10 Best Glass Rinsers

Any barista would agree – the cleaner the glass, the tastier the drink. Even the smallest speck of dirt and grease can kill a good head. . The secret to avoiding such a disaster is a good rinse. And the secret to a good rinse is a reliable glass rinser.

There aren’t many glass rinser brands in the market, yet fining a good one is still a considerable challenge. We are here to help. Here is our list of best glass rinsers. Let’s start with the top five:

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Top 5 Glass Rinsers

Product Name RatingWeight
1. Delta Faucet GR1504.71.32 pounds
2. Krome Dispense Double4.512.12 pounds
3. Fdit Bar Cleaner4.42.1 pounds
4. YBB Washing Pan4.42.56 pounds
5. EspressoParts EPPR7154.94.09 pounds

1. Delta Faucet GR150

Brand: Delta| Item No: GR150 | ASIN: B07YGZ7C4L | Weight: 1.32 pounds

Delta Faucet Glass Rinser for Kitchen Sinks, Kitchen Sink Accessories, Bar Glass Rinser, Chrome GR150

Delta Faucet is one of the leading names in the kitchen fixture industry, but their brilliance doesn’t end at faucets. They are also known for their range of other fixtures, such as glass rinsers. GR150 is one of their most popular product, and you will find it in numerous bars. It’s exceptional performance, and the ability to complement any kitchen counter makes it such a popular choice.

You can easily connect it to any standard sinkhole or countertop with any brand of faucets. As for performance, the powerful stream can rinse any drinkware or a bottle in under 2 seconds. It works for a bottle with an opening as narrow as 1 inch in diameter. What’s more: the rinser comes complete with a supply line connected to a hot or cold line.

2. Krome Dispense Double Rinser

Brand: Krome | Item No: C639 | ASIN: B01J55A398 | Weight: 12.12 pounds

Krome Dispense Rinser with Double Side Spray, 7 by 45", Stainless Steel

Krome Dispense Double Rinser is an excellent option for busy bars and cafés. It is a rinser that comes ready for double duty. The entire body is made of high-grade stainless steel, which is a durable material and more hygienic than plastic. It works well for all kinds of glassware, mugs, and bottles with an opening of 1 inch to 4.5 inches.

Between the two rinsers, there is a drip tray to expedite the entire process. While a standard Krome Dispense comes with ABS activation stars, you can get it replaced with stainless steel stars that last longer and perform better. On a busy day, this rinser can be a barista’s best friend.

3. Fdit Bar Glass Cleaner

Brand: Fdit | Item No: N/A | ASIN: B07PZSZKGJ | Weight: 2.1 pounds

Bar Glass Rinser Juicer Cleaner Rinser for Glass Bar Cleaning Tool

Fdit Bar Glass Cleaner has a no-nonsense, simplistic design because it impresses with its performance. It can easily be installed over any sink in homes, bars, cafes, and even mobile bars. It works well with almost all sizes of vessels and glassware, and this versatility makes it one of our top picks.

Its length and high pressure make it an excellent option for larger juicer jugs and bottles. If you are looking for a simple glass rinser that does what it is meant to do, Fdit comes highly recommended and is backed by great reviews.

4. YBB Steaming Pitcher Rinser, Glass Cleaner

Brand: YBB | Item No: Rinser 125 | ASIN: B01KZ8GU2I | Weight: 2.56 pound

YBB Steaming Pitcher Rinser, Glass Cleaning Rinser for Bar Cafe Pan Dimensions Rinser with Base (7.1" x 6.7" x 4.7")

If you are looking for a glass rinser, you will come across a lot of YBB products. One of our favorite from their range is this simple pitcher rinser that is common in many bars across the US. It does a decent job at rinsing all kinds of glass and vessels. The high-pressure stream takes away all the impurities within 2 or 3 seconds.

We love it because it is an environment-friendly rinser, as it uses around 70% less water than competing products from other brands. Plus, it works for openings as narrow as 0.8 inches. Overall, an easy to install glass rinser that is perfect for bars, cafes, and home.

