Motion Control, and Dual Vibration
6. ALIENGT Joypad Controller4.5Joy-Con Replacement for Nintendo Switch, Wireless JoyPad, Remote Controllers with Programmable Macros Button,Turbo/Motion/Dual Vibration for Nintendo Switch
7. Proslife Joy Pad Controller3.9Wireless Joy-Con for Switch, Compatible with Nintendo Switch/Switch Lite, Adjustable Turbo and Dual Vibration
8. Grips for Nintendo Switch Joy-Con FYOUNG Hand-Grips Controller4.7Durable and Light Joy-Con for Switch, Comfortable Grip, Easy installation, Sensitive Response

1. BestFire Nintendo Switch Joy-Con Controller

Many third-party Joy-Cons can’t read amiibos, but the BestFire Joy-Cons can! It has all the main functions of the official Nintendo Joy-Cons. It features motion sensing and vibrating functions for the best play experience.

The BestFire Joy-Con supports wireless and wired connections. Each gamepad has a built-in gyro and a complete set of buttons. It also supports multiple players and offers new ways to have fun! It has sturdy ABS material and an ergonomic design for added comfort. You can enjoy hours of gaming without any hand fatigue.

2. JALVDE Wireless Joypad Controller

The Jaldve Joy-Con is a must-have for gamers. It has the original look of Joy-Cons and ergonomic sides for better grip. You’ll enjoy the immersive motion sensing and vibration features.

This controller is suitable for all kinds of racing, shooting, and running games. Enhance your gaming experience for extended periods with this Joy-Con. You can easily pair it with Nintendo Switch and enjoy 10+ hours of non-stop playtime. It’s available in fun colors, including red and blue, neon purple and orange, neon brown and yellow, and neon pink and green.  

3. Hori Split Pad Pro

If you enjoy that Pro-Controller feeling but want the Joy-Con’s functionalities, this Nintendo Licensed Hori Split Pad Pro option is perfect for you. This set has a better grip than the Nintendo Joy-Cons. It offers a full-size controller experience in handheld mode. It also has additional programmable buttons on the back for an optimal gaming experience.

The Hori Split Pad Pro comes in different designs and colors, including translucent black, midnight blue, volcanic red, and more. It offers comfort and accuracy during marathon gaming sessions. If you want to optimize gameplay, this Joy-Con is for you.

4. Nyko Dualies

This set is one of the best third-party Joy-Cons for Nintendo Switch. It offers a wider grip and multi-functional control. It gives accurate rumble feedback and is ideal for adding multiple players. Plus, its rounded edges improve maneuverability when you’re playing sideways.

These Joy-Cons have a programmable turbo button. The set also comes with a Type-C charger and detachable thumbsticks. Lastly, these Joy-Cons are available in vibrant colors, including red and blue.

5. Kinvoca Joy Pad Controller

These Joy-Cons are similar to the official Nintendo controllers and are available in multiple colors. You can use them in handheld mode or unattached. The back and sides of these Joy-Cons feature a slight curve to improve ergonomics.  

They also come with motion controls and programmable macros. The 6-axis gyro offers accurate aiming and shooting for a compelling gaming experience.

6. ALIENGT Joypad Controller

The ALIENGT controller is ideal for Nintendo Switch. It has a unique shape and programmable buttons. It supports a 6-axis gyro and has dual motors vibration and turbo function. If you’re looking for a replacement for your Nintendo Joy-Con, this one is a great option. It is perfect for playing games like Zelda, Splatoon 2, Odyssey, Mario Kart, and more.

This controller has programmable macro options and an ergonomic design. It has a comfortable grip and prevents hand fatigue. Each controller has built-in 300mAh batteries to support up to 12-hours of playtime.

7. Proslife Joy Pad Controller

The clear cover with a purple tint of this Joy-Con will make you feel nostalgic. It has multi-function support, including dual vibration function and 6-axis gyroscope function. It can achieve precise speed and accurate position.

You can use this as an independent switch controller and add multiple players. In addition to independent control, players also get support for all modes, motion control, easier grip, and wake-up function. Lastly, it offers up to six hours of continuous use.

8. Tenvoonl Joy-Pad

The Tenvoonl controller is a great alternative to original controllers and is compatible with Nintendo Switch. It is ideal for multiplayer combat, and you can use each controller separately.

