Why Do People Put Salt In Beer?

This traditional fact might sound strange to millennials. But In past centuries, people salted their beer, and they still do. 

So, why do people salt their beer?

There are several reasons for this:

Salt enhances the beer’s flavor. It reduces the sense of bitterness along with increasing the perceived mouthfeel of the beer. Adding salt to beer may also trigger bubble formation. Plus, Salt in beer may help sodium-deficient people.

Keeping in mind the past centuries, people carried forward their forefather’s rituals. You might have seen your grandfather adding salt to his beer and enjoying it, even though it seemed weird to you. So, let’s go deep into it and find out why people add salt to beer. 

What happens when we put salt in beer?

If you imagine things like ‘salt being a danger in beer’ beforehand, then don’t. It is not like that. Salt has its benefits in beer despite some people not liking it.

A dash of salt enhances the beer flavor by defeating bitterness, according to a 1997 study by Harvard. It confirms that salt is the natural taste enhancer and adds additional reminiscent taste when mixed with wine or beer. Beer isn’t the first drink of choice for many people because of its bitterness. If you don’t enjoy the bitter taste, you can add salt to your beer.  

Another thing that happens when we put salt in beer is the recovering freshness of flat beer. Putting salt will make the foam form again and go back up, which makes up for the lost flavors of the beverage. But be careful during the process, so your beer doesn’t explode like a science-class volcano.

Brewers Adding Salt to Beer

Because people loved to add salt to their beverages, it remained a trend in the past centuries and eventually became a tradition.

Following this ‘Love of Ancestors’, some brewers have done salt beer experiments and discovered new flavors. The idea of beer brewed with salt is to keep the beer fresh and foamy with less bitterness.

Brewers adding salt to beer differs significantly from us as they add salt during the malt-making process. The salt then brilliantly mingles up with beer, and you enjoy every sip.

Examples of Beer Brewed with Salt

Here are some examples of salted beers:

  • Gose beer is one of the best examples of salted beers. It was first produced in the thirteen century in Goslar, a region of Germany.
  • Its supreme flavor is a mixture of herbs like lemon, acerbity, and a robust saltiness.
  • Perennial’s Salted Belgian Chocolate Stout.
  • Monkey Paw – San Diego brewers use Himalaya pink salt to serve beer with Thai food.
  • Salted Caramel Prim and Porter by Former Future Brewers.

Does Salted Beer Make You Drunker?

Heavy salt amount means fast alcohol immersion. We can consider it vicious as more alcohol proceeds into the small intestine swiftly and absorbed straight into the blood.

Therefore, experts advise avoiding high-salt alcoholic drinks. We are not sure about how much salt content you should add to your beer. But high salt content may have adverse effects.

Worrying too much over salt getting you drunk when mixed with beer won’t give you anything but anxiety. So, take it easy and crack open a cold one! 

Special Salts For Beer

Of course, there are many kinds of salt. Beneficial to us or not, we still use them. You may not notice the difference in most salts when added to your food. But you can easily taste it in beer and despise its flavor.

Not all the salts are the same as you may know it, so which one is best for beer?

You can buy salts that are specially manufactured for beers, wines, or other kinds of alcohol. Although beer salts are relatively coarser than quality table salts, you can still add table salt in beer if you like. Beer drinkers in South America use granulated salts routinely to boost flavors.

Besides coarse salts, some salts bear more ingredients to create the most delicate taste. Other than that, lime and lemon can also tamebeer’s harsh sourness and are thus popular in Mexico. This method of using coarse salt is also famous in some regions of Central America.

You can find special salts for beer in nearby grocery shops or online. But remember that coarse salt has less citrus flavor as compared to the other beer salts.

Steps to Make Beer Salt at Home

Although you can get beer salt in several flavors, you can make it at home for yourself and save money.

Gather up the Ingredients:

  • Measuring Cup.
  • Resealable Bag.
  • Plastic Air-sealed Container.
  • Popcorn Salt (finely ground).
  • Powdered Lime Packets.

Step 1

Measure less than a handful of finely ground popcorn salt. Then, put it into the resealable bag along with four packets of powdered lime.

Step 2

Seal the bag and shake it firmly to mix the popcorn salt and powdered lime perfectly.

Step 3

Open the sealed bag, take a pinch of the salt and taste it to check if it suits your liking. If you think it is bland and needs some flavor, add more powdered lime. But don’t forget to taste every time you add some ingredients to enhance the flavor.

Step 4

Now that you have your ideal salt flavor, you can pour the mixture of salt and lime into the plastic air-sealed container.

Sprinkle a pinch of this mixture into the beer bottle after opening it and enjoy.

Additional Tips

  • You can also use this mixture of salt as a Rimming Salt for margaritas.
  • Be aware of keeping the jar tightly close when you are not using the salt mixture.

Other Ways to Make Beer Tasteful than Salt

Some people may not prefer adding salt and like something other than this. No worries! Here are some of the best ways to enhance the fresh flavors of your beer. By using these, even cheaper beer will become tasteful. 

Mix Beer With Soda:

Try combining with Sprite, Mountain Dew, and Ginger Ale for a zestier flavor. Equal up the right soda with the right beer, and boom! You will explore something new.

It is quite a standard method among beer lovers. Adding light-colored soda improves the taste of beer. People usually prefer this combination as it gives a sweeter taste to the beer. 

Mix Beer With Citrus

It is one of the most cherished methods, especially for ‘Blue Moon’ and ‘Corona’ lovers (putting salt in Corona beer is also common). This love is the incredible coupling of citrus fruit and the bitter taste of beer, which is bewitching. Go with this method if you are looking for something unique.

Mix Beer With Apple Juice

When the sweet tangs of apple juice mix with pungent beer, a unique taste comes to life. Making a ‘shandy’ helps you gulp beer down and prevents the gas and sour taste of beer. To make shandy, mix a half glass of alcohol with half a glass of apple juice and enjoy.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is beer salt the same as regular table salt? 

No, they are different. Beer salt is coarser than regular salt. Brewers make some beer salts taste like lemon and lime.

Can I add lemon juice to beer? 

Yes, you can. If you love adding salt to beer, then try lime or lemon-flavored salt for the better taste of your liking.

Can I add salt to vodka? 

Yes, salt is a natural enhancer in taste. According to Sazerac Marketing Director Kristy Crane, “What it does to food it does to cocktails — amplifies the flavor. Salt vodka makes perfect sense.”

Can we add salt to tequila? 

Yes, you can add it. Salt suppresses the burning taste of tequila. You can also bite a citrus fruit after a shot of tequila.

Does salt help to prevent a hangover? 

No, it will not. Dr. Holsworth says, “Sodium helps your body absorb alcohol more quickly.” And therefore, high salt-contented alcohol may be harmful.

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