5. EspressoParts EPPR715

Brand: EspressoParts | Item No: N/A | ASIN: B07BHYGC1K | Weight: 4.09 pounds

EspressoParts has established its lead in this industry by bringing us a whole array of quality bar supplies. Like all their products, this glass rinser is also designed by baristas for baristas. And it shows in the performance. The design, though simple, doesn’t just spray water and leave the rest to you. This model comes with a drying rack where you can place the glass after rinsing. You can remove the rack for efficient cleaning.

This top-notch product conforms to the safety and quality standards NSF/ANSI 169. While these aren’t meant for professionals, the installation is so simple that you can easily add it to your kitchen. The exclusively designed sprout ensures high pressure even when the pressure isn’t high enough in the lines.

6. Krome Steaming Pitcher Rinser XXL

Brand: Krome | Item No: C662 | ASIN: B01G7AU5LK | Weight: 5.09 pounds

You can rely on Krome for its heavy-duty products meant for busy bars and high traffic cafes. Their Pitcher Rinser XXL may be the largest item in this category. While it can only rinse one vessel at a time, it is excellent for the smallest to largest vessels. It is just as good for espresso cups as it is for large steaming pitchers and juicer jugs.

With the large size comes higher pressure. It can remove soap, sanitizer, beer, milk, and coffee residues within seconds. The large drain allows the water out in an instance. The only problem is that some areas might require permission from the building authorities to install this large size rinser at home.

7. YBB Pitcher Rinser Cup Washer Glass Cleaning Rinser with Side Sprays 

Brand: YBB | Item No: SV-168 | ASIN: B077Q9DW8T | Weight: 3.09 pounds

YBB Pitcher Rinser Cup Washer Glass Cleaning Rinser with Side Sprays, Drain and Drip Tray for Bar Coffee Shop (13.8" x 6.3" x 1")

From YBB, comes yet another well-reviewed glass rinser that is meant for busy bars and cafes. The quality is evident in just one glance. It’s built from sold and sturdy stainless steel that can last for years. You can expect the same from the activation star, which is often the first part to wear out in other rinsers.

The side sprays on this rinser ensure a more thorough rinse in less time. And with time, you save a lot of water. YBB claims that water saving is around 70% as compared to similar rinsers from other brands. After the rinse, place the glass on the drip tray for quick drying. The tray can be easily lifted for cleaning. Overall, a simple design to simplify the entire process.

8. EspressoParts EPPR6102

Brand: EspressoParts | Item No: EPPR6102 | ASIN: B00HFXKNFM | Weight: 1.75 pounds

Rinser - 6"x10"x2" Pan Size, NSF Approved

Yet another EspressoParts model commonly seen across bars and coffee shops comes with improved drainage and high pressure. It works great to remove soap and sanitizers, along with more stubborn residues like milk and coffee. Since it rinses and drains without back up and clogging, it will improve you’re overall efficiency and productivity in a professional setting.

The large anti-slip ridges on the star prevent accidents so that you can speed rinse without breaking glass. Overall, it is a sturdy machine that performs well and lasts for years.

9. YBB Cup Washing Machine Rinser Pitcher

Brand: YBB | Item No: SV-162 | ASIN: B01M9I2X5B | Weight: 1.98 pounds

This small and lightweight pitcher rinser by YBB is great for small kitchens or bar counters without enough space. Despite the portable size, it does an excellent job for vessels of 1 to 4-inch diameter. It will prepare your glassware for the next drink within a few seconds.

Like all YBB rinsers, this one also claims 70 % water saving. It is highly recommended for anyone setting up their basic DIY bar.

10. Kegworks Bar Glass Rinser Assembly for Drip Tray

Brand: KegWorks | Item No: COMINHKPR06969 | ASIN: B0056HR7M6 | Weight: 3.34  pounds

Kegworks Glass Rinser with Drip Tray is a perfect choice for those who want the basic rinser that is easy to install and gets the job done. It works for all kinds of glassware of varying diameters.

