30 Different Types of Bread

While some people love low-carb diets, many still eat bread. This type of food is versatile, inexpensive, and can make you feel full.

You’re in the right spot if you are curious about the difference between an Italian loaf and a French boule. Bread is an important part of cuisines worldwide, so it’s helpful to know more about the baking staple.

Read on to learn about our favorite types of bread and what makes them unique.

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Types of Bread

Banana Bread

This type of bread is popular in many countries around the world. It is considered quick bread and uses baking powder or baking soda as leaving instead of yeast. It also contains mashed ripe bananas. Because bananas are sweet, most recipes skip on added sugar. Other ingredients include all-purpose flour, vegetable, and eggs. You can also add nuts, raisins, or chocolate chips to heighten the flavors of banana bread.

This dense and moist bread has a cake-like texture and can easily pass as a lightly sweet treat. It is perfect for breakfast or as a healthy snack. It also goes well with a hot cup of tea or coffee.

Ciabatta Bread

This white bread is a staple food in Italy. The word “ciabatta” means slipper in Italian. Ciabatta bread is flavorful but not overpowering, making it perfect for paninis and sandwiches. Traditional loaves of Ciabatta are a popular addition to Italian meals.

The common ingredients used to make this simple bread include yeast, wheat flour, olive oil, salt, and water. Its texture and crust may vary, but the main ingredients remain the same.

This Italian bread is flat and elongated and has alveolar holes. Also, the bread crumbs have wide pores and are wooly. When it comes to flavor, this bread is savory and aromatic.


This type of bread hails from France. A baguette has a unique oblong shape with slits in it. These slits allow for optimal gas expansion while the bread is baking. Also called French bread or sticks, baguettes are made from flour, yeast, water, and salt. Their characteristic shape makes them easily recognizable to bread lovers worldwide.

Brioche Bread

Brioche is a French bread made with eggs and butter. It is extremely light in texture and has a mild sweetness. Brioche crust is soft, appearing to have a golden shade. Egg brushed on the dough gives this bread a gorgeous color and soft sheen. 

Brioche bread is a great bread choice, especially for making delicious treats like French toast. If you’ve never tasted this type of bread, there is no better time than today to grab a loaf of soft and slightly sweet brioche.

Focaccia Bread

This type of bread also hails from Italy. Focaccia dough is very similar to pizza dough and is usually coated with extra-virgin olive oil before baking. The crust of focaccia bread is crunchy, delicate, and thin. Many bakers add garlic and herbs to the recipe, and sea salt is another tasty addition.

Focaccia bread is crisp outside and soft inside, making it perfect for serving with dinner, soups, stews, or used for sandwiches. It’s our favorite yeast bread to make at home. Also, it’s completely versatile and has many recipe variations. You can change the toppings or add even more flavor to the dough with sliced olives, cherry tomatoes, or sun-dried tomatoes. Adding rosemary and thyme over the bread would also be amazing!

Multigrain Bread

Multi-grain bread has a rich, hearty flavor. It uses grains such as barley, oats, flax, and millet. Some types of multi-grain bread also have edible seeds such as quinoa, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, and poppy or sesame seeds. The addition of seeds gives this multi-grain bread a nutty and rich earthy flavor. It also makes multi-grain bread an extremely healthy and delicious snack choice.

Multi-grain bread is perfect for sandwiches, morning toast, and dip-in-sauces, or vegetable oil sprinkled with herbs.

Pita Bread

Pita bread is a yeast-leavened flatbread popular in the Mediterranean and Middle Eastern cuisines. This bread puffs up when baked, creating a small air pocket in the middle. But you can make pita bread made with or without an interior air pocket.

Pita is similar to naan bread and corn tortilla. The bread is cooked at a high temperature and has a soft and lightly chewy texture.

You can eat pita bread plain or stuff the interior pocket with falafel or mashed potatoes. It can also be topped with ground meat or vegetables and folded over or enjoyed as a sandwich. Others also use pita bread as a scooper for salsa or hummus.

Rye Bread

Rye bread uses a combination of bread flour with rye flour. The mixture gives you that tight crunch and that recognizable rye flavor. This bread gives pork schnitzel, corned beef, pastrami, and other deli sandwiches that unique taste.

There are many variations to the color of rye used for this type of bread, ranging from light-medium to dark brown. The color depends on which parts of the rye berries are used for making the rye flour. So, dark-brown rye flour makes dark-crusted rye bread.

Rye grain has a deep flavor that is easily distinguishable from other types of flour. You can add caraway or dill seeds to the dough to give the bread a vibrant and earthy flavor. Some varieties of rye bread use sourdough bases, so they have a slightly tart flavor too. Other types of rye bread have a sweeter taste.


Sourdough bread originated in Egypt and is one of the oldest types of bread. Unlike typical bread that uses yeast to rise, sourdough uses wild yeast and bacteria that occur naturally.

