7 Best Power Scrubbing Drill Brush Attachments

Power drills with the right brush attachments can help you faster and easier. That’s because these powerful machines save you from making repetitive hand movements that often lead to joint pain, bursitis, and carpal tunnel syndrome.

Drill attachments are easily installed – if you’ve ever attached a standard drill bit, the process is the same. Now you can go to town on stains, build-up, and grime and get rid of them in no time at all.

All in all, drill brush attachments can help you scrub your home, remove caked-on scum, and leave you with clean surfaces without the need for elbow grease, which makes for more efficient cleaning a lot faster than the traditional way.

So how can you decide which scrubbing drill brush attachments are right for you?

Well, you are spoiledfor choices as there are hundreds of brush bits with different speeds, angles, sizes, and intensities, and no two brands are the same. However, the best drill brush for you will be one that can fulfill all your cleaning needs with the right attachments.

Let’sexplore some of the top products in this category and find one that’ll help you clean those hard-to-reach areas with ease.

Best Power Scrubbing Drill Brush Attachments – My Top Picks

Top ProductsRatingWeight
1. HIWARE 23 Pcs Drill Brush Attachment Set for Cleaning4.62.07 lbs
2. Kichwit 4-Inch Drill Power Brush4.54 oz
3. RevoClean 4 Piece Scrub Brush Power Drill Attachments4.312 oz
4. Drill Brush Heavy Duty – Clean Tile & Grout 5X Faster4.17 oz
5. QUIENKITCH 10 Piece Drill Brush4.5 1.3 lbs
6. 9 Packs Wire Drill Brush Sets4.41.3 lbs
7. JUSONEY 27 Piece Drill Brush Attachment4.51.9 lbs
8. Scumbusting Scrub Pad with Drill Attachment Kit4.110.5 oz

1. HIWARE 23 Pcs Drill Brush Attachment Set for Cleaning

Brand: Hiware | ASIN: B083RRKSGM | Dimensions: 13.46 x 11.81 x 4.84 inches

This scrubber kit includes two wool pads, eight scrubber brushes of different shapes and stiffness, six scouring pads, four scrub sponges, and extended attachments to help you get into those hard to reach areas.

This set is pretty much all you need to clean everything – bathroom surfaces, the inside and outside of your vehicle, kitchen accessories like frying packs, and the sink; this list is virtually endless.

This versatile and easy to use set of brush attachments attach to a cordless drill (such as those for BLACK+DECKER and Dewalt, etc.). Once your chosen brush attachment is securely in place, turn on the drill and point it towards the surface that needs cleaning.

It only takes seconds to scrub what would require a considerable amount of time to be cleaned by hand.

The extended reach attachments can be attached to the drill at one end, with the brush head on the other, to help you get into tight spaces for deeper cleaning. We love the fact that these extending arms are relatively easy to remove – we didn’t have to wrestle with the machine to pull them out.

The only issue it seems was that the nylon brushes could be too hard for cleaning glass surfaces.

2. Kichwit 4-Inch Drill Power Brush

Brand: Kichwit | ASIN: B072KKDWN7 | Dimensions: 4 x 4 x 0.4 inches

You get six scrub pads out of the box with this one. There’s also a ¼ inch quick-change metal shaft and drill attachment included in the package. The scrub pads are two different colors denoting two additional stiffness.

Just attach the pads to the metal shaft, screw it into your cordless drill machine using the provided attachment and then go to town on the stains!

We particularly like these scrub pads because they are very well-attached to the drill bit part, so you know they won’t come off no matter how hard you work them. The only thing is that you must ensure that the pads rotate in a clockwise position when in use; that’ll keep them from coming loose.

But you might have to but additional attachments to reach tight spaces with these pads.

3. RevoClean 4 Piece Scrub Brush Power Drill Attachments

Brand: RevoClean | ASIN: B07HSD6CGL | Dimensions: 4 x 3.5 x 4 inches

This set is pretty much all you need to clean bathroom and kitchen surfaces. The included drill brush attachments clean grout lines, tubs, showers, linoleum surfaces, fiberglass, marble, siding, countertops, and even glass.

You get one round nylon brush, one ball brush, one non-scratch scrubber, and a two-sided soft sponge, which is all you need to scrub your home to perfection without getting tired; just let your drill take care of it all.

This cleaning kit comes with a 90-day guarantee. If you don’t like it, you can return it at the end of that period. But here’s the deal: you’ll love it!

We like that it can help clean glass surfaces, having performed very well with mirrors, windows, shower doors, etc.

