About Us

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Who Are We?

We are a team of dedicated and experienced writers who obsessively search through the online and offline retail landscape to list down the best products you can get your hands on. Our personal passion for products makes us the experts in our field, and we ensure recommending products that we are 100% satisfied with so we can contribute to making your choice easier.

Our team is:

  • Highly experienced and the master of their craft
  • Professional with years of quality education and experience
  • Proactive in keeping track of pages and websites about different brands and businesses

37 Point Inspection

Before making product recommendations, we pass them all through a detailed ‘37 Point Inspection’.

1. Quality

Quality is on top of our list when we make product recommendations. We never accept products that do not match our high standards of quality check. We check the quality of the material as well as the built.

2. Make Analysis

We inspect the product personally to check for the make and durability of the design.

3. Customer Reviews

Our editorial process for product recommendation is incomplete without factorizing customer reviews. It is the most integral part of our analysis. In particular, we search through:

  • Positive reviews
  • Recommendations
  • Critical reviews
  • Customer feedback

4. History

Before recommending brands, we run a quick history check on manufacturers. This is a mandatory step carried out by our selection team. We scrutinize:

  • Past records
  • Background checks
  • Investigations
  • Acclamations

5. Price

Most consumers have ‘budget’ as their major buying factor. We always consider this factor and before finalizing our list, we consider:

  • The cost of the product
  • The possibility of change in the price in the next year
  • Comparison of products with similar features and their prices

6. Product Images

We follow a very strict policy for images. We only use real images of the products and avoid stock photos. Here are the standards we follow:

  • Business images: authentic images of the real products to give customers a clear idea about what they’re buying
  • We steer clear of fake images

7. Product Videos

We do not add sponsored video or sponsored video reviews. We may, however, use:

  • Guidance videos from YouTube
  • Explanatory videos provided by manufacturers
  • Unsolicited video reviews by consumers

8. Website

Brands and manufacturers with active websites are preferred. This factor adds to their credibility. Our main focus is on:

  • Mission statements
  • About pages – with details about the brand
  • History
  • Product listings and reviews
  • Customer support

9. Address

We prefer brands with proper address listed on their website as well as on all social media platforms.

10. Manufacturer’s Reputation

In addition to customer reviews, we also focus on manufacturer’s reputation. The main points are:

  • The duration the company has been operating from
  • The overall customer response
  • Product range and quality maintenance

11. Functionality Time

We prefer products with reputation of longer functionality time. We consider:

  • How long-lasting the products are
  • How much care does the product require to enhance the functionality
  • How much cost is required for product functionality maintenance

12. Customer Support

Some brands offer legit customer support services available around the clock. Since our focus is on excellent consumer experience, we prefer such businesses. We require:

  • Businesses to offer active customer support in case of queries or problems
  • Multiple channels of customer support including phone, email, and website.

13. Target Market

We exclude businesses that are working with a specific niche or focused on customers that prefer price over quality.

14. Awards

A brand improves its credibility in our rankings if it has won a particular award for maintaining quality or offering excellent customer services.

15. Marketing Approach

We also have our eyes on the marketing approaches that businesses employ for reaching out to the customers.

16. Controversial Terms

We do not consider brands or recommend products that use derogatory, discriminatory, or offensive marketing terms.

17. Professional Selection Team

We work with a professional selection team that works independently without any unbiased approach. Our focus is to remain fair and value driven.

18. Practicality

We dismiss products that do not offer maximum practicality or fulfill their purpose. We require:

  • Products that are complete and efficient
  • Products that offer maximum functionality

19. Price Comparison

We compare products with similar specifications and features and always prefer products that offer the same quality but at a lesser price.

20. Variety

Our selection team is always keen about brands that offer a variety of products. Factors that we take into consideration when reviewing a product includes:

  • Higher-end models
  • Lower-end models
  • Similar models

21. Related Products

We also compare similar models of the same product to see if we can find something more practical and affordable.

22. Hazards

We dismiss products associated with any kind of risks or safety hazards.

23. Professional Feedback

Our team diligently works with the professionals in the industry for feedback on popular products.

24. Better Responsiveness

We like to recommend manufacturers that are more responsive to queries and are striving to provide the customer with regular and excellent services.

25. Complaints

We are focused on:

  • The kind of complaints that come up regularly
  • The actions manufacturers take to curb the complaints

26. Return Policy

We thoroughly research return policies and prefer manufacturers with maximum flexibility for the consumer.

27. Discounts

In case of the availability of discounts, we verify its:

  • Terms and conditions
  • Application
  • Eligibility

28. Delivery Time

We highly rank a brand that has the fastest delivery time.

29. Delivery Areas

We prefer manufacturers that cover a maximum range of areas for delivery. We would rarely review a product that does not deliver across the United States.

30. Delivery Fee

We also review factors like:

  • Delivery fee
  • Applicable discounts

31. Vouchers

Our selection team thoroughly ensures that the discount vouchers are applicable and transparent.

32. Competing Products

Our team often compares similar products side by side to highlight the best out of the list.

33. Manufacturer Affiliations

To ensure that manufacturers do not corner certain markets, we check if they:

  • Own other companies in their relevant industry
  • Own other companies in different industries

34. Operating Hours

We prefer manufacturers available for maximum working hours to benefit consumers

35. Specialist  Services

We scrutinize the unique services that the manufacturer’s offer and see if they’re worthy for our customers.

36. Multiple Locations/Branches

Brands with multiple branches gain more popularity in terms of credibility.

37. Satisfaction

We promote and review products that are able to achieve overall satisfaction with our review team.

Our Mission

Our mission is to assist our consumers to find the best products and make the most worthwhile purchase decisions. Our goal is to carry out extensive research and recommend the best range of products on the basis of our expert analysis. Our 37-point inspection includes various benchmarks including checking reviews, reputation, rating, complaints, history, trust factor, satisfaction, guarantees, and cost to the general excellence.

And our mission continues even after publishing the articles. We put our maximum effort to ensure our users always get the best and updated recommendations to keep them both helpful and accurate. We may be entitled to affiliate commission on certain products, but not all, if you choose to click through one of our recommendations and purchase a product.

Our recommendations are not restricted to limited factors. We ensure curating a list of recommendations from budgeted products to splurge-worthy items. Our loyalty falls with all the brands and products that offer the highest value of money to our users. However, we always make it a point to only highlight and recommend products from companies that are reliable and are always striving to deliver excellent customer services, so you can have a smooth and wonderful shopping experience.

Why We Are Reliable

Our brand and product recommendations are exclusively editorial. Instead of relying on factors like product coverage and salespeople dictation, we prefer carrying out the heavy lifting ourselves and only rely on our own network of testers and experts to be absolutely sure if a certain product is worth recommending.  Our goal is to help our users make smart purchases.