This Joy-Con has a fast and reliable wireless connection. It has a built-in 400Ma rechargeable battery that lasts up to 10 hours. It also features a curve design, making it easier to hold. The adjustable strap has anti-slip and anti-release functions. If you want precise shooting and aiming, Tenvoonl controller is your best bet. It supports a wake-up function and has a built-in 6-axis gyroscope Lastly, players get lifetime technical service from the seller.

9. GEEKLIN Wireless Controller

This retro-looking set of Joy-Cons is an excellent replacement for original controllers. It features wireless transmission technology and has a lower interference rate. It minimizes the chance of data loss and signals interference.

The Geeklin wireless controller is easy to control and has a sensitive button response. It also features a 3D acceleration sensor and a G-gyro sensor for easy handling. It has a motion-sensing function and double-shock function for optimal performance. Lastly, its ergonomic design and lightweight structure give you a comfortable gaming experience.

10. PowerA Enhanced Wireless Controller

The PowerA wireless controller is the second-best thing after Nintendo’s Pro controller. It’s affordable, and you can get it for $40 from Amazon. The PowerA wireless controller is Bluetooth-enabled and has powerful motion controls. It is available in game-themed versions, including Sobble and Scorbunny from Pokémon.

This wireless controller runs on rechargeable AA-size batteries. It has an ergonomic design with standard layout features, motion controls, and advanced gaming buttons. It’s a licensed product and comes with a 2-year limited warranty.

11. Grips for Nintendo Switch Joy-Con FYOUNG Hand-Grips Controller

This controller comes in a wide range of exciting colors! If you love to have a Switch Joy-Con that works looks amazing, this option is perfect for you. The durable design offers an excellent grip so you can enjoy long-lasting gameplay. It is a great controller if you like buttons that have a sensitive response. Plus, it has a perfect size and can fit any hand comfortably. Consider this Joy-Con if you enjoy playing racing and shooting games.  

12. Beboncool Switch Pro Controller

This third-party Joy-Con has fantastic features, including NFC Amiibo functionality and motion control. It also has a customizable Turbo button. If you’re looking for a controller that supports switch-pro games, this one fits the bill. It’s a budget-friendly option that offers better performance.

The Bebonocol controller has a built-in 600mA battery and provides up to 10 hours of continuous playtime. It also has a sweat-proof, anti-skidding design for the best gaming experience.

13. PDP 500-134-NA-CM05 Nintendo Switch Faceoff Deluxe + Audio Wired Controller

The PDP Nintendo Switch is one of the best alternatives for Switch controllers with a headphone jack. If you want to communicate easily in multiplayer games, this controller is for you. It makes gaming interactive and fun.

This model has a lightweight design for added comfort. Its over-ear speakers produce crisp highs and thundering lows for a better experience. You can use the D-pad on the controller for adjusting the audio. If you want to customize your gameplay, you can use the dual programmable buttons. Another fantastic feature of this controller is the interchangeable faceplates.

Buying Guide – How to Buy the Right Joy-Con

Battery types

There are two primary types of battery power for most controllers. Some, such as the ALIENGT Joypad Controller, have an internal, rechargeable battery. Other controllers, such as the PowerA Enhanced Wireless Controller, require replaceable AA batteries. Choosing the right controller can depend on your preference.

If you choose rechargeable controllers, you never have to worry about replacing batteries. Conversely, the downside is losing your charge mid-game. You won’t have any other option but to plug in and recharge. Some controllers have hacks for reducing power consumption. You can also disable the light bar on your controller to extend its life.

On the other hand, you can quickly swap AA’s in a controller that has replaceable batteries. However, frequent gamers may find it annoying and hard on their wallet to buy new batteries constantly.  

There are different solutions on the market to help combat the low battery epidemic. Charge-and-play kits and controller docks can provide options to keep your Joy-Cons ready for action. You can always have a spare controller to swap out when the current one has a low battery.  

Aesthetics and style

Sometimes choosing the right Joy-Con can boil down style rather than function. For example, Nintendo’s Joy-Con controller features one standard configuration for all models. And a huge part of the appeal is the interchangeable colors and combinations of Joy-Cons.

You can find third-party Joy-Cons in different shades, including neon red, blue, purple, orange, green, pink, and yellow.

If you’ve already picked a Joy-con, then it comes down to choosing your favorite style and color. Most third-party Joy-Cons feature a wide range of shades and patterns to suit your style.

Wired vs. Wireless controllers

There are a variety of wired and wireless controllers available. 