4. Drill Brush Heavy Duty – Clean Tile & Grout 5X Faster

Brand: So Clean So Fast | ASIN: B071F5NDPB | Dimensions: 5 x 5 x 3 inches

If you need an all-in-one solution to your cleaning troubles and don’t want to bother with too many attachments, this drill brush is for you.

You’ll see that it is noticeably bigger than many other similar products. Interestingly, the nylon bristles on this brush attachment are also a lot stiffer, giving it the power to clean a larger surface area much faster and with more force.

Other brushes have bristles that deform easily, but the bristles on this brush are thick. They retain form even if you keep using them in the same direction, which means they aren’t appropriate for cleaning delicate surfaces. But if your primary concern in cleaning touch places like bathtubs or grout, this brush is all you’ll ever need.

5. QUIENKITCH 10 Piece Drill Brush

Brand: QUIENKITCH | ASIN: B07G3BJRX1 | Dimensions: 7.87 x 5.51 x 4.13 inches

Turn hours of manual scrubbing into a few minutes behind your handy cordless drill with this 10-piece set of drill brush attachments.

The box includes three different shapes of power scrubbers, six scrub pad attachments (the green ones are a lot rougher than the red ones), and a 4-in drill backing plate and shaft.

The brushes are premium polypropylene, which is a cut above the regular nylon brushes. So you can use these with powerful chemicals to ensure a cleaner clean. These won’t scratch surfaces such as your bathtub, sink, or other upholstery.

If you are worried about hard water stains, this kit can help you eliminate them without the need for abrasive chemicals. Scrub the affected surface with a baking soda-vinegar solution, and you’ll have a sparkling kitchen/bathroom in no time at all.

Just make sure to practice a bit with this brush kit before giving up on it; there’s a learning curve to using it right, so you don’t splash water everywhere. Once you ace it, you’ll know how to get the perfect brush-angle and speed for maximum impact.

6. 9 Packs Wire Drill Brush Sets

Brand: Fengek | ASIN: B07PN8434M | Dimensions: 5.4 x 3.7 x 3.3 inches

When you want to go a level up on dirt and clean rust instead or do other coarse work, this brush set will hold up pretty well.

The set includes a pointed steel wire brush and several wheel brushes and cup brushes, all made from brass coated bristles. The built-in ¼-in shank lets you attach these brushes effortlessly to your cordless drill machine.

These brushes are sharp enough to polish machine surfaces and remove rust corrosion where the need be. This brush set will help you clean it all from iron benches to engine manifolds and kitchen tools with grime and grease burned on to them.

However, be very careful when using these brushes. They can potentially cause harm or injury if not used properly.

7. JUSONEY 27 Piece Drill Brush Attachment

Brand: JUSONEY | ASIN: B07TZNCQX7 | Dimensions: 4 x 4 x 0.4 inches

The people at JUSONEY have thoroughly researchedconsumer cleaning habits before creating a drill brush attachment system that does it all.

This extensive drill brush attachment set includes four nylon scrub brushes of different sizes. There arealso 16 scouring pads in 4 colors (hardness increasing from orange to gray, red, and then green), two scrub sponges, one connector, and a 6-in extension so you can reach difficult areas.

These brushes and scourers can be attached to impact drivers as well as cordless drills. Use them to clean floors, carpets, kitchen surfaces, leather, showers, toilets, tiles, and more;remember to use the right attachment for the purpose.

All in all, these brushes are quite effective at removing iron and calcium deposits, so they’d make an excellent addition to your cleaning arsenal.

8. Scumbusting Scrub Pad with Drill Attachment Kit

Brand: So Clean So Fast | ASIN: B073NPQ25C | Dimensions:  4 x 4 x 8 inches

If you don’t want to risk scratching your tile or glass surfaces, you have no business buying nylon brushes. However, the trouble is that many scrub pads (like those from Scotch Brite) can leave tiny scratches on surfaces as they clean. But you won’t have that trouble with this set.

It offers three super-soft scrub pads in white, and three somewhat sturdier pads in red for spots that just won’t come off.

Use the white pads for de-staining vinyl floors, fiberglass tubs, glass shower doors, windows, etc. On the other hand, the stiffer red pads can clean metal sinks, cast iron pots, porcelain tubs and other more resilient surfaces.

The high-quality performance of these scrub pads will make you forget all about nylon brushes, helping you ensure that all the fragile and sensitive surfaces throughout your home remain sparkling clean.

9. Drill Brush 3 Piece Drill Brush Cleaning Tool Attachment Kit

Brand: Useful Products | ASIN: B07DCW1XND | Dimensions: 5 x 5 x 5 inches

The three types of drill brushes included in this set are made specifically for cleaning smoker gates, oven racks, BBQ grills, and anything else with grease deposits that won’t budge. However, we find that they can also remove rust, clean graffiti, and restore brick and mortar facades outside the home.