This bread uses a natural fermentation process that creates lactic acid. The acid gives sourdough its signature sour and tangy flavor. The natural fermentation also makes it light and airy and with large air bubbles. Generally, a longer fermentation period enhances the bread’s flavor.

The San Francisco Bay area is popular for its unique sourdough bread. It has many health benefits and is prized for being nutritious. It can help with blood sugar control and indigestion. Aside from providing wholesome nutrition, sourdough is perfect for making grilled cheese sandwiches!


Cornbread comes from the Native Americans. This light bread with a dense crumb can either be plain or sweet. Plus, you can easily recognize cornbread for its grainy texture. It is moist and buttery with a fluffy center and golden edges. Most people enjoy cornbread as a side dish.

This bread uses cornflour or cornmeal and wheat flour and other ingredients such as milk, butter, and eggs. Some varieties of cornbread are unleavened, while others are leavened using baking powder. This bread doesn’t store well and should be served quickly after baking.

Soda Bread

Soda bread is specialty bread from Ireland that uses baking soda instead of yeast. This type of bread has wheat flour, salt, buttermilk, and baking soda. There are many varieties of soda bread out there.

Soda bread traditionally has a mild flavor, but many varieties are slightly sweet because bakers add raisins. The flavor of soda bread is like a plain biscuit. It’sIt’s not the type of bread you’d want to eat on its own. You can pair it with marmalade, butter, or peanut butter for a better taste.

Potato Bread

Potato bread is delicious bread worth tasting. This one combines potato flour and regular wheat flour. It can be leavened or unleavened, depending on your preferences.  

This type of bread has a light and firm structure with tiny holes. It is a great choice for making fantastic toasts.

Potato bread has many regional names, including potato cake, tatie bread, fadge, and potato farls.

Unique Bread Types From Around The World

Arepa Bread

This bread is made of cornmeal and is wildly popular in Colombia and Venezuela. This type of flat and round bread can be baked, fried, or grilled. Bakers can also include various fillings such as ground meat and black beans when making Arepa bread. Arepa is naturally gluten-free, making it an excellent choice for those with digestive disorders or gluten sensitivity.


You can make bagels by boiling the dough in water before baking it. They are round and have two parts, with a hole in the center. Bagels have numerous types and flavors. Some common flavors include cinnamon, egg, and blueberry. The best way to eat bagels is when they’re warm and by adding salmon or cream cheese.

Chapati Bread

Chapati is a popular Indian flatbread and is usually grilled until you notice a freckled appearance. You can eat chapati bread with stir-fried vegetables or lentils or even make a “chapati roll.” Chapati bread uses whole-wheat flour and is cooked with ghee oil. You can also add butter to heighten chapatti bread’s flavor.

Damper Bread

This type of bread comes from Australia and contains flour, salt, water, and sometimes milk. Damper bread is eaten alongside stew or meat. You can cook damper bread over an open campfire for authentic taste. This type of bread is versatile ad tasty. If you so desire, you can add baking soda to the dough as a leavening agent.

English Muffins

These are small and round types of bread made from wheat flour. You can eat English muffins with bacon, poached eggs, or a Hollandaise sauce. These muffins are healthier than many other options, like chocolate muffins or pita bread. But, the American version of the English muffin is slightly different from the traditional English muffins. You may want to do a little research when baking these classic breakfast treats.

Grissini Bread

Grissini bread is a great alternative to regular or garlic bread. This type of bread resembles breadsticks. It is a crisp, dry bread that is native to Italy and appears as thin sticks.

You can flavor Grassini bread in any way you want, meaning you can add herbs and spices to liven up its flavor.

Injera Bread

This type of bread has a spongy texture and a slightly sour taste. Injera bread contains tiny grains called teff, which come from Ethiopia. This bread is used to scoop up the meats and stews that are essential parts of the Ethiopian diet.

Knäckebröd Bread

This bread looks like a cracker and is made mostly of rye flour. Knackebrod has plenty of fiber to improve digestive health.

You can serve this type of bread with cheese or any other food you love. This type of bread is stiff and dry and is rectangular like many crackers. The grains used to make Knackerbrod bread can vary. It can also include various herbs and spices, and it is both delicious and nutritious.

Lavash Bread

This type of bread is popular in Turkey and Iran. It’sIt’s a thin flatbread made using flour, salt, and water. It has low-fat content and is normally baked in an oven.

Lavash bread is soft and delicious straight out of the oven. Bakers can also sprinkle sesame seeds or poppy on Lavash bread for a little more flavor.

Matzo (Matzoh) Bread

Matzo bread is an unleavened soft bread that looks like large crackers. It’sIt’s a staple in traditional Jewish cosine and is a popular choice for most Jewish festivals. This bread contains five grains mentioned in the Hebrew Bible, including wheat, barley, rye, and oats.