Gamers prefer wired controllers for two reasons. Firstly, a wired controller has less network latency than a wireless controller. This can be a key concern for highly competitive players. Secondly, a wired controller means you never have to worry about battery life.

Additional Joy-Con Features

HD Rumble

The Joy-Con controllers for Nintendo Switch are tiny, detachable gamepads. You can connect them with the system’s main controller. They feature many impressive features, including the ‘HD rumble’ that provides precise feedback to players.

This feedback feature offers sensations that can emulate the feeling of holding a glass filled with ice cubes and shaking the cubes inside. It can also simulate the feeling of that glass being filled with water.

IR Sensor

The right-side Joy-Cons include a motion IR sensor. This sensor can read how far away objects are and can detect shapes. It can also tell the difference between hands in the shape of rock, paper, and scissors, meaning you can play Roshambo games on Nintendo Switch.

How to charge Joy-Con controllers?

Connect the Joy-Cons to the console

  • The easiest way to charge the Joy-Cons is to connect them to the Nintendo Switch console.
  • You can achieve this by resting the Switch console in its dock when you’re not using it or by connecting the Switch directly to a power source.
  • Joy-Cons begin charging as soon as you connect them to the console.
  • The Joy-Con controllers will take about two hours and a half to charge fully, and this charge should last for about 12 hours of use.

Connect the controllers to a charging grip

If you want to play and charge your Joy-Cons simultaneously, you need to get a charging grip. A charging grip can charge Joy-Con batteries even when you’re using the controller. Plus, you can connect this charging grip to your AC power unit, and it will charge the Joy-Cons as you use them on another display.

How to attach the Joy-Con strap to the Joy-Con controller?

  • To ensure the Joy-Con straps are positioned correctly with the controllers, align the “-“ symbol on the left controller with the “-“ symbol on the Joy-Con strap. Then, align the “+” symbol on the right controller with the “+” symbol on the other Joy-Con strap.
  • Attach your Joy-Con straps to your Joy-Con controllers.
  • Slide the Joy-Con strap on the rail until you hear a click.

How to wear the Joy-Con strap

  • Place your hand on the Joy-Con strap and hold the Joy-Con firmly in your hand.
  • Ensure the ‘Slide Lock’ is in the lock position.
  • Press down on the lock button and slide it towards your hand to tighten the strap and prevent it from falling.
  • Never over-tighten the strap, as this may cause discomfort.

How to detach the Joy-Con straps from the Joy-Con

  • Unlock the slide lock at the bottom of the Joy-Con.
  • Slide the Joy-Con downward to detach the straps.


Can I buy Joy-Cons separately?

Yes. You can buy third-party Joy-Cons separately.

Do third-party Joy-cons work?

If you need to replace your original Joy-Cons, you can buy third-party Joy-Cons. These affordable controllers are reliable and feature the same functions as the original Nintendo Joy-Cons.

Are there fake joy-cons?

The ‘fake’ or unofficial Joy-Cons use the same color scheme as the original gadget. They also offer the same features, including rumble, sensor functions, and motion control.

Should I get a pro controller or joy-cons?

The Pro Controller is a better choice if you’re looking for a single-player experience or prefer quick reaction times. The Joy-Cons are better if you prefer multiplayer combats or use the Switch’s handheld mode.

Do PC gamers use a controller?

Yes. Some PC gamers use controllers for competitive games, but most prefer to use a mouse and keyboard.

How can the Joy-Con controllers be used with Nintendo Switch systems?

Depending on the software application and play style, you can use the Joy-Con controllers in the following ways:

  • Attached to the Nintendo Switch in handheld mode.
  • Paired wirelessly to Nintendo Switch console in tabletop mode.
  • Held vertically – You can use the left and right Joy-Con as a single unit.
  • Held horizontally – You can use each Joy-Con as individual controllers.

How many Joy-Cons can you pair to a Nintendo Switch system?

You can pair up to eight controllers to a Nintendo Switch system. However, the maximum number of controllers will vary depending on the controller type and features.

How can I charge the Joy-Con controllers?

Attach your Joy-Con to the Joy-Con charging grip. Connect the Joy-Con charging to the Switch dock grip using a USB cable, or connect it directly to the Nintendo Switch adapter. You can find more information on how to charge Joy-Cons on the product packaging.

How long does it take to charge the Joy-Con?

Approximately 2.5 hours.

How long does the battery charge last?

Joy-con battery charge can last up to 12-hours of continuous use. This may vary depending on the software and the functions being used with the controllers.

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