But unlike other rust removal brush attachments, these aren’t made of brass wires, so you can safely use them anywhere without worry. There is no danger of the bristles breaking and flying away.

The only issue is that some users may have trouble removing soap scum using these brushes. If that’s your intended purpose, it might be a good idea to go for denser brush attachments on this list.

10. Drill Brush Power Scrubber by Useful Products

Brand: Useful Products | ASIN: B01N1GUO15 | Dimensions: 5 x 5 x 5 inches

This 3-piece power scrubber kit featuresstiffer than normal brushes, making them perfect for cleaning concrete and brick facades such as fireplaces and driveways.

Count on this attachment set to save you plenty of elbow grease, thanks to the quick change shafts and cleaning abilities that are backed by a 90-day money-back guarantee.

Again, since these brushes are quite stiff, you may have an issue with them splattering the cleaning solution all over the place while you clean. So it’sbest to cover up or use a splatter guard to keep yourself safe in case you are cleaning with bleach or other harsh chemicals.

11. RotoScrub Bottle Brush – Drill Accessory

Brand: RotoScrub Store | ASIN: B072KKDWN7 | Dimensions: 12 x 3 x 3 inches

The three nylon brushes in this kit are for cleaningaround the bathroom, particularly the sinks and tubs.

You get an original round brush, a flat brush, and a short bristle brush right out of the box. This fantastic selection ispretty much all you need to turn your drill machine into a power cleaner. The bristles can easily get into crevices and clean the grout between the tiles;you can even shine floor tiles with them without any worries of abrasion or scratches.

These drill brush attachments will quickly become a favorite in your household. Just remember to use them with an 18-volt cordless drill.

12. Drillbrush All-Purpose Power Scrubber Kit

Brand: Useful Products | ASIN: B01MRLZ43B | Dimensions: 5 x 5 x 5 inches

The three nylon brushes in this kit are made clean around the bathroom, particularly the sinks and tubs.

Right out of the box, you get an original round brush, a flat brush, and a short bristle brush. This is a fantastic selection and pretty much all you need to turn your drill machine into a power cleaner. The bristles can easily get into crevices and clean the grout between the tiles;you can even shine floor tiles with them without any worries of abrasion or scratches.

The gentle yet firm power of these drill brush attachments will quickly make this a favorite in your household. Just remember to use them with an 18-volt cordless drill.

13. Vansware Power Scrubber Drill Brushes – 15 Pieces

Brand: Vansware | ASIN: B07V34QTDC | Dimensions: 9.45 x 5.35 x 5.28 inches

If you only want to buy one set to clean the car, kitchen, bathroom, drains and sinks, and everything else, this set is all you need.

The orange pad is the softest possible scrub, perfect for the shower glass, car headlights and other quick-to-scratch surfaces. The red scrub pad is good enough to get hard water stains off glass doors, tiles, microwave ovens and more. And finally, you can use the green pads for the bathroom floors and old pots and pans.

In addition to several different scrub pads and brushes, you get two extension rods to help you reach all the problematic areas that need cleaning around your home. So no more trying to hurt yourself or putting your back at risk of injury to clean under the sink.

While these attachments are excellent for cleaning, you have to carefully use them because the circular pads tend to come off the shaft.

14. HUAWELL 4 Piece Drill Brush Power Scrubber Cleaning Kit

Brand: HUAWELL | ASIN: B07HHC7F1S | Dimensions: 7 x 5 x 5 inches

With this set, you get three cleaning brushes of various sizes as well as a 6-in extension –perfect for cleaning bathroom surfaces.

If you are looking to create a spa-like bathroom experience, cleanliness is paramount. And the only way you can achieve that every day, with very little work, is with this brush attachment set.

This set is made with the highest quality standards, so you get a sturdy product that can be used repeatedly without breaking down in any way.

The brushes are all medium stiffness, while the 6-in attachment can extend your reach to nooks, crannies and corners that remain hidden.

15. Shieldpro Drill Brush Attachment Set

Brand: Shieldpro | ASIN: B07W4G5JDP | Dimensions: 8.7 x 7.2 x 5.3 inches

We found this multi-purpose kit to contain several good brushes for cleaning hard to reach areas. It’salso useful for giving your vehicle a thorough clean up when the need be.

You get four different sizes of brushes – 4, 5, 3.5, and 2 inches.There’salso a 6-inch attachment to extend your reach for more thorough cleaning.

If you are about to clean larger surfaces, then the flat brush included in this kit, along with the reach attachment, can help you reach above and beyond appliances and above floor levels. Also, the fact that you get two each of the brushes means that you never have to stop mid-cleaning if a brush breaks. You’llalways have an alternative handy.