While it seems quite simple, it’s made of sturdy stainless steel with a brushed finish. It’s easy to clean and maintain and wouldn’t rust or stain no matter the frequency of use. Another plus is the design that wouldn’t stand out in your kitchen or bar.

Glass Rinsers: Buying Guide

There aren’t a lot of glass rinsers in the market. Only a handful of brands are known in this niche, but most of those brands have various models. If you aren’t sure what you need, shopping for glass rinsers can become confusing.

Today, we will try to clear all the confusion so that you are able to buy a model best suited to your needs. We will talk about the differences – but first, let’s see if you actually need a glass rinser and if it does a better job than traditional rinsing methods.

Who Needs a Glass Rinser?

Glass rinsers aren’t new, but previously they were only seen in bars and restaurants. If you have wondered why the same brand of beverage doesn’t taste as good at home as it does at the bar, the rinser can very well be the reason.

Glass rinsers aren’t complicated appliances, nor do they have any extraordinary function. They simply rinse the glass with a high-pressure spray of water. The spray leaves behind no soap or sanitizer residue, not even grease in creamy coffee cups. These residues, though invisible, can ruin the taste of the beverage. So, it won’t be wrong to say that glass rinsers remained bartenders’ secret for a long time.

Now that the secret is out, you can buy rinsers meant for homes as well.

Home vs. Bar Glass Rinser 

If you host your friends too often, you might be tempted to get the same glass rinser they have at your favorite bar. They both work similarly, but the ones meant for home are easier to install on the sink or kitchen counter.

Rinsers meant for homes also have a lower capacity and lower price tag. Usually, you can only rinse one or two glasses at a time. Professional bar glass rinsers can usually clean five or more glasses simultaneously.

Moreover, glass rinsers in bars also have an additional function: they can thaw the freezer glass just enough to prevent the beer from going flat while keeping it cold.  

Types of Glass Rinsers

No matter which product you choose, there is little difference in the way these machines work. All of them spray a jet of water that takes away all the dirt and residues. They work wonders for narrow glass and even for bottles that are difficult to clean otherwise. Moreover, all rinsers work for glass, metal, plastic, and even ceramic.

Design: Despite similar functionality, the difference is mainly in design. Some are designed like a water basin, while others look like a tray. You can pick a design that goes well with your kitchen’s aesthetics and doesn’t need more space than you have.

Sprays: You can have a glass rinser with one powerful spray of water or one with multiple jets aimed at different angles. The latter gives you a more thorough cleanse as the water reaches every nook and corner of the glass.

Glasswasher vs. Rinser

If you have ever been to a bar where you see both a glasswasher and a rinser, that’s normal. Glass rinsers do just what they mean to do. They rinse the glass thoroughly to remove all the residues. They are not alternatives for glass cleaning and sanitizing. You need to do it by hand or with the help of a glasswasher.

Once you have washed and sanitized the glass, place it on the rinser to remove all the traces of soap and sanitizer so that you get a beer with a good head and no nasty smell.


What is a glass rinser?

A glass rinser is an appliance that rinses off all the impurities and residues from beer glasses, cups, and bottles. It releases a strong stream of water that washes away all the soap and sanitizer residues before the glass is ready for a refill.

Why do you rinse glass before pouring a beer?

Any savvy connoisseur of beer knows what happens when the beer glass isn’t properly rinsed. Soap or sanitizer residues water down the beer and give it a bad bleach-like taste. Glass rinser ensures that your beer has a good head and great taste.

Can I install a glass rinser at home?

Glass rinsers are easy to install, and many come with DIY instruction. However, you might need to contact your local authority to ensure that the installation isn’t against your area’s building code.

What else can I rinse with a glass rinser?

You can rinse glass bottles and baby bottles on a regular glass rinser. The high-speed jets work great with anything too narrow for cleaning brushes.

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