This type of bread is tasty and nutritious. Here’sHere’s our favorite Matzo bread recipe.

Naan Bread

This is an oven-baked flatbread from India. It has yogurt as one of its primary ingredients and is normally brushed with butter before baking.

Naan bread can have toppings such as minced meat, dried fruit, cheese, and even garlic. This type of bread is common in many parts of Asia. You can also find this bread in many supermarkets and even at farmers’ markets.

Obi Non Bread

This type of bread is popular in Uzbek and Afghan cuisine. It’sIt’s a type of flatbread and is usually baked in a clay oven. Obi Non bread contains flour, salt, yeast, water, and milk. We love the natural color and patterns on this bread type.

Paratha Bread

This type of bread contains whole-wheat flour. It’s a layered Indian flatbread cooked in ghee oil.

You can also bake Paratha bread for a healthier alternative. You can serve this bread alongside stir-fried vegetables, mashed potatoes, eggs, and many other foods. It is also very popular in countries like Singapore and Malaysia.

Qistibi Bread

This is a baked flatbread with delicious fillings inside. Most Qistibi bread types contain mashed potatoes, millet, vegetables, and even various types of meat.

This type of bread is unleavened and a traditional dish in Russia. If you want to make this bread at home, check out our favorite recipe here.

Roti Bread

Roti is an unleavened flatbread and is very similar to chapati bread. Roti bread is popular in both India and the Caribbean. Roti usually contains whole wheat flour and water. Also, you can coat this bread with butter before cooking to add a little flavor. In many cultures, roti bread is served alongside chicken or vegetable curry as a healthy lunch.


Tortillas are soft, thin flatbreads used in Mexican dishes, including burritos, enchiladas, and wraps. You can use tortillas to scoop up stews or sauces and cut them into small pieces for this purpose. You can also deep fry tortillas to make crisp taco shells.  

Tortilla bread is one of the most versatile bread types out there. It is easy to make and delicious. If you want to make tortilla bread at home, check out our favorite recipe.

Vanocka bread

Vanocka is a sweet bread topped with icing sugar and almonds and sprinkled with dried fruits. This festive European bread is best to make only for special occasions. Vanocka bread is popular around Christmas time in countries such as the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

The recipe for Vanocka bread is a bit complex. Fortunately, there are many different ways to prepare it. Try our favorite recipe here.

Yufka Bread   

This paper-thin, unleavened bread is round in shape and originated in Turkey. Yufka bread resembles lavash bread and contains simple ingredients such as wheat flour, salt, and water. Some people also add vegetable oil to the dough.

You can use this type of bread in pastries with sweet foods such as dried fruits or with foods such as vegetables, meats, and cheeses.


Frequently Asked Questions

Is baking powder a good alternative to yeast?

You may use baking powder as an alternative to yeast because it also produces gas. However, if you’ve tried using both baking powder and yeast in your recipes, you can quickly tell the difference in the results. So, it’s best to use yeast if a recipe specifically calls for it.

Are there any other bread types aside from those listed above?

Yes, there are many different bread types from various countries and cuisines. What we’ve shared on the list are some of the most popular and delicious ones.

What’sWhat’s the best bread type for healthy eating?

There is no single best bread type for optimal health and nutrition. And many bread types are suitable for healthy eating. Generally, bread that uses whole wheat, edible seeds, and multi-grains is better than bread that uses white flour.

White flour and other refined foods cause obesity, so it’s best to avoid them or consume them in moderation.

What is artisan bread?

Artisan bread is made by professional bakers using organic and high-quality ingredients. Bakers adjust the time and temperature and use hand-crafted techniques to make the perfect artisan bread. Artisan bread is popular for having a superior flavor and texture than commercially produced bread.

What type of bread is good for vegans?

The majority of everyday commercial and artisan bread is vegan. The primary ingredients of bread are vegan. Some bakers may add dairy and other animal-derived products to enrich the dough, so it’s best to check the label if you don’t make homemade bread!

What non-vegan ingredients should I look out for in bread?

It’s super easy to distinguish vegan from non-vegan bread by checking the ingredients list. Here are some of the main animal-derived ingredients you need to look out for:

  • Milk
  • Butter
  • Eggs
  • Honey
  • Cream
  • Yogurt
  • Casein (proteins derived from milk)

Knowing these vegan-friendly bread types will help you get off to a good start!

What’sWhat’s the best bread for stuffing?

The best stuffing is made from lightly flavored bread. White sandwich bread, brioche, or pita bread are popular choices. Types of bread with small holes and a tight crumb also make the best stuffing. A dry crumb that absorbs all the juices from cooked meat and vegetables is ideal for this use. It’ll be packed full of flavor from the stuffing mix!  

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