Additionally, the brushes are easy to install and fit a wide range of drills and drivers. The ¼ inch change shaft makes changing brush heads a breeze.

Buying Guide – Drill Brush Sets

Many brands and types of drill brush attachment sets in the market make it difficult to choose.

Let us make it easier for you to select the right one based on the following factors:


Whether you are buying a drill brush set to clean or polish surfaces, it is essential to get the best possible quality. And you can tell if the brush set is any good by looking at bristles – these should be stiff enough to clean but well-built, so they don’tscratch anything.

Buy brush heads made of nylon bristles, so you know they’ll get the job done without scraping anything. All the brushes should be of the same quality.

Number of Pieces

A 23-piece pack isn’tnecessarily any better than the 4-brush kitif you aren’t going to use twenty of these brushes anyway.

Consider your cleaning needs when buying the attachments, don’t just put your money down because it sounds like a good deal at the time. Instead, aim for efficiency and versatility in cleaning.

Extension And Shaft

You don’twant to be left fighting with the brush heads to get them to attach to your drill machine. That’swhy make sure you pick a set with quick-change shafts that are at least ¼ inch in size.

You’llalso need extension attachments if you are planning to clean in hard to reach areas.

Also, make sure that both these things have a warranty.

Surface To Clean

When buying brush attachments, consider the kind of surface you’ll be cleaning. You can’t buy a car detailing brush set to clean the glass cabinets at home.

All brushes aren’t equal – those with a higher wire or bristle density show very little flexibility compared to ones with low density. That’s why some brushes work great on concrete but leave scratches on tiles. So make sure you use the right brush to avoid damaging the surfaces.

Stains To Clean

Again, it is crucial to understand here that a brush meant to clean tiles of dirt will be useless against rust on the pipes. So select brush attachments that you know will clean out the marks you want.

Cleaning Chemicals Used

You’ll also need to make sure that the brush heads don’t react adversely to the harsh chemicals necessary to clean or polish some surfaces.

Also, lower quality and cheaper brushes usually give up way too easily. You may even see their bristles fall off after the first time cleaning. So choose wisely.

Your Drill Machine

Your brand new brush attachment set is useless if it isn’t compatible with your drill. Ensure yours is cordless as it’ll work best with cleaning attachments since it lets you control the speed, i.e., RPMs.

Frequently Asked Questions

People in the market for a new brush attachment for their power drills may have some questions. We attempt to answer a few of them here:

What Are Power Scrubbers Used for?

Well, they can be used to clean pretty much everything under the sun. If it needs elbow grease, give it some RPM power instead and let your power-scrubbing brushes handle it.

You can use these brush attachments to clean:

  • Flat surfaces: Double down on the problem spots on floors, counters, and other hard surfaces. Make sure your brush attachment has just the right hardness to avoid damaging the surface.
  • Dishes: A flat brush can help you make a quick job of washing dishes.
  • Drains: A sturdy round brush comes in handy when cleaning the toilet. It can remove the old bits of hair or food from the drain, so you don’t have to put your hand down there.
  • Stoves: Some brush attachments, especially the scrub pads, can be great on stubborn grease and dirt. You won’t even have to use abrasive chemicals. Just use a brush or scrub attachment with any soap to clean up ovens and stoves.
  • Nooks: The wall skirting, grout,and ridges can be shined in seconds with the right power scrubber attachment.

How Can I Choose the Best Cordless Drill for These Cleaning Attachments?

There’s a variety of models available, so how do you know which one is right for you? We’ve compiled a checklist of what you should keep in mind before you settle on a specific model:

If you are going to scrub the sink or get into the drains, your drill machine must be waterproof. Before buying, double-check that the battery or cable is watertight and protected from splashes and spills.

What Kind of Stains Can I Remove with Power Scrubbing Drill Brush Attachments?

As long as you use the right size and type of brush head, you can clean the following off your surfaces:

  • Grease: when oils and other food solidify on your kitchen surfaces, it can be downright impossible to clean them. Even if you manage to get rid of any visible residue, the stickiness and smell remain behind. That’s when scrub brushes come in handy. Just use them with a detergent on greasy backsplashes, cooktops and counters etc.
  • Soap Scum: If you leave the soap in the shower or on the tub for too long, it will leave marks on these surfaces and eventually harden. Shampoos and conditioners, if not wiped away promptly, will do the same. However, an abrasive drill scrub brush can put this issue to rest in 5 minutes tops!
  • Hard Water Stains: Surfaces like showers and tubs can get discolored or develop unsightly stains if the water contains inordinately high amounts of minerals and magnesium. You’ll need an abrasive drill scrub to remove those stains for good.

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